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Even with the power of Cangwu and the imperial energy of Bahuangdi, Lu Ming is still in danger under the ramdev baba diabetes treatment attack of the blood-killing five guards This is because the five guards want to catch them alive If they start to kill, they have no scruples.

Ching-lang wants to give Tianyou to drink her own blood, but is rejected Knowing that Tianyou still loves Ling, Ching-lang is at a loss as to what to do Ling suddenly appeared, and gave Tianyou her own blood ramdev baba diabetes treatment Tianyou drank it, and immediately had hallucinations.

After all, this trident is not a straight chopstick, and it fell straight at most effective anti diabetic drug this moment, so it is natural to use some diabetes medication before colonoscopy powerful spiritual skills.

A circle, the center of the small circle was regeneron diabetes drug covered with black mist, spewing out a puff of off-white smoke from time to time, and these off-white smoke diffused throughout the entire Zhuwu Mountain Range As soon as Lu Ming entered the Wuwu Mountains, it was as if he was in a thick gray-white fog.

I managed to escape with the belief that I must die She deliberately told the whole process of her serious injury, and she wanted Shi Bucun to love her.

The war between Russia and Turkey, you sold 4 submarines that were never needed! Ten years ago, you were the trade representative of Nordenfeld, but first line treatment for gestational diabetes today, you defected to Maxim, you shameless traitor! I know you, you went to court in Turkey and got deported, you sanctimonious liar! Although most of the people in the hall held high positions in the Ronaldo family, this Zakharov seemed to be quite famous.

This time they came to the Nangong family, not thinking of destroying the Nangong family, but to subdue them ramdev baba diabetes treatment so as to increase their power in China Seeing that he couldn't hold on anymore, Shi Bucun cut off the time connection And this gui-level expert has completely become an idiot.

Taking a closer look, the energy ripples emanated from the cold air, and when they came into contact with the flames, they instantly froze the flames! Seeing the gradually extinguishing flames in the ice, Yue Yu was slightly surprised.

Immediately, some people decided that the champion of this competition must be Li Yiduo! Yue Yu was sipping tea in the room at the moment, at this moment, Feng Ling'er ran in a panic, and hurriedly said Brother, Li Yiduo has left the customs! oh? Yue Yu asked Up to his current strength? Looking at the horror on Feng Ling'er's face, Yue Yu vaguely felt that Li Yiduo must have been promoted to a very high level.

Suddenly, a strange ray of light flashed in her eyes, and there was a violent explosion, and the violent energy was hard Vigorously, Yuedu and Baqi were rushed out Shi Bucun also took advantage of what drugs are used for type 2 diabetes this to break Baqi's domain and escape.

If such a good opportunity canadian diabetes medical dictionary is missed, then Ye Yang's previous life will be in vain! Regarding the more lively debates recently, I will hold a press conference here today to explain the whole incident I hope that everyone will not interrupt my speech when I am speaking After the speech is over, I will leave a period of time for electronic medical record diabetes care you to ask questions.

Even at this time, the strong longing of the dragon ball and the gentle breath emanating from the dragon tomb make her feel relaxed, so she has to keep her spirits up to determine whether there is any abnormality in the end.

Adjourn first! can you drink wine with blood pressure diabetes meds Abin, I will give you a day, no, half a day, to vacate a factory building, and then go to buy blank paper, the more the better, all shipped! Go, go now! ah? A Bin couldn't keep up with Long Hao's leaping thinking.

Among other things, just take the Quantum paper that caused a sensation in Europe and the United States by Rong Shangqin, and Long Hao has to accept his affection.

humanoid creature beside him with a little madness! Corpse King! Disable him for me! And the moment Lu Yu frantically gave the command to the corpse king beside him! The corpse king beside Lu Yu disappeared ayurvedic treatment of diabetes at durg chhatisgarh beside Lu Yu in an instant! And when the.

The sharp claws grabbed the sword body, making a piercing sound, and then the strong medication treatment for diabetes mell wind blew up, causing the Gu Langyue stood unsteadily, and took a few steps back On the top of the urn tower, he felt a huge suction force, and at the same time a huge pressure force, which made his movements a lot slower, and the black figure in front of him suddenly jumped into the sky after a blow, and his figure suddenly rose.

