Explore the full chronology of the horror franchise with the key events of all seven films.

Since James Wan’s first The Conjuring in 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures has been steadily building a cinematic universe of the supernatural. Although each film is meant to stand on its own, Annabelle Comes Home marks the seventh big screen chapter in an interwoven continuity that also includes The Conjuring (2013), Annabelle (2014), The Conjuring 2 (2016), Annabelle: Creation (2017), The Nun (2018) and The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

Since the timeline of the films can get a little tricky, we’ve prepared the following guide to major events of the Conjuring Universe, beginning nearly 1,000 years ago.

Circa 1200 - As part of his pursuit of the occult, the Romanian Duke of St. Carta attempts human sacrifice in order to summon the demon Valak. The summoning is interrupted, however, by crusaders who manage to defeat Valak using the blood of Christ. The Duke's castle is transformed into the Abbey of St. Carta which, for centuries, will hold back the evil forces that lie in wait within its walls. (The Nun)

1673 - In Mexico, a grief stricken woman drowns her two young children. Her spirit will become known as La Llorona, "the weeping woman," condemned to forever walk the Earth in search of the children she has lost. (The Curse of La Llorona)

1692 - 1693 - Mary Towne Eastey is accused of witchcraft and executed in Salem, Massachusetts. (The Conjuring)

1863 - Jetson Sherman builds a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. He marries a woman named Bathsheba, a descendant of Mary Towne Eastey. Seven days after Bathsheba gives birth to a child, she sacrifices the baby in the home's furnace and, proclaiming her devotion to Satan, hangs herself from the tree outside. (The Conjuring).

1936 - Annabelle "Bee" Mullins is born to a dollmaker, Samuel, and his wife, Esther. (Annabelle: Creation)

1939 - 1945 - As World War II is waged, the Abbey of St. Carta is hit by Axis bombs, weakening the centuries old barrier that keeps Valak at bay. Taking the form of a nun, Valak begins to haunt the Abbey, slowly killing off the monastics there and bringing pain and suffering to the inhabitants of the nearby town. (The Nun)

1943 - Esther and Samuel Mullins lose their daughter, Bee, in a tragic car accident. Unable to come to terms with the loss, they make contact with a demonic force, who transfers itself into one of the dolls that Samuel has constructed. The entity immediately proves itself dangerous, horrifically scarring Esther's face. (Annabelle: Creation)

1952 - Following what appears to be a nun's suicide at the Abbey of St. Carta, the Vatican dispatches an exorcist, Father Burke, and a novitiate nun, Sister Irene, to solve the mystery. With the help of a local, Maurice "Frenchy" Theriault, the pair come face to face with the evil Valak, ultimately defeating him using the blood of Christ... or so they think. Theriault winds up unknowingly possessed by the demon, carrying the entity far from the grounds of St. Carta. (The Nun)

1955 - 1956 - Twelve years after the loss of their daughter, Esther and Samuel Mullins open their home to a group of needy orphans. Unfortunately, the orphans provide easy prey for the demon that has possessed the Annabelle doll. One girl, Janice, soon becomes possessed by the entity. Terrorizing the others and ultimately killing Esther, the possessed Janice escapes. Taking the name Annabelle, she winds up in a new orphanage where she is adopted by a Santa Monica couple, Pete and Sharon Higgins. (Annabelle: Creation)

October 3, 1970 - As the couple prepare to have their first child, Dr. John Form presents his wife, Mia, with the Annabelle doll, unaware of the toy's tragic history. That night, the neighbors, the Higgins, are attacked and killed by their estranged adopted daughter, Annabelle, now part of a satanic cult. Annabelle also attacks the Forms and takes possession of the doll just before she slits her own throat.

Recovering from their tragic encounter, the Forms celebrate the birth of a daughter, Leah. Somehow, though, the Annabelle doll manages to resurface and terrorize the family. With the help of a woman named Evelyn and a parish priest, Father Perez, they learn that the demon using the doll as a conduit is looking to claim Mia's soul. Evelyn ultimately gives up her own life to appease the demon. The Forms survive, although the doll itself mysteriously vanishes. (Annabelle)

Six Months Later - Somehow having wound up on a store shelf, the Annabelle doll is purchased by a woman as a gift for her college aged daughter, Debbie. Debbie, along with her roommates Camilla and Rick, begin to experience strange occurrences and reach out to a medium to learn Annabelle's history. Thinking that the spirit of Bee is trapped within the doll, the trio give permission for the creature to inhabit their home. Thanks to the efforts of Ed and Lorraine Warren, however, the evil is contained and the Annabelle doll is safely stored in the Warrens' artifact room. (Annabelle / The Conjuring)

1971* - Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the possession of Maurice "Frenchy" Theriault. Unfortunately, Theriault's tale ends in tragedy when he shoots his wife in the arm before turning the gun on himself.  Lorraine is also heavily affected the ordeal having made a psychic connection with Valak. (The Nun / The Conjuring)

