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How can you do a good job in the cbd gummies 14221 Finance Bureau when you have been in business for many years and there is an executive deputy director who is strongly supported by the clinical cbd gummy's secretary of the municipal party committee Sun Hongwei was taken aback after hearing this He immediately understood aftershock thc gummies what Liu Fei meant.

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I hope that everyone can be here today and have an open and honest talk about what caused the transfer Has the special fund for school buses in Huzhou aftershock thc gummies been in place for a long time? Or is it in place but not used? Why do school bus safety accidents still occur in Donghai Province.

jurisdiction is relatively narrow, only personnel matters, which made Liu Fei feel a little uncomfortable in a short period of time But he also knew that this feeling was exactly what the old chief wanted to train himself.

The key is to see what you are after? If you only pursue money and desire for power, then as long as you need four points to eat and get cards, then it is easy to get money.

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because we all know Liu Fei's real purpose Yes, so by participating in this meeting, Liu Fei's influence will be rachael ray holistic health cbd gummies resolved to prevent him from being too big in the organizational system.

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Before speaking and doing things, you must first think about all the comrades in our Finance Bureau, and don't discourage the enthusiasm of comrades at work After hearing the strongest cbd gummies this, Sun Hongwei couldn't help frowning.

At this time, the mother Sang aftershock thc gummies said in a low voice Brother Cheng, do you want to inform Boss Xie? I feel cbd gummies 8 that these two troublemakers are not simple Now it seems that they may have some background Otherwise, it is impossible for them to dare to come here to make trouble knowing the background of our entertainment city.

After reading the second text message, Xie Zhichao frowned tightly, because he had heard about the promotion of genetically modified rice in Huzhou City some time ago.

For the current plan, there is only one way, and that is to admit defeat and surrender to Liu Fei, and this is the real purpose of Liu Fei's trip Only at this time can I truly appreciate the depth of Liu Fei's city.

You aftershock thc gummies should make a good selection at that time, and you must find a more suitable person to be the secretary of the Huining Municipal Party Committee The current situation in Huining City is very bad, and there must be a powerful person to sit in town.

Nine cities will tremble three times, shake three times! If you want to fight against our brother Shen, you are still far away Let me tell you, our brother Shen is Yanjing City.

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When Zheng Feng heard this, he could only smile wryly and helplessly put away the phone, and then said to the people around him, Okay, brothers, I just received a report that a criminal case happened in that area over there, and we must rush there immediately to investigate After speaking, he turned and walked out Seeing Zheng Feng's leaving back, Liu Fei's face gradually darkened Liu Fei knew very well that the departure of Zheng Feng and others must have something to do with the director he kept shouting.

He aftershock thc gummies Wenqiang's ability to make such a choice shows that he has realized that he wants to achieve his goal in the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee with his own energy.

After the spokesperson finished speaking, people from Deisler Bioenergy Company withdrew one after another Finally, three provinces were shortlisted for the third round of round table negotiations aftershock thc gummies As soon as the people from Dessler Bioenergy Company left the large conference room, the conference room became noisy.

From the beginning to cbd edibles extra strength the end, Nowitzki, the chairman of Deisler, has been watching the development of the whole situation with a calm face, without making any statement.

space gods thc gummies European-style buildings and supporting facilities will be established in each area, including a cultural street full of strong are thc gummies legal in virginia European style Various types of enterprises with strong strength have settled in the entire park.

received the news until now, while some other party members shook their heads, some nodded, showing different expressions Seeing the situation in front of him, Liu Fei felt confident.

Song Wanting smiled at the people around her, then walked to Liu Fei and took Liu Fei's arm and said, I'm sorry everyone, my man is aftershock thc gummies here If you want to keep me, you can discuss it with him.

Partner, otherwise, our Gao Group is hemp oil the same as cbd oil gummies Building will cbd edibles extra strength collapse! When Gao Quancai said this, his head that had been raised high also lowered, and his waist, which was always straight, was bent a little.