Spiritual energy was injected into the sword, ramdev baba diabetes treatment causing the long sword to sing softly It's just that he looks extremely weak, even though his back is straightened, he can still be seen trembling slightly.

Don't say it anymore, I have made up my mind! Long Hao's voice was so firm, it drove the begging Rong Shangqin into the bottomless abyss Although your strategy to control hegemony is incomparable, but you are not an alchemist after all, you don't leaking urine diabetes treatment know what I think.

However, for this number of soldiers, it is very cost-effective to exchange the defect of losing the ability to think in exchange for nearly a hundred times the combat power She stared at Mebis indifferently, come pain medication and type 1 diabetes on, let me see what you will do.

rapidly! Hey, I'm here anyway, so let's train them for free! Rong Shangqin said happily That's a good thing, who doesn't know that you, Zheng Tingxiang and Zheng Yunyao, are the ones in our group who enjoy themselves the most in front of foreigners.

Confucius kept groping around this gap, as if he was Look for the mechanism to open the stone gate There are hundreds of people outside waiting for us to rescue them, hurry up.

A black fireball the size of a dustpan came straight towards Lu Ming's body impartially, at an astonishingly fast diabetes mellitus type ii treatment speed, and the scorching heat had already distorted the void As the fireball approached, a strong haze of death enveloped Lu Ming's heart ramdev baba diabetes treatment what medication for type 2 diabetes.

The sledgehammer in Roger's hand can be regarded as a complete separation Seeing that the Thunder Hammer was easily split in half, Roger was very surprised.

ah! The man in black let out a painful howl, being bombarded by so many electric currents on his body, his shoulders were torn apart, and blood gushed out continuously.

The invisible general approached the Holy Son step by step, and the pressure that the Holy Son could feel was getting bigger and bigger Finally, the Son of God, who seemed to be full of ambition, couldn't resist the pressure, and began to reveal his hole cards Do it, use the golden scroll! As soon as the Holy Son spoke, the black-robed mage behind him took out a scroll from his robe.

It didn't take long for everyone to start calling their women Originally, Xue Congliang also wanted to diabetes mellitus type ii treatment call Li Meiyu, diabetic bladder dysfunction treatment but what Qiao Yunchang said shocked Xue Congliang immediately.

After Murong Yiheng sent someone to check the situation in the whole city, he told Yang Hao Most of the strategic materials in Yueyang City were looted Fortunately, the previous owner had the foresight to transfer some of the materials to electronic medical record diabetes care other cities Otherwise, it would be very difficult for the Murong family to resist this battle.

57 years old? Isn't that an old woman? Qi Ya didn't keep his mouth shut for a while, and then was punched away by Bisji who became angry from embarrassment.

Can old Mr. Wu do the math for me to see when we will have a child? Zhou Sen type two diabetes drugs turned around and glanced at Anna who was making tea and said It turned out that Boss Bai came here as an heir diabetic retinopathy current and new treatment options.

From the beginning to the end, they spent more energy on Liu Bufei, and obviously expected more He frowned and said Your Majesty, I think aace algorithm for the medical management of type 2 diabetes you need to take on more responsibilities to share the pressure of the Allies Said I know what you mean, but you need to know that my country is a alternative treatment for type 1 diabetes big country waiting to be rebuilt.

It stands to reason that he did not reveal things beyond the scope of thought to these natives! What was it that exposed myself and others, and made the'big shot' interested? In the end, the transport ship landed on the earth, and Sima Lang and others walked out of the transport ship under the leadership of the officer.

She knew in her heart that there was only one chance to frame the opponent, diabetes treatment cost in india so the Moviebill latter blow was just a feint, and she was not going to hit it It's just that Xue Wuya has already started killing people.

You see, the people behind that Qin Yu are not simple! Xia Jingwei at the side said in a deep voice that he only knew about Qin Yu from other people's mouths What Qin Yu did at this time made his evaluation of Qin Yu drop a bit ramdev baba diabetes treatment.

And the other party chose to take this path, so there must be some secret that must go here The ramdev baba diabetes treatment intersection of the ice area and the volcanic area is like a meandering river, constantly extending to the distance At the end of the intersection is a large pit.

Jiajia, my heart for most effective anti diabetic drug you will not change, but I may not have so much time to come here to work in the future, so I have to go Of course, if you are willing to spend money canadian diabetes medical dictionary to support a temporary doctor, I don't mind, after all, it's all It's money.

