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After hanging up the phone, Liu Fei's heart was very heavy He knew that morning after pill last for how long the old man who had made great contributions to China was probably coming to the end of his life As for the Liu family, I am afraid that they will also usher in a big disaster.

Seeing them stand up, He Wenqiang rolled his eyes and stood up and said Well, Mayor Qin, what happened? While speaking, he also stood morning after pill last for how long up and walked out He knew that Qin Dongbao and the others were definitely going to deal with the Gao Group, and he had to cheer for them.

After a while, after Cheng Yizhou finished the phone call, he waved goodbye to Liu Fei and continued to work on his work, but Liu Fei had to devote himself to a very difficult task again.

Contribution, but also became China's first shot in the food security counterattack! A single spark can start a prairie fire! After that, in Shandong Province, under are ed meds safe Cao Jinyang's vigorous promotion, the second shot to counter the promotion of American genetically modified rice seeds blonde doctor blowjob to cure erectile dysfunction in Shandong Province also started strongly.

However, Liu Fei did not follow the official tourist route, because Liu Fei believed that those tourist attractions thought that the traces of carving were too thick, and those deep mountains and old blonde doctor blowjob to cure erectile dysfunction forests that had never been carved by humans were the most beautiful.

After listening to the old chief, he nodded in satisfaction, admiring Liu Fei's insight, and said with a smile Liu Fei, Liu Fei, don't you feel that you are a little too smart? Liu Fei immediately flattered me Old leader, no matter how smart I am, I morning after pill last for how long wouldn't be where I am today if you haven't given me advice all the time Therefore, I believe that you want me to grow and mature as soon as possible.

What the hell is Shen Zhongfeng doing? As a relatively morning after pill last for how long capable leader of the provincial party committee, it stands ultra male enhancement pills to reason that with Shen Zhongfeng's vision and ability, he will never fail to see.

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People in official career are always in the game set by others, and they are their pawns, but they always want to lure their opponents into their own games and become their own pawns Liu Fei is like this, and so is Shen Zhongfeng.

But don't forget, even if Liu Fei is the Provincial Party Secretary, he If he wants to comprehensively adjust the municipal Party committee secretaries rhino max male enhancement pills reviews can you penis get bigger and mayors of cities Moviebill across the province, he will not dare to do it without two or three years of accumulation, because the.

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They believe in the boss, believe in themselves, and believe that as long as everyone is united, they will be able to overcome morning after pill last for how long everything Difficulties and opponents.

After the report, these secretaries reported the information they had obtained to the leaders of various departments who had a good relationship with them, and these leaders also had some spheres of influence of their own.

Especially whenever Liu Fei thought of the scene he saw when he traveled blonde doctor blowjob to cure erectile dysfunction to Xiwang Town, Canglan Province before the change of side effects of extenze male enhancement term, he still remembered it vividly.

then Liu Fei asked himself to drive to pick him up, obviously because he didn't want more people to know, even in this arrangement, there are certain anti-reconnaissance techniques in it, is Liu Fei guarding against others? Does anyone still dare to follow the majestic secretary of a provincial party committee? Could.

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to speak in personnel affairs It is mainly concentrated in the hands of four people, the secretary of the provincial party committee, the governor, the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, and the head of the organization department Among them, the secretary of the provincial party committee is the top leader The right morning after pill last for how long to speak is the greatest.

Liu Fei smiled, with a playful smile in his eyes, and suddenly raised his voice a cial rx male enhancement reviews few times and said, Okay, Zhang Mingtao, I have now discovered that you are really a smart person, and your level of self-preservation is very good! The Canglan Meat Joint Factory is about to be resold Such a big deal, Jane You want to evade it by just saying that there is a meeting in Yanjing City.

Guo Lei's He is very eloquent, and when he talks about various issues, he sounds like he has a good reason for everything he said, and every decision he makes is due to helplessness, and it is all out of the canglan city government's own With a.

In this way, who would dare to raise their hands? The reason why Shen Zhongfeng was angry was that Liu Fei cunningly used the authority of the top leader to dispel his own advantage in ksz male enhancement pills the Standing Committee shamelessly This made Shen Zhongfeng feel that he was full of energy but couldn't exert it.

Naturally, the dean dared not say anything, after all, the two They were all heavyweight members of the morning after pill last for how long Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and he dared not listen to their words.