Less aftershock thc gummies than an hour and a half after Liu Fei and Sap King hung up the phone, aftershock thc gummies some portal websites have set up a special column about Gao's Group spending 50 million yuan to hold a star concert.

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Especially Wu Zhendong, he was always thinking about a question, if Director Zhao Feng knew that Liu Fei's visit today was related to his son, would he have any opinion on him, would Liu Fei tell Zhao Feng what happened last night Woolen cloth? Although he also knew that.

What's more, after the introduction of Deisler, you have to lead a lot of work, and it's aftershock thc gummies too unfair for you to do a lot of work without credit And since that incident, Liu Fei has paid less attention to you.

Hearing Zhou Haoyu's relaxed tone, Liu Fei told Zhou Haoyu in detail what he had seen and heard in the Coal Administration Bureau today, especially Liu Fei emphasized the result of roll call to Zhou Haoyu, Zhou Haoyu listened As Liu Fei narrated, his brows gradually furrowed.

He never thought that Liu Fei had prepared such a material, and no one from the Coal Administration Bureau disclosed to him about this material, which made him very passive.

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It may be related to coal management The bureau was quite unlucky and was hit by Minister Liu If Comrade Luo Xiang should be dealt with so severely because of this, Comrade Luo Xiang must feel very wronged and unconvinced, and as far as I know, in Comrade Luo Xiang's position During this period of time, the director of the Coal Administration Bureau has not made any major disclosures in his work! Therefore, I think that Comrade Luo Xiang should be dealt with more safely.

oprah winfrey's cbd gummies If it is really exposed, the consequences will be very serious Chen Song's words are not aimless, but they have deep self-confidence Their Chen family has a profound background, and it is definitely not something ordinary people can afford.

Although Wang Xu's analysis was very reasonable, as long as the dose of the drug was controlled, Gao Xuemin and the others were not very dangerous The chance of life-threatening danger is very small, but it does not mean that there is no chance.

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Only Gao Xuemin knows that Wang Xu is because of his feelings for Mr. Xie You know, last time Wang Xu was blind for Mr. Shen It is also very likely to cause serious consequences, but Wang Xu still does not hesitate As the how to make cbd thc gummies saying goes, a gentleman does not stand on a dangerous wall.

She thought that Wang Xu was deliberately pretending to have amnesia, and he clinical cbd gummy's had no intentions In fact, thinking about it, a girl dares to pick up a strange man and go home in the middle of how to mail thc gummies the night.

Wang Xu walked back and forth in the room, Liu Siyu kept staring at the magazine, and did not look at Wang Xu, as if there was no one in front of him, Wang Xu exercised for about ten minutes, and felt that he was almost done, and felt that staying here was indeed true Depressed, he planned to bid farewell to Liu Siyu.

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aftershock thc gummies

The young man didn't dare to neglect, he hurriedly took the binoculars and reported the license plate number to the other party, the phone was not hung up, and about five minutes later, the middle-aged man said in a deep voice This car cbd infused edibles review belongs to Chen Yaopeng from the Chen family Standby, I will go in person, Xiaoyu is not bad, with her around, it is easy to change, this time we must keep them iris CBD gummies.

strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg That pair of handsome eyebrows are tightly tangled together, and the panic and melancholy condensed between the brows carry a kind of orphan-like bewilderment, revealing the solemnity of Shakespeare's tragedy, faintly falling on those pair of eyes like a blue sea In the deep and wide eyes, there clinical cbd gummy's burst out a decadent temperament wandering between strength and fragility.

One sentence made Barry show an unbelievable expression, similar aftershock thc gummies things will happen in any filming crew- and it is not possible, but sure! But in America, everything is negotiable, even something as big as a street closure, let alone a hotel Because of this, the culture shock was all the more ferocious.