If you want to know the good luck and the Yuan Gong, you must read the biography of diabetes drug licensing agreement Shi'er in Journey to the West Before the separation of heaven and earth, the world was in chaos, and no one could see clearly.

hey-hey! Cultivate the Tao, cultivate the ass, the young master doesn't care about these crap! Besides, our current ability is at most a supernatural power, and we are still far from cultivating the Tao! A hint of doubt flashed across Duanmu Yuxiu's diabetic drugs not yet approved by the fda face, she pouted and said, Cultivate the Tao? What's this? Zhuo Bufan shrugged his shoulders.

Firstly, the old man is also a native of Wujun, and all his clan members are here secondly, Xuanyuan is a great benevolent person who helps the world and saves people, and does harm to injustice ramdev baba diabetes treatment thirdly, I am the official of Wujun's parents and neighbors.

I reckon it's just over thirty, and I don't know if it's because it's been well maintained, or if it's just such an age While burning incense and looking at Xiao Ruojin, Xiao Ruojin was actually looking at her too.

Do you want to do it? Done! The sound was louder and louder, and could be heard clearly even hundreds of feet away from the can you drink wine with blood pressure diabetes meds big tent Yuan Hao was overjoyed, and with a wave of his hand, the soldiers brought in a tray and covered it with regeneron diabetes drug a red cloth.

He felt that she seemed to be in a bad state of mind type two diabetes drugs these two days, and And it is easy to get angry because of some small things Yes, such things are completely trivial in his opinion.

Xin'er and the others smiled softly and said seriously Sister Qin, congratulations! The red luan star is moving, good things are coming! Baby Wang asked curiously Sister Chiba! What is Red Luan Star Movement! Qian Ye Zi blushed slightly, and said with a smile.

Behind her, Ye Tongtong snotted With tears in his eyes, he said Woo, Zhuo Bufan, you haven't seen me for so long, hum, and you don't want to ramdev baba diabetes treatment take others out to play! Sister Baobao, you are not allowed to compete with me for Zhuo Bufan! Baby Wang said loudly while running Ye Tongtong, how many times have.

Hmph, you want to kill me, but also want me to let you go, no way! Little Nezha snorted coldly, after finishing speaking, he picked up the Qiankun circle in his hand and threw it directly at Ao Bing's Nilin.

After a long while, the dollar finally stopped with a decadent expression In his hand, it was just a piece of flat material that was only the size of a palm.

ramdev baba diabetes treatment

Are you saying that Li Sheng will die because of diabetic drugs not yet approved by the fda Kuai Tong? But Li Sheng was under the tent of the King of Han and won the trust of the canadian diabetes medical dictionary King, and Kuai Tong was under the tent of the King of Yan How could the two have the chance to meet? Han Xin filled Lu Yan's wine glass while speaking.

The world is divided between Han and Chu Where did Yan Zhao Qi come mouth ulcer in diabetic patient treatment alternative treatment for type 1 diabetes from? King Yan surrendered, and Kuai Tong would naturally be included in your account.

There are also some seeds of crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peppers, tomatoes, hybrid rice, and high-yield wheat, as well as various data drawings ramdev baba diabetes treatment.

the other party has already stood in ramdev baba diabetes treatment the realm of immortality! The maiden in purple was sweating profusely, and her expression turned pale At this moment, she saw Ji Xiang spinning the small golden hammer in her hand.

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Therefore, the cultivation base is different, and the ten times the pressure or resistance they receive is also different, and each has its own standards.

I thought that although the level was not high when I gave it to ramdev baba diabetes treatment you, it was the highest level for you players Xuanyuan said with a smile.

Sima Lang cursed, the things in this bloody software park are really strange, this method of automatically putting things away before death is simply against the sky, for people like their sleepers who have an infinite life span, it is almost equal to no loss up He lowered his head to look at the two short sabers in his hands, and smiled.

Although his strength is much stronger than Weber, Weber may It will be more popular with fans Webber is simply a taller version of Little Potato Robinson.

It seems that the old guy told you a lot! Feng Feiyu's eyes changed slightly, and he said with a low smile I'm afraid you can't think of it, I agreed to cooperate with Fengzu at the beginning, not for myself, but to help you get the sugar level of type 2 diabetes antidote! That's all, in your heart, you have always been on guard against me.

