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If you can find true love, find a woman who you love and she loves you, then I have nothing to say, why am I not attractive enough? But now the problem is, the woman you treatment for frequent urination diabetes like doesn't diabetes medication flowchart like you, you can't be with her, is it because of this that you plan to live alone for the rest of your life? Not only did you hurt me, but you also hurt yourself! I.

Seeing my strange appearance, she said in surprise Xiaoqian? treatment for both types of diabetes What happened to you? I got up, put on a smile and said, No it's nothing, I accidentally slipped, my butt hurts and I can't get up.

I immediately felt two bulging things on her chest pressing against my back I just felt that my head was hot, and my whole body couldn't help going numb, and my mind diabetes medication flowchart became confused.

This Xu Shu! Why are you doing this trick to me at this time? What was written in that note? But before I had time to think, Hua Jingjing ran why do diabetics take glucose tablets up to me and said to me happily Look, Tang Qian, Zhang Yalun signed my autograph and left a message for me! mine Confused, he glanced at the piece of paper casually, without carefully.

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Tang Ying was stunned for a moment, and said Who else could it be? Oh, is it some high school classmate you mentioned, named Qiu something? I shook my head and said No, Qiu I broke up with her a long time ago.

If she misses her plan to start a business, I will die forever! The door was finally opened, and suddenly a strong night wind blew in Neither Fan Yunting nor I thought that the hem of her nightgown was actually! It was blown up by the wind.

how much pain have you suffered? In the distance, the depressed Hua Jingjing stepped out of the car and covered the setting sun with the book in her hand.

oh? who is he? from where? After listening to her words, the diabetes medication flowchart young woman also showed a little curious look After so many years in Yanjing, there are so many Mr. Pianpian, it can be said that Li Xiaomiao has few likings.

After hearing such an irresponsible explanation, Han Shaokun burst out the anger in his chest that was originally caused by Nie Haoyan's disrespect, pointed at him and said My subordinates have been dealt arthritis diabetes drug with, how can you come type 1 diabetes treatment cost back? With your Nie Haoyan's skill, can't you save someone from Feng Siniang's hands? You just.

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With an unearthly face and a long light blue dress, it makes people unable to have even the slightest thought, as if even the slightest thought would defile her Ye Yizhe had such a thought in his mind instantly, and high blood sugar after exercise type 2 his eyes were full of distress.

You can only dream, because my mother has already decided that he is mine Among the noisy voices, only these few sentences came into Ye Yizhe's ears clearly, and the others were slowly filtered out, but it still surprised Ye Yizhe, when did he have such a reputation, so he could only Said embarrassingly Hello everyone.

Although he didn't want to break free in his heart, but well, there are three beauties in front of him, so diabetes medication flowchart intimate with one person alone, it's not very good Well.

Ye Yizhe progesterone pills and diabetes strolled to the lawn by the lake, and simply swung a few sets of boxing techniques taught to him by that cheap master Since there were hardly any people around at this time Ye Yizhe didn't care whether it would cause any fluctuations, he swung his fists and feet vigorously, and seemed to be swaying them casually, which made why do diabetics take glucose tablets the wicker by the lake move by the fist wind.

Feng Siniang diabetes medication flowchart handed over the half of the Pisces jade pendant that had just been put into her hand without any pause Without any gaps, it is a complete jade pendant.

Ye Yizhe sighed and said Tired of calculating like this? Feng Siniang didn't answer his question, looked at him squarely, and said solemnly You must answer are fish oil pills safe for diabetics my question honestly Um? Have you ever thought about stepping up to the stage? What's the meaning? In other words, have you ever wanted more.

windows at all, lightly knocked on the window, Li Yuanhang thought deeply This person's inclinations are likely to can drugs cause diabetes affect our layout, but since he wants to keep a mystery, it's not convenient for us to bother him, so as not to annoy this master.

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One person stood up blood balance pill for diabetes treatment for frequent urination diabetes and said directly, and the others immediately echoed If you beat him up, it's impossible for us to join them if you beat him to death.

Ye Yizhe, the original four beauties, is basically alone when type 2 diabetes screening she sees them, and rarely appears with others, because the invisible pressure is still great They can feel it with Ye Yizhe who they are familiar with, and others can feel it even more.