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friends are always the most disgusting existence! Gao Wen stood up abruptly, roaring angrily, clenched his hands tightly into fists, the bursting veins clearly showed his completely out-of-control emotions at the moment, his red eyes surged away.

This man completely overturned Javier's impression of directors, and even overturned his impression of actors In Javier's impression, the director looks like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and the actors are Harrison Ford and aftershock thc gummies Tom Hanks.

Benny chewed gum, clinical cbd gummy's fumbled here and there, and looked at everything around him curiously, like a baby learning to speak, space gods thc gummies everything was new to him.

Lance smiled instead of anger, because he knew that Aaron was convinced by himself So, honest paws cbd chews for pain iris CBD gummies Lance didn't push himself, looked at Aaron with a trusting face, man, without you, this movie really doesn't know what to do.

My gift is very considerate, okay? If the quality is damaged, you can send it back, with a one-year warranty Then he looked at Ian, Explained that I gave cbd edibles extra strength him a life-size inflatable doll and a whole box of condoms.

Lance exhaled lightly, and said easily, then What are you waiting for? Let the red carpet begin Then, Percy stretched out his head and made a gesture to the front Then, the host's mellow voice came from r.a. royal cbd gummies review the stereo at the entrance of the cinema.

Excuse me, you just mentioned that the city of God is another world to many people, but this The world aftershock thc gummies is quietly affecting our real world, how is this reflected? A cannon Don't thank me, it's me who should say thank you now Robert Redford looked at Lance in front of him, with a very sincere smile on his face.

In aftershock thc gummies the entire composition of the premiere, interviews with reporters are undoubtedly the most important part, not because of the authority of the uncrowned king, but because in the 21st century of information explosion, correct publicity is an essential element for the success of the work.

Could it be that the charm of mature men doesn't work on underage loli? hey just say It's you! Little Lolita's voice came again, and then Lance felt several gazes projected from different directions.

Keira raised her head, her chest was heaving up and down violently, she stared at the man's azure blue eyes hidden in the smog without fear, even though she was absolutely at a children cbd gummies disadvantage at this time, she didn't have any Backing down, even challenging the man's authority with a provocative look, the stubborn chin seemed to say, do you dare to.

The man seemed to be hurt is hemp oil the same as cbd oil gummies by the bump, he spit out the cigarette in his mouth, then lowered his head and engulfed the base of her ear, the sensitive and delicate touch made all the muscles in her body soften in an instant, and almost used up all her strength No, the whole person was limp in the man's arms.

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There are too many special effects in the day after tomorrow, and the budget of 100 million U S dollars diamond cbd chill extreme delta-8 fruity mix gummies must be carefully calculated to make the best use of proleve cbd infused fruit chews it For the scene of flooding New York City, Lance decided to shoot on-site after careful consideration.

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The relevant funds aftershock thc gummies of the foundations have not been invested in corresponding research, and at the same time, they have not been invested in real actions to save the earth.

George glanced at Jason, but quickly passed away, looking at Rui Eun and Tucker, you cbd infused edibles review two! This slightly raised voice made both of them turn their heads at the same time, don't be happy here, hurry up, important people have arrived at the scene one after another, we must start to get busy The important person George is talking about here is the CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner.

Therefore, after the nomination list for the Golden Globe Awards was released, the word-of-mouth can cbd gummies increase libido of the City of God strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg has been steadily rising.

A button, step by step on the stage, the clinical cbd gummy's low-key and simple to the extreme black but uninhibited and uninhibited rendering, outlines a touch of noble and classical temperament, just like the Moviebill nobles of the Victorian era, passing through the tunnel of time and space, not in a hurry.

Kayla didn't understand Lance's behavior, she thought they both longed for each other, looked up, she looked at Lance blankly and confusedly Lance's cheeks were also slightly flushed, and the blue eyes were rippling with spring water The flash of charm almost made Keira completely collapsed She gasped heavily, trying to find out from Lance's eyes an proleve cbd infused fruit chews answer Lance leaned over and whispered in Keira's ear, don't iris CBD gummies play with fire.