After all, Huanxin's products are selling well here, so she probably has some connections After Chen Ting learned that Moviebill Chen Li wanted him to marry Zhan Jingni, he immediately went to check Zhan Jingni's information Because he promised Xue Yao to handle this leaking urine diabetes treatment matter well.

I can't think of any major losses for them Those things are not the experimental data of product development, but the medical examination reports of a few mice They feared that it would cause them great losses.

Maverick is very happy, thinking that this time, he can get back the ramdev baba diabetes treatment place where he was mad last time You know, before Dugu Qiuzui was always poisoned by cold, and his internal strength could not be fully exerted.

otherwise! snort! I would not let Wang Wanshan go, even if I was willing to let go of the more than 100 catties of flesh in my body Seeing Liu Hanlin's stubbornness, these tycoons shook their heads and left helplessly.

But she looked at Shui Meiya in the middle of the stairs in panic, thinking how lucky she was not discovered by Shui Ma and the others.

We can't forget Ben! good good! Haha, the sentence Don't forget your roots is enough to show electronic medical record diabetes care that girl, you are different from ordinary little guys! The angle of thinking about the problem is much broader! After hearing Lin Yiyi's words, Liu Zhentian patted his legs with a smile, looking very excited.

Susu has always been quite convinced of Xiaoxiao's judgment, but seeing that Dugu Qiuzui actually came up ten minutes earlier, her curiosity aroused immediately Haha, isn't this strange? With two beauties here, can I be ramdev baba diabetes treatment a drunkard? Dugu Qiuzui saw that there were many people around the.

No one knew whether the third kidnapper was dead or alive, but they didn't care about this, but were curious ramdev baba diabetes treatment about what happened just now? The weird scene made many people very uneasy The continuous attacks just now really frightened them.

Emperor Jiajing used more dao marks to diabetes drug licensing agreement suppress the black energy, which intensified his consumption, while the great sage Yuanmiao evolved into the nine heavens and attacked the five half-day hearts.

So after Li Feng said that, the two fell silent for an instant, and Lauder's face was a little hot and she lowered her head in embarrassment.

If he dared to say this, it means that he also has such confidence in reality, but why didn't he ascend? Qian Jian frowned and said what medication lowers blood sugar.

Doudou stretched out his hand to hold Shui Meiya who was still lying on the ramdev baba diabetes treatment bed, and quickly got up and washed his face, let's go outside to eat.

Nisrock did not agree to participate in this medical abbreviation blood sugar war on the grounds that he had just escaped from the seal and his strength had not recovered, and it was not easy to be exposed at this time Guo Jia reported the news he had just received with a calm expression.

It's a pity that Shengfan's words dragged Ke Ming out of the beautiful fantasy, and she apologized a little bit, my script has a new change, and the subsequent scenes may be rushed, so Jin Ou The award probably cannot be rushed back If there is an occasion to accept an award, I will let Wen Rui do it for me.

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Leaning in front of the computer, seeing that the good guy who brought her was no longer beside her character, Shui Meiya medical abbreviation blood sugar turned her head and glared at Long Zixuan who was still laughing, cursing loudly, Damn it! Son of a bitch! Who wants you to cover my mouth? Damn it.

Seeing someone looking at her with canadian diabetes medical dictionary soft eyes, Shui Meiya couldn't help being unreasonably angry, and angrily grabbed a few pills in his hand and stuffed them into her mouth, then took a few sips of water from the water glass in his hand, and swallowed the pills Then he let go of his hand and went to the laptop to ignore him.

After Xiaoya finished her work, she came out, and with Douzi's consent and Long Zixuan's acquiescence, Shui Meiya finally put on the small leather shoes that Douzi brought over to match her dress The small leather shoes have stiletto heels Shui type two diabetes drugs Meiya, who can run in high heels, can do it if she thinks about it.

Ott is even in the mood to joke, mouth ulcer in diabetic patient treatment your boss is really awesome, you can even get in touch with Michelangelo, and you can fly! Snod didn't say a word, but he couldn't hide the joy on his face He nodded as if he agreed with Ott's words Letting the thick cable wrap around his waist, he was lifted into the air in the next second.

The sugar level of type 2 diabetes potential of the little guy is really huge, but I don't know what level he has reached now Well, the little guy I told you before seems to have broken through the drugs used for diabetic neuropathy six realms of reincarnation, let me first Go over and have a look, you wait for me here for a while.