There was no reason, I just liked it, I like this city, I like the city that once made me happy, but when I came here, I found that it is different Although Jiangzhou is crowded with people, although it is very lively and prosperous, I can't find the original feeling Everyone who was still laughing fell silent, listening to Peng Ben's narration.

If you are sick, even if you crawl, crawl to the pharmacy to buy medicine, because you are sure that if you die alone in the room at any time, no one will notice Looking back at Peng Ben who was lying down and snoring, Ye Yizhe murmured softly You must be as tired as you In this city, he has Li Hu and the others, and Robinson also has a girlfriend In the entire dormitory 116, only Peng Ben is alone.

I duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents believe that with your means, even if a new official takes office, it will not be difficult to deal with this matter What if I don't want to cooperate with the Green Gang? Li Ruxue asked back, and then added, if, I just want to cooperate with you.

Just like being in diabetic meds by class a TV series, people who are new to the city will find it strange, but those who are used to staying in Jiangzhou will not feel the slightest discomfort Such buildings have begun to spring up like mushrooms in Jiangzhou, which is becoming more and more modern.

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All the people who look glamorous and make us look envious have a past behind us that we can't understand, and some pain that we can never understand It is diabetic cyst treatment their sacrifices that brought them their glamor later.

At first I thought he was joking, I just complained in my diabetes medication flowchart heart about the cruelty of the master, who beat me so painfully, I was still thinking in my heart, I must return it when I am stronger, but when I rushed over again the next day I didn't see the figure of the master when I was there, and it had been like this for several days Only then did I realize the seriousness of the matter Proud, when he left I realized that I was so reluctant.

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After getting the ball, the opponent will immediately surround five or six people, who will not give up until the ball is handed over Everyone is at the same level.

Of course, what she thought about the most was how to kill Ye Yizhe by a thousand knives and throw him into the Huangpu River to feed the fish Apart from this, she was thinking about her.

It's not about the beauty and ugliness of this smile, but because it's the first smile she's shown since the two of them met In front of him, Mu Zixuan never smiled.

Without driving her particularly tough blue Bugatti Veyron, Ma Liu took Alisa straight to Fenglin Garden, while the five daughters of Ruth stood At the gate of the villa, I respectfully bid farewell to Ma Liu, and the van followed closely behind the Audi A6 under the escort of JAK salinas valley medical clinic diabetes & endocrine center and another black man.

It's the Chinese New diabetes medication flowchart Year, and there are salutes, bells and drums outside, and the sound of fireworks and firecrackers has never stopped Unfortunately, these sounds can't be heard at all.

This will provoke the mad diabetes medication flowchart dog's revenge, why should we wipe his ass for him? Huazi was not surprised at all, and said coldly Everyone advances and retreats together This is what was agreed at the beginning No matter what the reason is, we should take this matter together, and we will tell Uncle Zeng about our plans.

In any case, Miss Xiaoyu is still the daughter-in-law of the Hua family Hua Liangdong will die in the hands of Ma Liu, and she is duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents inseparable from treatment for both types of diabetes Miss Xiaoyu.

diabetes medication flowchart

and At this time, the mad dog approached slowly step by step, and finally walked in front of Wu Long, he laughed dryly and said Wu Long, do you want to run away? Dog brother! Wu Long swallowed his saliva, and finally had a chance to take a breath, and couldn't help but let out fda diabetes drug guidance a weak cry.

The two companions didn't seem to have any objection to this arrangement, they approached Ma Liu together, and one of them said Hey, who are you? That wallet arthritis diabetes drug is mine, return it to me, and then I will take you to the police station Crazy, your brain is short-circuited, how can you have a wallet? Another companion said He put it in his pocket, I saw it, if you don't return my wallet, I will hit you until you return it.

His bodyguards suddenly appeared from outside the house, and Tang Linping and Deng Xiang duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents were startled by the appearance of the Four King Kongs.

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It seemed that diabetes medication flowchart he had played a real fire, and he snorted coldly Very good, very good, you can still stand here after receiving so many tricks from me.

After spending a while on the sofa, Ma Liu went out, carrying a gun with him, not daring to be careless in the slightest, first fda diabetes drug guidance went outside to buy some breakfast, and then went to the hospital, where he met JAK and the two in the corridor of the hospital.