Ju Wenyan is now very close to Cao Gang, and it is very likely that he will take over Zhang Cunhou's class as the executive deputy county magistrate.

They are very interested, because the last time the Green Coal Group intervened strongly, they did not have many opportunities, so they have been very regretful, but This time they heard about our idea and were very excited, but they also had concerns, mainly.

Ma Wuji's words were very skillful, and very implicitly shifted the difficulties of the County Public Security Bureau to the historical proposition of lagging economic development This was also a flattery for Lu Weimin's work.

Mi Jianliang what percentage of cbd is in gummies joked to himself at the Standing cbd candy halifax Committee that his main job is to Participate in various commencement and completion ceremonies and ask the county to help share the burden But even if other people from the county party committee and county government help to share the burden, he, the secretary of.

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What if Lu Weimin really found a reason to fool him? But seeing that Xiao Mingzhan didn't want to take responsibility at all, he also cursed in his heart, didn't this guy say that he was very wrong with Lu Weimin, why didn't he have the courage to take responsibility at all? Uh, I don't think it will be considered until now before the verification.

The call got through, and the other party the strongest cbd gummies was quite surprised when he heard the introduction, and asked what was going on Guo Yuebin said that they were investigating Lu Weimin's situation and needed Lu Zhihua to meet and verify.

Although Yang Dajin was helping her, a beautiful single woman like her would definitely attract a lot of attention when she came here, even if Yang Dajin sometimes Unable to take care of it, it would be much better if An Dejian could be pulled in So he came over cheekily and invited An Dejian to participate An Dejian readily agreed, which made Lu Weimin overjoyed Hearing that An Dejian was going to attend, the two directors of the Municipal Cultural Bureau were greatly shocked.

These two girls are art school proleve cbd infused fruit chews students, have not yet graduated, have their own studies, and their own parents and family members, so he, Lu Weimin, oprah winfrey's cbd gummies can only ask them their own thoughts and opinions.

Although she had some kind of awareness in her heart, she still hoped that she would not meet That sort of thing, but it's looking less and aftershock thc gummies less likely now.

There was a sweet smile on the corner of Du Xiaomei's mouth, fluffy curly hair hung down, and there was a youthful rhythm all over his body, as if he was younger than before.

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In Zhang Mingquan's eyes, Xiao Ying was even more charming than Sui Liyuan, and I didn't see Lu Weimin doing anything out of the ordinary How could this iris CBD gummies Liyuan make Lu Weimin reluctant to part with it? As for feelings, Zhang Mingquan never believed in that thing.

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The county party secretary is a local parent official Our province is a big agricultural province, diamond cbd chill extreme delta-8 fruity mix gummies but it is true that the industry is not strong and the agriculture is not strong In other proleve cbd infused fruit chews words, Changjiang is a province with a large output of labor force.

Shen Zilie's Apart from the congratulations on the phone, Lu Weimin could also sense the subtle change in the original diamond cbd chill extreme delta-8 fruity mix gummies feeling between the two of them It still sounded so cordial, but it lacked a sense of naturalness and cbd edible alchemy was a little more polite.

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As Shang Quanzhi's direct confidant of the housekeeper, it is not surprising that Shen Zilie learned the proleve cbd infused fruit chews news in advance, but Lei Zhihu found out the news so quickly, which cannot but be shocking It is said that today's Songzhou is no less than a dragon's pond and a tiger's lair how to make cbd thc gummies.

Why did these words become more and more like a wife or girlfriend admonishing her husband or boyfriend? Well, children cbd gummies I pushed as much as cbd gummies 8 I could, but on some occasions I couldn't do without drinking Lu Weimin is actually very restrained in his drinking now.

This time Wei Xingxia came to Qingxi to serve as a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal chuckles thc gummy worms Party Committee and the Minister of Organization, and he officially left Shaojingchuan to start his training journey According to Lu Weimin's judgment, he certainly cannot be compared with Wei Xingxia.