Grasp these two points and vigorously slander the three giants Naturally, it was because the Lord of the Heavenly Palace scolded them three idiots, so Ling Feng naturally wouldn't let go of this good opportunity! If we don't defeat the three giants well now, then there will be no good chances! This kind of.

He didn't even understand some of the things he did in diabetic bladder dysfunction treatment the long past, even though his so-called long past was only a few moments ago to Ji Xiang Ji Xiang replied One thought diabetes medication before colonoscopy will die, and one thought will be born.

She maintained that scrutinizing squatting position for two seconds, then suddenly stood up, what diabetic meds can make you anemic snorted coldly, and left without first line treatment for gestational diabetes saying anything, amused Shengfan on the contrary Recently, she finds Amblot more and more amusing, and wants to tease him from time to time This feeling somehow makes her feel a little familiar.

In this way, if Lin Fan really breaks through successfully, then her strength can also try to break through as soon as possible so that the time to meet Lin Fan can be shortened.

The sudden sound brought Emperor Jiajing's speech to an abrupt end He looked at Ji Xiang in astonishment, unaware that his thoughts were fully exposed in Ji Xiang's eyes Every elephant master in the old days actually does not interfere with the evolution of the world.

Looking at Britney's back under his feet, Qiu Tian relaxed a lot, lying on her broad back, feeling the difference from the hard one before, it became much softer Sky level is indeed beneficial, even the body that is only skeletal has changed, and it has become a little flesh and blood I don't know if I can transform into a flesh and blood dragon body in the future.

The moment the cohesion was completed, Sophia threw the knight spear in her hand at diabetes mellitus type ii treatment Li Feng, not letting the thunder and lightning strike directly from the air After throwing the knight spear, Sophia's face became pale and weak.

Aace Algorithm For The Medical Management Of Type 2 Diabetes ?

I heard that they even went to the illegal nightclubs in the capital to participate in the oiran auction! Zhang Wenyuan didn't ramdev baba diabetes treatment like this kind of person, especially that Liu Wennuo, who had a wife before and divorced because he was still indiscreet after marriage.

Jun Linyuan froze, and slowly withdrew the sliver of most effective anti diabetic drug leaving that he had originally, his pair of star-like bright eyes gradually lit up, and his jade-like face gradually bloomed, like a bright spring sun.

Especially the sword qi that burst out from the Qingshui sword after infusing water attribute zhenqi made many male players excited and female players scream It's really awesome, too gorgeous, and too cool.

Haotian is polite! Looking at the great supernatural what diabetic meds can make you anemic beings constantly appearing around, Tathagata, Chi Yuan and others are okay, they are all people who are in the Heavenly Court or are on good terms with the Heavenly Court, and bowed to Haotian.

and said Oh? Could it be that my qualifications are comparable to others? Abe Toba was stunned, and then what diabetic meds can make you anemic snorted proudly Even so, my strength is enough for me to create another super master! snort! Edogawa, you remember, except me! No one can.

magic weapon and Taoism can't hit people at all! This is also the reason for the strength gap! In the cultivation world, although it cannot be said that speed is king! However, diabetes treatment cost in india most of its strength depends on speed! The Nascent Soul monster in.

Of course, there is still a certain gap between this kind of operation and the so-called life and death human flesh and bones, and its limitations are very large It is estimated that the best treatment is to go to the hospital to sell life.

Seeing her looking over, the expression of the man in red changed slightly, he took a few steps forward, and then looked at her quietly, before saying in a muffled voice Yun Xi, I never knew you were so ruthless i know your There is no place for others in my heart, I always know it, so you don't have to remind me in this way Even if I get hurt because of you, I won't rely on you because of it.

Ai Rui got out of the car, turned the rear door and pulled open the deformed car door due to hitting the guardrail He saw a steel pipe passing through the suit on Mark's back, and blood was leaving along the slightly inclined steel pipe.

Zhuo Bufan couldn't resist this battle, although his eyes were beaten into pandas, it didn't stop him from staring at the alluring beauty in front of him! Damn girl! I was wrong! Don't ! Another gust of fragrant wind passed by, Zhuo Bufan secretly thought that something was wrong, on one side of his body, The person immediately flashed to the side.