Now, with Liu ed pills chew blue Fei's promise, Song Xiangming knew that even if he could never retake the Song family's country again, at least he would no longer have to suffer here, side effects of extenze male enhancement and his sister would no longer have to marry that vagabond Shen Haoxuan Song Xiangming loves his half-sister very much He would rather suffer for himself than for her to suffer.

After hearing Duan Laowu's confession, Zheng Sanpao took out a gold card from his pocket and handed it to Duan Laowu, saying Old Wu, this card contains a deposit of 1 million, which is regarded as your morning after pill last for how long hard work paid by Brother Pao All the 2 million in the box should be distributed to the brothers.

Liu Fei was taken aback when he heard the other party's voice, and then his face darkened immediately Wu Yuyan, what's the matter? I'll hang up if it's okay, I'm very busy now.

Well, for tonight's action, you can invite some friends from the morning after pill last for how long news media to follow and shoot, it can be regarded as a kind of encouragement to Zhang Mingtao and the comrades of the Civil Affairs Bureau For those who sincerely serve the people, we cannot be stingy with encouragement and praise Lin Haifeng said quickly Okay, boss, I'll do it right away.

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Although Zheng Wude, Noda Saburo, Matsushima Kaze and the four bodyguards were sitting in the third interrogation room, eating the fruits and snacks specially prepared causes and cures for erectile dysfunction for them by Section Chief Meng, and drinking drinks, even Section Chief Meng stayed in the room in order to make them feel at ease.

Liu Fei can use Wang Dongguo's chess piece, so we can still use it, and it can still make Liu Fei unable to eat it! After Shen Zhongfeng listened, his eyes lit up Oh? How to do it? Appreciate further details! Sima Yi smiled and said Governor Shen, think about it, since Liu Fei used Wang Dongguo's chess morning after pill last for how long piece to control the overall situation.

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Department is a naked provocation to the authority of the Provincial Public Security Department of our Canglan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government! For this kind of behavior, we must resolutely investigate and deal with it, and we will.

Liu Fei laughed loudly after listening to it Well, what a Wu Tianqiang, you are really arrogant Let's see then! After speaking, Liu Fei hung up the phone directly After hanging up the phone, Liu Fei's expression was very ugly He didn't expect that Wu Tianqiang would be so arrogant now It seemed that this time, Wu Tianqiang had to be taught a good lesson.

At this time, Shen Zhongfeng looked at Feng Shuangyang, the executive vice governor Feng Shuangyang immediately understood, raised his head and said, stamina x pills Secretary Liu, I think it's not the case.

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After waiting to send away the two or three people who sent persimmons, Zhang Jiusheng sighed and said It's still the simplicity of your Sijiaping people, everyone misses you Cang Hai smiled and said Otherwise, I wouldn't stay in the devil's way and go back to the countryside.

Gnc Best Male Enhancement Product ?

Seeing Hu Shijie leaving, Shi Wei asked Cang Hai You can't underestimate this matter, some people are very shady, have you ever suffered from this ksz male enhancement pills.

Where there is room for the bathroom, the bathroom here is separate, and there are two small kilns There is also a shower room in the bathroom.

I saw Qi are ed meds safe Yue climbed up from the snow, reached bed in a box lasts how long out to touch the snow, and then pulled A small Maza came out and asked loudly Who did this.

As for the heroines in court dramas, they are really put in the palace of the Qing Dynasty It can be said that none of them survived three episodes as long as you can! It's just a drama, but it has to talk about history.

Originally, Cang Hai meant to let Wen Yiyi's prospective daughter-in-law live in the east of the village, but now the east of the village is occupied by Qi Yue and his gang Wen Yi and his wife lived in the old house first.

In the afternoon, Cang Jing acquire meds to treat ed and the two also went swimming, and Ping An also went swimming if there was nothing to do, but Cang Hai did not go down because of the cold.

When he saw Cang Hai, he rhino max male enhancement pills reviews immediately showed a surprised expression Xiao Hai! Cang Hai smiled and walked quickly towards the young man, and shouted loudly, Brother! This young man is none other than Cang Haitang's son and Cang Jing's older brother Cang Hexing.

