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To date, scientists have uncovered more than 800 different kinds of Pokemon, all ranging dramatically in terms of appearance and abilities. Although some maintain a single form, most Pokemon will evolve from one variety to another. There are many, many Pokemon in Ryme City, many of which cross paths with Tim Goodman in his quest to find out what happened to his father. If you're new to the world of Pokemon, here are just a few of the species that play a role in "Detective Pikachu".



1. PIKACHU (#025)

Chubby yellow Mouse-type Pokemon, Pikachu have the ability to generate electrical charges. Normally, Pikachu don't have the ability to talk. Of course, Detective Pikachu is no normal Pokemon!

Pikachu evolves from the smaller yellow Pichu (#172) and, when exposed to a Thunderstone, can evolve into the large, orange Raichu (#026).

2. PSYDUCK (#054)

A Water-type, Psyduck is the Pokemon of choice for Lucy Stevens. While they may be cute, owning a Psyduck can be quite dangerous. Prone to constant headaches, a Psyduck can unwittingly unleash a powerful psychic explosion if it gets too stressed.

With enough experience, a Psyduck will evolve into the larger, fiercer Golduck (#055).

3. BULBASAUR (#001)

One of three "starter" Pokemon, Bulbasaur are Grass/Poison-types that are able utilize prehensile vines that extend from a leafy bulb on its back.

When it evolves, a Bulbasaur blossoms, first into a partial bloom as an Ivysaur (#002) and then in full bloom as a Venusaur (#003).

4. CHARIZARD (#006)

A Fire/Flying-type, a Charizard resembles a large orange dragon with a tail tipped with an ever burning flame. Although Pokemon battles are not allowed in Ryme City, the criminal element has been known to favor Charizards for illegal underground fights.

Charizards evolve from the smaller Charmeleon (#005) which, in turn, evolve from the adorable starter Charmander (#004).

5. SNUBBULL (#209)

The personal Pokemon of Ryme City's Police Lieutenant Yoshida, a Snubbull is a Fairy-type that resembles a pink polka dotted bulldog. Despite their gruff exteriors, Snubbulls are known for being quite friendly.

With enough experience, a Snubbull will evolve into the larger sabretoothed Granbull (#210).

6. MR. MIME (#122)

A Psychic/Fairy-type, Mr. Mime appear a bit like a short, silent clown. Highly skilled at pantomime, Mr. Mime can actually use his psychic ability to generate invisible barriers.

A Mr. Mime will evolve from the smaller Mime Jr. (#439).

7. JIGGLYPUFF (#039)

Known for their giant eyes and round pink bodies, the Normal/Fairy-type Jigglypuff is also famous for its soothing lullaby. If you happen to hear the song of a Jigglypuff, that means that you're about to enter dreamland.

A Jigglypuff begins its life as a baby Igglybuff (#174) and, when exposed to Moon Stones, they then evolve into the rabbit-eared Wigglytuff (#040).

8. AIPOM (#190)

Resembling a purple monkey with a three-fingered hand at the end of its tail, Aipoms are known for being rather mischievous tree dwellers.

An Aipom gains an extra tail when it evolves into an Ambipom (#424).

9. CUBONE (#104)

Cubones are pretty odd, even by Pokemon standards. A Ground-type, a Cubone wears at all times the skull of its dead mother as a protective helmet and arms itself with a bone club. Infamously lonely, Cubones are known for a wailing threnody in remembrance of their mothers.

With enough experience, a Cubone will evolve into the larger, mightier Marowak (#104).

10. MEWTWO (#151)

A Psychic-type, the unique Mewtwo is what's known as a Legendary Pokemon. That is to say, it is incredibly rare and extraordinarily powerful.

Created by scientists in the Kanto region two decades ago, Mewtwo was cloned from another Legendary Pokemon, the ancient Mew (#150).

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Whether you know him best as Marvel's Merc with a Mouth, People Magazine's 2010 Sexiest Man Alive or even as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, it's a safe bet that Ryan Reynolds has put a smile on your face at one time or another. Having tackled romantic comedies, sci-fi adventures and action thrillers, Ryan Reynolds is now set to deliver his most electrifying role to date.

In the player below, you can sit down with Reynolds as he discusses his furry yellow alter ego and explains why now is the perfect time to unleash "Detective Pikachu" on the world.