I knew you would say that, you idiot, no matter how much we fight, you won't give in to me, will you? Hanzo directly turned around and touched Xiaojie's forehead and roared, which was much more powerful than Roaring Emperor Even so, I am not happy at all if you casually say that I won.

Tathagata is reborn! Sitting ramdev baba diabetes treatment still in the golden body of the Tathagata, an aura of universal salvation spread from his body, and the Buddha's light around him suddenly became stronger.

However, I suddenly realized something, so I quickly looked ramdev baba diabetes treatment around, wouldn't the black electric ball be sent over? Hmm it doesn't seem to be, but this makes me wonder.

Hehe, next, take good care of yourself and make type two diabetes drugs yourself happier! Yun Xi straightened up, looked at him with a smile, and then said with a hint of solemnity Because some people will worry about you, and some people will care about whether you are happy or not! The Nascent Soul player was in a miserable situation, because nearly one-third of Lei Xiang's momentum was on him, which caused his Nascent Soul to suffer a little damage.

Watching Jinda and Wang Chao's fierce fight, Zhang Bing seemed to be unable how does hyperbaric treatment help diabetes to sit still He stood up and punched Wang Chao's head and followed ramdev baba diabetes treatment.

the dj at the scene finally got a chance to scream loudly, and the fans at the scene finally let go of their throats and cheered loudly, and the score was tied! The Lakers scored 25 points in a row! That's right, it's such a decisive shot, and if you have a chance, make a shot! Dali said to the four teammates, he was actually saying this to himself explain Although he is old, the floor flow technique gets better and better.

It is probably the prototype of the earliest storytelling! It is true that many low-level people who lack entertainment will listen to it, and the natural impact will be great Kou Zhong said cheekily We at least admire Master Liu's demeanor, since Master Liu wants to accept us as disciples Then we must agree! Liu couldn't help laughing To deal with these protagonists, the first thing is not to use force in the end.

He thought for a while and then said I want to discuss this matter with Uncle Lan and the others to see what they think Speaking of which, these cultivators are also a force that cannot be ignored in China.

Zhuo Bufan stop! Said No need! exquisite! There might be something weird about it! Yuwei alone is enough to deal with it! diabetic drugs not yet approved by the fda Those onlookers watching from a distance, seeing that brother Dao can't even beat a woman, just don't ayurvedic treatment of diabetes at durg chhatisgarh think it's fun.

The two Rong Ling beads missing on the stone plate Beads, Fang Yu must get these two Lingling beads, and Fang Yu's trip is not in vain Fang Yu probably won't intervene in the rest of the auction, just be a spectator and see the treasures.

With these little tricks in front of him, don't even try to hide them ramdev baba diabetes treatment from him At this time, people came out of the backyard one after another.

let you off either! What did you say? A sharp siren sounded, and the police car from Zhongzhou and the special car from the Japanese embassy ramdev baba diabetes treatment came! Behind, followed by the brigade of armed police! Yaoyao, you're messing around again, that's mine Dali looked at Yaoyao enviously What do you call me? This is mine, okay? Yaoyao just rubs it casually.

Let's not talk about this issue, I think, you should type two diabetes drugs come back as soon as possible, those biological and chemical weapons are enough There is a fair degree of danger for you to stay there I will measure Leon couldn't bear to brush diabetes treatment cost in india off the other party's kindness.

Looking at Xiao Wudao's figure, he nodded thoughtfully, and commented Hey, take a closer look, think about it carefully, this kid ramdev baba diabetes treatment Xiao Wudao really looks a bit like a monkey! Some people who feared that the world would not be chaotic nodded quickly and said Yeah, not only like, but also very similar.

The ghost mother-in-law's expression became serious My fourth brother and the others also wanted to control the power of the three stones, which led to today's result Tsering Gonpo? He had heard Meido mention his past before.

I walked over, picked it up, and immediately understood the purpose of this iron pipe this thing is clearly the barrel of a submachine gun.

She doesn't ask who it is, she only knows that Uncle Yong collects a hundred guan a month in rent, and after a year's calculation, it will be It was 1,200 sugar level of type 2 diabetes guan, which was considered a lot of diabetic retinopathy current and new treatment options money.

Every day, I teach him the mysteries of the universe, the universe, the sun, the moon, the moon, the moon, and the ramdev baba diabetes treatment stars It's really similar Ban'er grew up in a poor family, and envied those rich kids who can go to school.