Hutouhuang has a strong sense of territory, but because he is smart, he will not attack people for no reason, but it is difficult for strangers to take things out of his house Wei Changhao nodded Yes, I told us about it.

rice to eat here, only pasta! It's why do fat people last longer in bed okay, the main high sex drive men reddit meal in our hometown is also pasta, and I don't even pick rice noodles now Fang Wu put down his hand covering his stomach and said.

waiting for the big pieces to become smaller pieces, using the two knives together, the cutting board and the sharp edge wanted to make a light and crisp click After the filling was morning after pill last for how long made, Cang Hai grabbed a handful of small garlic, ginger, etc from the nearby bowl and put them in the stuffing, and continued to chop, waiting for the ginger and garlic to turn into foam.

There are people who have debts and people who want money The people who morning after pill last for how long ask for money do not refer to Zhang Jiusheng's debts, but to Zhang Jiusheng.

Zhang Jiusheng adjusted the time of the transport team, picked up the children in morning after pill last for how long the morning, and just picked them up in the evening.

I have to say that there is a huge difference between this kind of rice transplanter and the kind of rice cutter produced by Miao Zhengwei's friend However, considering that one is a professional mass-manufactured one that was modified on-the-fly, it is still acceptable.

Wei Qin said Don't listen to your third uncle, the money we earn aboveboard shouldn't be how to increase size of peni naturally spent, or why don't are ed meds safe we keep it? Not to mention anything else, I bought this car from Haiwazi, and people in the village walk with wind in the town.

Turning her face and opening her eyes, Shi Wei stretched while yawning, twisted twice in the bed before saying Mom, what's the matter? I heard you were sleepy, did you? Seeing that the quilt on Shi Wei's body had slipped off, Wang Zhenzhen stretched out her hand and pulled the quilt up again Shi Wei smiled and said Mom, it's nothing, I came last Saturday.

morning after pill last for how long

The pink color is fresh and tender, which really makes the mouth water Besides the noodles, there was also a plate of fried eggs Moviebill on the table.

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Cang Hai frowned when he heard this, thought for a while and Moviebill asked How long have you been planting? More than a month! Lao Yao said.

Cang Hai looked at Shi Wei in a daze for a long time, and then asked himself Can Mengmeng be the same? Mengmeng suffered hardships when she was a child, and knows what it's like to live in hardship When we have children, no matter if it's a boy or a girl, I want you to be happy A good education cannot let them go astray.

doctor's joke either, but she understood what the old doctor said in front of her, so she asked in a trembling voice You mean I'm pregnant with twins? Hearing Shi Wei mentioning twins, Cang Hai suddenly came to his senses Really? take it easy.

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Some cheapest most effective male enhancement pills men does suboxone make you last longer in bed even asked the nurse station to borrow a pen, and began to jot down the main points of Cang Hai's speech From time to time, someone would ask a question They seemed more serious than when they were in school.

Keep all the money, get out of Sijiaping, and you! As he said that, Hu Shijie pointed at Zhang Shuntian with the wooden hammer in his hand When Hu Shijie pointed the wooden hammer over, Zhang Shuntian couldn't help but tremble.

Cang Hai asked directly Where are you going? Of course I have to go can you penis get bigger Speaking of which, the forest over there ksz male enhancement pills grows much better than yours.

Cang Hai stretched out his head, put it on top of the two children's heads, observed the ultra male enhancement pills two little things carefully, and whispered to Shi Wei I didn't see any aspect of this little thing that looks good! The child hasn't bloomed yet, just wait for it to grow in two days How can there be someone like you who dislikes the ugly appearance of your own child? Shi Wei said very dissatisfied.

Cang Hai asked Then can I go through the discharge procedures here? The doctor didn't seem to hear it, Cang Hai asked a few more questions, and the doctor came back to his senses Oh, ok, ok you go do it! The doctor said quickly.

Now Cang Hai understands that the feeling is that Qi Yue and the others dislike the feeling of being uncomfortable with these two, which prevents Guan Qidong and Qi Feng from going for a winter swim It's such a big deal, wouldn't it be enough to dig another pond? I heard that you are almost becoming masters at digging high sex drive men reddit ponds.

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okay, don't just say it's a lot, remember to do nothing in the future and don't show these things to Ping An, if you let me know, I will slap you next time! Cang Hai morning after pill last for how long also has nothing to do with this kid, he is smiling all day long, he is going to be a father soon, and he doesn't even have a face, so he doesn't care if he is called, he is such a big man Li Wandao I see, the matter has become what I am bothered about I have time to hide in my wife's house It's better to watch and emulate than to give him My film is ruined.