Meijia's fish feed ranks second in East China and ranks first in Changjiang Province Chicken and duck feed ranks third in East China Pig feed ranks third in the province and only ranks No 1 in the province.

He Jing is mainly responsible for the theoretical education and external publicity of the publicity department, Du Bin is in cbd edibles extra strength charge of cultural education and cultural industry, Bei Haiwei is in charge of radio and television, and Xiong Yalei is in charge of news and public opinion.

Even though he and plus cbd calm gummies Ma Deming have never had any contact, nor have they known each other before, and there is no possibility of joint crimes, it does not mean that he will not tip children cbd gummies off the news for him.

Every time he did this kind of thing in the past, Meng Fanying wanted to be beautiful After taking a few puffs, sometimes oprah winfrey's cbd gummies he feels that taking two puffs of a cigar after a shot is simply the greatest enjoyment in life.

The woman reacted quickly, knelt down in front of Meng Fanying docilely, and moved skillfully until the man couldn't stand it, turned over ferociously, picked her up, put her on the easy chair, and sprinted in a shameful posture aftershock thc gummies He Jing's sense of smell and reaction in this area is relatively slow.

Therefore, after Lu Weimin came this year, in view of the serious shortage of staff in Songzhou Song and Dance Troupe, Drama Troupe, Acrobatic Troupe, Chang Opera Troupe, and Mass Art Museum, and the phenomenon of aging personnel is also very prominent, it will be held at the city's literary and art work symposium at the end of.

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I don't know if it can still be mediated, but I still know that picking quarrels and provoking troubles is a public prosecution case Lu Weimin laughed.

Seeing Xiao Ying raised her index finger to signal silence, she pointed to the downstairs mysteriously and nervously, the curiosity of Lu Weimin, Yang Dajin, Meng Fanying, and Zhou Suquan were all are thc gummies legal in virginia aroused, not knowing what happened below, they all tiptoed around Walk to the window then carefully push the window open a gap, and look down through the street lamp that just turned on outside the window.

Standing clinical cbd gummy's in front of the window, Lu Weimin let out a long breath, but he was still a little bored in his heart In my memory, Shang Quanzhi's character has changed a bit In his are thc gummies legal in virginia previous life, Shang Quanzhi's character was bold and unrestrained.

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After all, how many of the playboys like this who make troubles everywhere in the capital circle don't know him? Looking at him now It seemed that Wen Rujie wanted to cause trouble, and Qin Yang, as the oldest person among them, aftershock thc gummies of course had to stand up.

One of the leaders, as the so-called skinny camel is bigger than a horse, it is also very important to be able to communicate with such people and build a good relationship.

For this reason, the gust of wind must be stopped, and think about it cbd edibles extra strength seems After he takes office, he needs to give priority to this unit.

As long as he secures this position, his future career will be much smoother Thinking of this, the way Wang Yawen looked at Liu Fei changed.

After the golden goat cbd gummies review resistance was fruitless, she knew that she would only be humiliated next, thinking After a while, the fat man might be riding on her body, and immediately she felt nauseated and nauseated Okay, I lost, but this makes people feel very uncomfortable, can you let me go, at worst, I just cooperate with you.

course it is the latter More importantly, because as long as he is in this position, he can continuously get more benefits Well, no need, since you have evidence of your alibi, it must be space gods thc gummies because Dao remembers this matter correctly Ah, it turned out that it was Big Dog Knife.

Originally, Wang Guoguang also analyzed Feng Sizhe's situation In his opinion, it is very possible for Wu aftershock thc gummies Gang to support Feng Sizhe.

After talking about Mr. Miao, Feng Sizhe and Feng Xijun lit a cigarette, and then sat there for a long time without saying a word This situation lasted cbd gummies 8 for three minutes, cbd candy halifax and finally it was Feng Xijun who broke the silence.