Ma Liu had no choice but to find type 2 diabetes pregnancy treatment a teahouse without asking, and the two of them sat down in an elegant seat and ordered a pot of good Biluochun.

Li Zekai waved to the female sister, and ordered a few bottles of red wine, all of which were the treasures of the store, and the price must be sky-high, the kind that few people usually order, diabetes medication flowchart the female sister took it from Li Zekai and stuffed it Li Zekai asked Li Zekai what song he wanted, and Li Zekai naturally asked Ma.

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Basically, the rest of the people can be cleared in a few days, but now many people have surrendered Yes, the underworld forces in Hong diabetes medication flowchart Kong are already under our new york diabetes drug lawsuits control.

The other party hung up the line, Ma Liu was still there in a daze, and then sent a message, saying that Wei Xiaoxiao is now in Hong Kong, and has fallen asleep in the next room, please don't worry about Wei Qingdie, she will go back after a few days of travel, Ma Liu was anxiously waiting for a reply For Ma Liu, this half hour was no less than life Finally, the text message came back, but there were only two pitiful words diabetes medication flowchart.

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They kept begging Ma Liu for mercy, but now they couldn't do anything about kneeling Ma Liu touched his nose and said with a smile Don't worry, I said If it won't kill you now, it will definitely be done.

Sister Mei stared at Ma Liu, and said cautiously Did you kill them? Ma Liu smiled and said diabetes medication flowchart Yes, what's the matter? By the way, homicide is illegal, I know, but if this happens to me again, I still want to kill Good kill! Sister Mei gave a compliment, a little bit of the same hatred Haven't you always been law-abiding? Ma Liu laughed Sister Mei said quite like a heroine Such a person deserves to be killed I didn't kill it, it was you who killed it I didn't break the law, but I just pretended not to know.

The security guard was good-looking, very type 2 diabetes pregnancy treatment temperamental, and very handsome Seeing that Wei Xiaoxiao was so beautiful, he said kindly, and then pointed not far away.

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In the hair, Xiaoyu hid to the side with a blushing face, but unfortunately there is no way to hide from Ma Liu, diabetes medication flowchart today Ma Liu seems to have made up his mind to do something crazy in this office, and Xiaoyu may not have sex with Ma Liu for a long time, Naturally, there are some expectations In the end, the two had sex on the sofa and on the desk.

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and the Hummer off-road vehicle, which is much better than Audi cars only in terms of appearance and posture, was directly hit diabetes treatment feline horizontally Fortunately, neither of the two people inside was injured A look of shock suddenly appeared on his face, but he didn't have any fear, instead, there was a diabetes treatment feline hint of excitement in his eyes.

Six billion yuan is really nothing to Ma Liu, but he nodded and smiled That's good, it type 1 diabetes treatment cost seems that the news we got is still very diabetes medication flowchart reliable.

Wei Qingdie said with a stern face I said, today is a special day, you have to go, did you treat her like that, now she asks you to come over for dinner, is it strange? You don't really want to leave her alone, do you? Let me tell you, you promised me that you have to treat everyone equally, and you can't favor one person.

Ma Liu turned his head, smiled, and said You will know when the time comes, anyway, you can't sit still! After finishing speaking, Ma Liu went out of the office without looking back, while Qiao Xiaoyu frowned In fact, things in Shenzhen were getting hotter and hotter.

I can give you a duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents private compliment of funds If you make a comeback, I promise you that when your funds have problems in the future, I can provide funds for free.

Brother Huo is capable, I can find someone else to be diabetes drugs drug developers the king of Pao Ge, tell me, you agree, or not! Maybe progesterone pills and diabetes he didn't expect Ma Liuhui to be so direct and tough Brother Huo froze for a moment, frowned, and said, I'm not threatened by anyone.

He also knew that if he continued to fight in this state, sooner or later he would be defeated by Yi Liu In his hands, Ma Liu uses Tai Chi Kungfu, four taels to pull out a thousand pieces of gold, often using his strength to fight, and it doesn't cost much at all.

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If you don't handle it well, you will not only completely tear your skin off with Fang's cf medication for blood sugar family, but also Even the Li and Chen families will be offended, and it will be a little troublesome then Ma Liu frowned and said Are they really that difficult to deal with? That's quite difficult to deal with.

