ABout Moviebill

Witness epic clashes between heroes and villains. Encounter fantastic characters and incredible creatures. Enter new worlds and become a part of the adventure. Experience it all with MOVIEBILL

Get ready to harness the power of movie magic. Using cutting edge AR (Augmented Reality) technology, MOVIEBILL makes the big screen come alive like never before. With the MOVIEBILLscanner (located in the Regal Cinemas app), every lobby poster becomes a gateway to bigger than life worlds as vast and varied as imagination itself. From interactive 3D characters to portals that allow moviegoers to literally step inside their favorite films, MOVIEBILL aims to keep the theatrical experience going long after the credits have rolled.


About the company

Launched in 2016, Moviebill is dedicated to bringing AR (Augmented Reality) experiences to life across a multitude of platforms and to users throughout all walks of life. From education to entertainment to advertising, Moviebill delivers thrilling, bigger than life spectacle right from the palm of your hand.For the past several years, Moviebill has worked closely with Regal Cinemas and motion picture media partners like Paramount, Skydance, Sony and Walt Disney Pictures to develop 3D games, AR poster activations and much more.

Now, Moviebill is expanding its mastery of AR technology to develop touchless restaurant menus, in-flight resources for airlines and much, much more.Literally able to change the way we see the world around us, the power of AR is about to expand exponentially with the imminent arrival of new glass technology. Are you ready? Let us show you how, when it comes to AR, the only limit is that of imagination.


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