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Although usually Gao Junhu didn't take the other party seriously because of Gao Chengjie's support, but now he had to contact the other party humbly and reported the matter cheapest most effective male enhancement pills to the other party After hearing Gao Junhu's report, Hu Bin was also stunned.

On a ed pills chew blue gloomy afternoon, Zhu Yiming was sitting on the leather sofa with a teacup in his hand He glanced at He Qi who was sitting across from him, and said, It's been a hard time.

The situation of the old man is not optimistic, and he needs to go to the hospital can you penis get bigger for treatment as soon as possible If it is delayed, the consequences will be disastrous.

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Shi Weimin didn't come here today to spend time with the other party, but deliberately set the other party up, except that after the first two drinks with the other party, he only took small sips When Qu morning after pill last for how long Dong drank half a catty, he only drank About two or two.

Brother, please call again, we bed in a box lasts how long must be more careful during this time, if we let other people know about this, it will be troublesome After Qu ksz male enhancement pills Zhiquan heard this, he was slightly taken aback, and then he understood the meaning of the other party.

Song Meijuan walked up to Zhu Yiming and said generously Mayor Zhu, hello, I am Song Meijuan from the Municipal Food and Drug Administration, sorry to bother you! She Moviebill was why do fat people last longer in bed obviously afraid that Zhu Yiming would not know her situation, so she reported her family name without waiting for the other party to ask.

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After waiting for a while, he continued As for how the building collapsed and what responsibility the contractor should bear, the accident investigation team in the province has already made a determination.

The voice warning that the train was about to start sounded, Mu Jun waved to his mother and sister, let the stewardess look at the ticket, and stepped on the southbound train with his bags on his back With a slight smile, he turned his head and said goodbye to his mother again, his eyes drifted to the distance.

How do they know that even if there is no call from the state to support young college students? He will also gnc best male enhancement product come down to the village and township Crazy what makes the penis bigger girl's grandfather is an old pedant who has been engaged in party history and political research all his life.

What's the matter, I'm human, hot springs are good, but wouldn't it be more perfect if they were more humane and closer to what you think in your heart? Anyway, if I come, I will definitely bring women with me occasionally If it's in that kind of space, I think it will be more emotional The lunatic was smoking a cigarette, acting like I was like this In that case, you might as well set up a beauty salon here.

It can be said that Zhang Dahai bought him the time for this clear understanding Otherwise, he didn't have a 100% accurate score in his mind when he came up.

Today's place has already moved many people It is in the initial stage, but anyone who can get involved, does not want to watch others become bigger easily.

There are always all kinds of people on the street, even if it is cold weather, the rain and snow have just stopped and the cold air rises, and the number cure for erectile dysfunction supplements of people on the street suddenly increases It seems that the coolness can make people do bannas make your penis bigger feel refreshed, and the mood can follow A pot of fragrant meat was finally shared.

Many people have just entered the society at this age and are working as small Employees or low-level civil servants still need some seniors to support and guide them every day.

Besides, Bi Jianxin's skills are not as good as hers, so what qualifications does he have to test himself? Hearing making penis bigger with jekling that Ruan Fugen agreed, Du Xiaodi smiled slightly, and holding the welding tongs, he got into the narrow heat exchanger Pressure vessels are individual tanks or large cylinders, and much of the ksz male enhancement pills welding work is done inside these vessels.

As you told me, Director Ruan ran all over Haidong Province In the end, he even causes and cures for erectile dysfunction knelt down to Director Sun of Pujiang Boiler Factory, but he couldn't find anyone who could help him hypertension drugs that do not cause erectile dysfunction.

After leaving the door, Wang Genji looked around and asked Feng Xiaochen in a low voice, Xiao Feng, what do you mean by the question you asked this morning? which question? Feng Xiaochen couldn't react for a while You ask Gaijan if he is greedy for money.

Xiaodi, what are you doing! Feng Xiaochen shook off Wang Genji, cial rx male enhancement reviews strode forward, and stretched out his hand to meet Du The pocket on Xiaodi's shoulder Xiaochen, rhino max male enhancement pills reviews what a coincidence? Du Xiaodi also looked a little surprised, she waved her hand, indicating that Feng Xiaochen's help was not needed, and said There are not a few steps left, let me do it myself, so as not to dirty your clothes again.

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A: This is a completely fantastic, and the model would be sure that you can buy the banananank.

We are not Avare's discipline inspection department, so there is no need to deal with their corruption I think that as long as Gaijan's request is within the default rules, we can agree.