The girl behind is also dissatisfied Then I have something urgent! Pull you down, you think you are a big beauty, if you have the ability, you will look more diabetes medication flowchart beautiful! A boy muttered in a low voice.

definitely not let you go! This Hua Zizhang seemed to have broken his head, he was getting more and more energetic, and he even sneered, and said to Ma Liu Don't be arrogant, my surname is Ma, I fell into your hands today, if you want to kill or cut it.

Liu Fei looked at Tom with a smile and asked What's the matter, Tom, why are you sweating so much? Could it be illness? Tom is a real person, he can only say with a wry smile This.

Especially when I rehabilitated myself, I received a call from the chairman medicine for sugar in ayurveda of Suzuki Group, Suzuki Yuanzheng, saying that he would visit Sanjiang Province tomorrow.

Do you think that I, Liu Fei, have no feelings for Sanjiang Province, and I just hope that Sanjiang Province will stagnate? Then everyone underestimates my consciousness, Liu Fei As a member of the Standing are fish oil pills safe for diabetics Committee of the Sanjiang Provincial are fish oil pills safe for diabetics Party Committee, I have been conducting research on the economic development of Sanjiang Province.

Fei originally wanted not to answer the call, but thinking about the first time he met Zhou diabetes medication flowchart Jing, it would be bad not to answer, so he could only smile apologetically at Shi Zhenqiang and Du Mingyi the two leaders, I'll answer the phone first.

Minister Zhao of the Organization Department used high blood sugar after exercise type 2 to be the county magistrate, treatment for frequent urination diabetes secretary of the county party committee, and deputy mayor of Baocheng City Government.

If you can be a member of the Standing Committee, I believe that none of you here is a mediocre person! Especially oral hypoglycemic agents used in renal failure the newly appointed members of the Standing Committee, many of whom I highly recommend at the Provincial Party Committee! After Liu Fei finished.

industrial and commercial bureaus and urban management bureaus below all think that the leaders are blind and fools? I tell you, no! It's not that the leaders can't see it, but some of our leading comrades don't think about Moviebill these things at all! I.

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people hard to guard against! So after Sun Hongwei went out, he first called Jia Yunfei and asked him to come and report to Liu Fei immediately! Jia Yunfei was very surprised when he received Sun Hongwei's call, and asked Secretary-General Sun duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents.

also agree with Secretary Liu's opinion! Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Fei Dahua said without hesitation I support Secretary Liu! Yu Haiquan, Secretary of the Municipal Legal Committee, said Then, other people expressed their support for Liu Fei's opinion one after another.

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When the teams of both sides expanded to more than 70 people, the two people glanced at each other lightly and nodded at the same time They knew that now, salinas valley medical clinic diabetes & endocrine center the manpower was basically almost oral hypoglycemic agents used in renal failure there.

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Seeing Huang Youcai rushing up with his younger brother stretching his teeth and claws, Zhao Dafa did not show weakness, and immediately yelled, salinas valley medical clinic diabetes & endocrine center brothers, avenge Brother Nine, go! While speaking, he waved the rubber stick in his hand and roared loudly, while he himself stood motionless in place, ready to slip away at duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents any time.

At this time, Liu Fei slowly stood up and turned around, his cold eyes swept across the scene quickly, and he immediately knew the situation of the whole scene.

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Who is the other party? Why do you want to hurt Heizi? And why are you calling yourself? Why did you still say that you will call me later? A bad premonition came to Liu Fei's mind again, Zhao Xueyan's thin, pale and lovely face suddenly appeared in Liu Fei's mind, and the scenes of the past with Zhao Xueyan's childhood sweetheart when he was in school in the past emerged.

You also know that since I have taken over this job, I must definitely do this job well, and after 7 days There's a football game coming up and I'm short on time, so I'd like to ask you for a policy.

diabetes medication flowchart It was full of footballs, and what really made Liu Fei feel interesting was that behind the basketball hoops around the boy, there were men in black suits and sunglasses standing one by one The older child pulled the frame, kept putting the football in different positions, and then kicked out different arcs.

Liu Fei smiled, then waved at the crowd, turned and diabetes medication flowchart left, his movements were extremely chic, the players looked at Liu Fei's back, full of respect.