If he really wanted to honest paws cbd chews for pain make a difference with Shen Yaping because of this matter, he obviously didn't want to see it Feng Xijun regretted why he came to Lishui Hot Spring.

At this time, Tang Jingui's face had a fierce look, obviously he was going to talk about this matter I said Lao Tang, I think you should be more cautious, don't aftershock thc gummies stand out right away, you still need to investigate.

It's just that it would waste time and money, and since the matter is so obvious, in his case It seems that there is no need to be polite with Feng Sizhe, everything is for the sake of saving, now Feng Sizhe admits it is naturally the best Then I think Comrade Li Yongsheng, you should check it out.

Comrade Ji Fatang, deputy mayor of the Standing Committee, was appointed as the executive deputy what percentage of cbd is in gummies mayor of Zhuangcheng City Government, mainly to assist the mayor in handling the daily affairs of the government.

In fact, when Feng Sizhe was the mayor of the official department He had been a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee.

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Yang Fang's actual age is about forty years old, but it can be seen that she is indeed in her thirties, with a tall figure, snow-white skin, and a natural charming bone, so it is no wonder that the rumors say that she will be with her Cen Junhua, the principal of No 17 Middle School, has an affair As the school's teaching director, Yang Fang's level and bearing are naturally higher than Yang Mei's.

Generally, chuckles thc gummy worms the opponent will be matched according to the customer's own conditions People with high strength will naturally have higher opponents.

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To say that both De Xingmin and ellevet cbd chews reviews Xi Meidan are very clear that with the increasing number of people getting rich first, private cars are also a rising industry, and if they can get a share of this industry, it is natural One thing that couldn't be better.

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Yes, Team Leader Bu is right, so I think it's better for us to go to his office together and remind Comrade Feng Sizhe about this matter Of course, I think it is necessary for him to write a review.

It can be said that De Xingmin and his party came with hope and returned with aftershock thc gummies satisfaction On October 4th, the group of them boarded the plane again and left Zhuangcheng City Everyone's mood has changed because of these few days.

Those who had thought about her before disappeared in an instant, even her boss Gu Rongxuan He is also polite to her, and cbd candy halifax no matter what promotional activities are related to her, she has always obtained her permission first This is tantamount to fully giving her the respect she deserves Facing all of this, many movie stars secretly envy her Even Han Xue sighed, Cherry's life is so good.

When he just took office, he always aftershock thc gummies had to burn three fires to stabilize his position, but there was one fire that made Mr. Miao a little unhappy, but Tang Yi had already made a move, and he couldn't close it immediately Otherwise, all previous efforts would be in vain.

Even being able to say a few more words with the other party aftershock thc gummies is a skill, let alone the two of them can chat for such a long time, and Tang Yi himself deliberately slowed down as if he was listening to Feng Sizhe's suggestion Upstairs in Miao's house, Mr. Miao also saw this scene.

Feng Sizhe nodded, indeed, it's really not good to wait for some things, you have to run, is this the reason for running the department to get money? A bird that can sing has a worm to eat If he doesn't arrange everything at this time and wait for everything to settle down, it will be too late for him to do anything cbd gummies 14221.

The first stop r.a. royal cbd gummies review was chosen as Denghai City As soon as they heard the news, Miao Wenshi, the secretary of Denghai City, and Song Yifu, the mayor, became a little anxious.

At least Uncle Liu said that there has not been a brick or a tile added here for more than 20 years Feng Sizhe walked into a classroom where self-study was taking place aftershock thc gummies with an ugly expression on his face.

She is the eldest daughter of her second aunt Zhao Lishu and her second uncle Chen Jiahua, who is the Director of the Prediction Department of the Ministry of Earthquakes Chen Jiahua is a very knowledgeable cadre, a knowledge-based talent, and has strong knowledge and ability in seismic surveying Although he has no background and backing, he still aftershock thc gummies attracted the second aunt's attention with his full knowledge.

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