1971 - Carolyn and Roger Perron, along with their five daughters, move into an old farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island where they begin to experience significant paranormal activity. (The Conjuring)

November 1, 1971 - Carolyn Perron contacts Ed and Lorraine Warren, who travel to Harrisville to investigate the mysterious disturbances that plague the Perron family. They trace the paranormal activity to 19th century Satan worshipper Bathsheba Sherman and, thankfully, are able to drive the evil from the property. (The Conjuring)

November 1972 – Evil is unwittingly unleashed once again when Ed and Lorraine Warren go on assignment, leaving their daughter, Judy, with a babysitter. (Annabelle Comes Home)

1973 - In Los Angeles, young Carlos and Tomas Alvarez are taken from their mother, Patricia, by child protective services only to wind up mysterious drowned shortly thereafter. Investigating the incident, caseworker Anna Tate-Garcia learns that the culprit is the ghostly La Llorona and that her own children are now in danger. With the help of Father Perez, however, Anna is able to stop the entity and save her family. (The Curse of La Llorona)

November 13, 1974 - Ronald DeFeo, Jr. kills both of his parents and his four siblings at their home in Amityville, Long Island, New York. (The Conjuring 2)

1976 - Following reports of repeated paranormal activity, Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to Amityville to try and determine whether or not supernatural forces were involved in the serial murder of the DeFeo family the previous year. During a seance at the house, Lorraine encounters the demon Valak and has a horrific vision of Ed's murder. (The Conjuring 2)

December 1977 - Contacted by the Hodgson family, Ed and Lorraine Warren visit the London suburb of Enfield to investigate reports of a paranormal entity calling himself Bill Wilkins. They soon determine, however, that the Wilkins spirit is simply being manipulated by the demon Valak and, having uncovered his true name, Lorraine is able to drive the beast back to Hell. (The Conjuring 2)

* The opening of The Conjuring suggests that the exorcism of Maurice Theriault takes place in 1968 rather than 1971. The earlier date is inconsistent with subsequent films, however, and even within the first film itself, the exorcism is later said to have occurred “a few months” before the main part of the story in November 1971.

Go behind the scenes of Annabelle Comes Home with the film’s cast and crew.

Just six years after her first appearance in the opening of James Wan’s The Conjuring, Annabelle has become quite the movie star, spinning off into her own franchise that, this week, delivers its most ambitious chapter to date. Annabelle Comes Home marks the big screen directorial debut of Gary Dauberman. Although it’s his first time helming, Dauberman is no stranger to the Conjuring universe, having previously scripted Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation and The Nun. Working from his own screenplay for Annabelle Comes Home, Dauberman is bringing Ed and Lorraine Warren back into the mix with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising their respective roles.

“It’s like Oz, finally coming out from behind the curtain and overseeing his vision, stepping up to the helm with such confidence,” says Farmiga of Dauberman’s new role.

“[We] love playing these roles,” adds Wilson, “Because we know we’re going to get to do some high drama with some high level scares, dealing with some pretty dark things, but also find all those moments to show that other side to this couple. In this film especially, our part is largely that of loving parents to Judy.”

Played by 12 year old McKenna Grace, Judy Warren is central the plot of the new film, which finds her left with a babysitter while her parents go off on assignment.

“My character has powers kind of like her mom,” says Grace. “She can see visions, and I think she is a little insecure about it, because it’s very frightening, seeing all these images in her head. Or maybe they’re not just in her head.”

“What would it be like to be their daughter and see them come home from work, where they deal with these frightening, otherworldly occurrences every day?” says Dauberman. “Or to have objects that are essentially souvenirs from all their terrifying investigations just sitting there down the hall?”

In Annabelle Comes Home, tshe Warrens’ artifact room becomes ground zero for paranormal encounters.

“Cinematically, we always loved the idea of using the artifacts room as the home base for a movie,” says Peter Safran, who has produced the entire Conjuring universe to date. “We’ve shown it before, we’ve hinted at the opportunities that lie within, but with ‘Annabelle Comes Home,’ we get to play it out to its fullest extent. The story that Gary and James conceived is based on the notion that Annabelle cannot truly be contained, that she is, in fact, a beacon for other evil spirits.”

“It’s the early `70s, a little while after the Perron case we followed in ‘The Conjuring,’” explains Dauberman. “The Warrens are starting to deal with a little press surrounding them as people find out what they do for a living, which, unbeknownst to Ed and Lorraine, is weighing heavier on Judy than she’s letting on.”

Although the franchise certainly has no shortage of scares, it’s the human drama at the center of it all that makes the story of the Warrens so unique.

“[It’s about] the purity of their love and how connected they are,” says Farmiga, “How they balance each other. That, as well as the idea of their faith being such a strong force for them, is in such stark contrast to the darkness they encounter… I think of these not as a genre story, but as a love story,” Farmiga says, “and I think that’s why it works for us.”

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