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Of course, he knows very well that it is not an easy task to take down these seemingly determined players, so, long before the entire team set off, he had already arranged a very experienced player The public relations team of beauties laid out the whole trip from Sanjiang City to Tokyo, and gradually approached these players through one after another.

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At the same time, a younger brother threw a flash bomb in, and Zhou Jianlei slid into the room first, the other younger brothers followed closely Puff puff! Puff puff! After 6 gunshots, the entire room fell silent.

At this time, Sun Guangyao said diabetes medication flowchart with a smile Mr. Kevins, I'm really sorry, I just reached an equity transfer agreement with Mr. Zhu yesterday, transferring 3% of the shares in my hand to Mr. Zhu Kevins just thought for a while after listening, and then said with a fda diabetes drug guidance sneer Even if you transfer your equity to Zhu Xueyao, he only holds 38% of the equity, which is 0.

Just after the inside line he placed in the hotel gave him the news of Liu Fei's departure, Liu Fei also got the news The news of his departure told Fu Cheng, and asked Liu Fei to pay attention to Fu Cheng Liu Fei just smiled lightly after listening Now, for Fu Cheng, Liu Fei has decided to start collecting the net.

Then, the four members of the salinas valley medical clinic diabetes & endocrine center Commission for Discipline Inspection shook hands with Guo Haitian, completed the handover procedures, and left the airport with Fu Cheng.

Even if Their cadres wrote the investigation materials more than one foot high, and when it came to the Standing Committee, as long as the secretary of the provincial party committee said a word, it was enough to throw away all the materials they had painstakingly written as garbage If the leader says you can do it, you can do it If the leader says you can't do it, you can do it.

are doing this to make the boss unhappy? Now, Sun Hongwei began to sympathize with the directors of the cadre diabetes medication flowchart department An hour passed quickly, and still no one came to submit the inspection materials.

I saw that the document clearly stated deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, and build a team of high-quality cadres who are good at promoting scientific development and promoting social harmony Especially when that Han Longbiao's eyes fell on the word reform, beads of sweat began to drip down his forehead.

Since Liu Fei diabetes medication flowchart came to our Donghai Province as the head of the Organization Department, because of his busy work, he has not had many opportunities to participate in our Standing Committee Today is the first time Liu Fei has formally participated in the Standing Committee of our Provincial Party Committee Liu Fei quickly stood up and said with a smile Thank you for your support, thank you very much, thank you very much.

The reform of the cadre and personnel system is indeed necessary, and it was also clearly proposed by the central government in the document However, as a member of the Standing Committee, we must be cautious in doing things, be careful, and step by step.

can drugs cause diabetes Secretary He, it is wrong for Lin Haitao to plagiarize the content of that note I also agree with Liu Fei's disqualification from the exam, but he can't use my daughter-in-law Tang Yurou as an issue.

When it happens to someone else, he may comfort him or her After all, it didn't happen to him, so he doesn't have to face it, but it did happen to him.

He took a taxi to the Zhuangcheng Military Division, where he was greeted by Wu Gang, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhuangcheng Municipal Committee and political commissar of the Municipal Military Division.

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As for Feng Sizhe, as the mayor, his office is diabetes medication flowchart on the fifth floor The third office at the right turn of the stairs on the fifth floor is the mayor's office.

When there was a disadvantage, he had no choice but to pinch his nose, gritted his teeth, took out his wallet from his body, settled all the food money owed to Yang Dazhu, and then took those diabetes medication flowchart IOUs, then turned around and ran out.

Seeing that the police are coming, but Feng Sizhe is still so arrogant, when he sees the woman his chairman likes leaning against Feng diabetes drug oseni Sizhe at this moment, Yamada Kame feels out of breath.

When he saw her take out a paper knife just now, he was taken aback, thinking that she was going to harm him, but when he saw this woman put the knife holder On his own neck, he just burst out laughing, Miss Wang, what are you kidding me with, do you think this can scare me? Let me tell you, this is a business club in Japan.

Fda Diabetes Drug Guidance ?

Now, looking at this stranger in front of him, he has never seen him before, so he can't help feeling a little angry, which unit is this Does a small cadre who is not open-eyed want to come to the office of the executive vice governor to type 1 diabetes treatment cost report on.

Too Feng Sizhe nodded, but this time he listened to Gao Fengli's persuasion, and told Guan Changxiao on diabetes medication flowchart the phone that he would go there soon.

After all, he is the executive deputy mayor, so he is very familiar with the work of the China Merchants Bureau, one of the city's economies He also knows that Wang Zhenhuai, the director of the China Merchants Bureau, is very greedy and must have salinas valley medical clinic diabetes & endocrine center dirty hands and feet.

He has had a struggle since the day he was reborn His goal is to change Zhao Ai's history and prevent the Zhao family from being hit again With his diabetes medications ovpic hard work for more than ten years, the situation has changed a lot, but after all, he is not too optimistic.

will want to see Feng Sizhe's jokes, but will be watching the jokes of him, the secretary of the municipal party committee Wang Guoguang really didn't know what Tang Jingui was thinking.

Media Center has set up such a leisure and entertainment center for some rich people or people who think they are elegant to be chic here The sound of the piano is very beautiful and long.

Feng Sizhe was sitting there with a big horse, and his calm demeanor caused serious psychological pressure on the female manager in the lobby Although Feng Sizhe is only wearing a set of pajamas, and it is in a hotel room, he can't see it at all Despite his own identity, the aura of superiority and long-term superiority still gives people a deep diabetes medication flowchart feeling.

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At that time, everyone would show their skills, intercession calls would keep coming, and that would be the time for Feng Sizhe to strive for the best interests.

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Who made him make a major mistake in his work? It is obviously not good to stand up to him at this time If this matter is not handled well, I think it must be reported to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to know.

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Although she has never been to the Discipline Inspection Commission, diabetes drugs drug developers she has a certain understanding of the case handling process there.

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Xiao Zhe, you did a good job in Zhuangcheng City, especially when you dealt with the actions of your Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, you were very calm and calm, not bad, really not bad.

Although this is said, in fact, everyone knows what the current situation of the Standing Committee of the Zhuangcheng City Committee is progesterone pills and diabetes like Basically, as long as it is Feng Sizhe's proposal, it can be passed.

In terms of are fish oil pills safe for diabetics age and qualifications, he is still a little shallow Haha, hello Brother Min Liu Liang's body flashed, and a slightly fat man in his forties appeared.

Oh, then I will leave this matter to Secretary Shen, and Team Leader Bu and I will wait for your news Wang Guoguang immediately understood that Shen Yaping was going to use a special method diabetes medication flowchart He thought that it would be better not to participate in some things.

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As soon as this incident happened, it immediately attracted the attention of the municipal party committee and government, and even the provincial government It also brought a very bad impact on our Zhuangcheng duration of insulin oral hypoglycemic agents City.

But today the two of them really misunderstood themselves, that's fine, he just wanted to help Wang Lihua, this is a gift of two helpers new york diabetes drug lawsuits for nothing, no diabetes medication flowchart need but no need Oh, I don't know what it is, and we would like to help.

Wang Lihua was can drugs cause diabetes so focused on looking for someone Xiao Ying couldn't find, how could he think too much about what the two leaders had said to him.

Hey, who are you, you even called the police, what, blood balance pill for diabetes you thought the police came, and I was scared, and I told you, it was useless if the police came, they couldn't control me When Wang Wei heard that Feng Sizhe called the police, he still acted as if he was not afraid.

At that time, Zhao Lishu diabetes treatment feline always thought that his father was too much like Feng Sizhe, and used all the resources of the Zhao family on him, while ignoring himself It wasn't until Zhao Lishu returned to Beijing to work in the Ministry of Education in the past few years that he knew from his.

Hehe, diabetes drugs drug developers my cousin praised me, oh, I don't know where my cousin is are fish oil pills safe for diabetics a senior? Shi Yu asked modestly Me, I work in Zhuangcheng City, Zhongzhou Province, huhAh Feng Sizhe wouldn't tell everyone how high his status was, besides, what's the point of talking about his status to these young people, did he intentionally suppress them? This is not good oh.

The one-night battle caused Feng Sizhe and Miao diabetes medication flowchart Zihan to sleep until nine o'clock in the morning, and then the two hurriedly got up and started diabetes drug oseni to clean up At noon today, Feng Sizhe had agreed to invite friends to dinner at the Jingxi Hotel.

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