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Du Xiaodi corrected Feng Xiaochen's words, and then said Teacher Cai said that I delayed my studies because of family reasons, and my ability is no worse than that of college students However, I still feel that my basic skills are not good enough.

Cao Xiangmei was about to make things difficult for Chen Shuhan just now, and she didn't want to be interrupted by Fan Ying, so she held her breath in her stomach and couldn't get out Now seeing an opportunity to take advantage of, he leaned forward and said with a smile Xiao Chen, you don't know yet, do morning after pill last for how long morning after pill last for how long you? Now.

As cial rx male enhancement reviews for the remaining 70% being owned by the workers and not leaving any for Tangfu County, Han Jiangyue also figured it out Tangfu County has already abandoned the new hydraulic pressure.

Both Feng Xiaochen and Wang Genji are engaged in macroeconomic management, so they are naturally very familiar with cheapest most effective male enhancement pills this case Relevant state ministries and commissions have also tried to mediate the two wars, but with little success.

I just wanted to hide in peace, but I didn't expect that people still miss the old feelings The matter of subcontracting, to be honest, I suggested that the reinstallation office do it, and it has a lot to do with me Yeah? It would be great! Dong Yan suddenly became excited side effects of extenze male enhancement.

workers in the plant, and they think that the quality of Chinese workers The level is not as good as that gnc best male enhancement product of Japanese workers Now that there are quality stamina x pills accidents on the construction site, they will of course think of this aspect first But when they went to the Perot site and checked all the construction documents, the idea was shattered.

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Among the electric welding scientific research experts in the world, she is not yet the top group, but she is definitely the one with the best technology Rich practical experience has morning after pill last for how long given her a technical sensitivity that other scholars do not have.

In the eyes of Tianxiong Tetsuya, Iwasaki Naohiro and others, these Chinese workers are only skilled in operation, and they must not understand other things, and there is nothing to keep secret morning after pill last for how long from them on site.

After the Standing Committee adjourned and just returned to the office, Hu Tianyu couldn't bear to dial Xiao Jianhui's phone, and said angrily, Secretary Xiao, what's going on with you? Why did you all vote to abstain collectively today? Don't you think the project of the Romand Collective is a big project that is very beneficial to our city.

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Liu Fei will try his best to do his best in all aspects, especially when it involves the common people in Haiming City, Liu Fei will try his best to give approval as much as possible, because Liu Fei often says that the common people's There are no small things Among many officials, it may be just a trivial matter To ordinary people, it may be a major event.

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The reason over-the-counter erection pills CVS why I proposed Put aside the official property declaration system for the time being, and strike hard at the issue of naked officials.

We must not punch it out, but it is acquire meds to treat ed just a formality The prestige of our municipal party committee team is a blow, and it is irresponsible to the people of our Haiming City.

team, and it will also make the superior leaders have serious doubts about our Haiming City Municipal Party Committee team In this regard, our Haiming Municipal Party Committee team morning after pill last for how long cannot afford to be hurt.

Who cares about your life and death in order to protect themselves? After hearing Liu Fei's words, Ji Pingcheng's heart suddenly stirred up huge waves Although he didn't fully believe Liu Fei's words, there were still no problems with the key points in Liu Fei's words Yes, especially when eating tonight, his food intake was significantly less than at noon.

Hongbo has nothing to do with Du Chunhui and his mysterious organization, or did he deliberately not say it? Is he covering up for Du Hongbo? Why did he cover up for Du Hongbo? Also, according to the information we got when we first arrived, when Chu Jiangcai first came to Haiming City, Du Hongbo once set up morning after pill last for how long a Fengshui bureau in Chu Jiangcai's office to entrap Chu Jiangcai.

Cheapest Most Effective Male Enhancement Pills ?

It seems that this Mrs. Delong is really A very interesting woman Zhuge Feng frowned slightly, thought morning after pill last for how long for a while and said Boss, you must pay more attention to this Mrs. Delong.

I think we should deal with some leaders of the National Security Bureau This can also be used as a favorable measure for Haiming City to deal with journalists from ed pills chew blue various countries.

However, cure for erectile dysfunction supplements many foreign reporters at the scene did not pay much attention to this issue After Zhou Rongxuan finished speaking, forests of arms immediately erected at the scene.

For morning after pill last for how long me I don't think you need to be so sensitive about the identity issue, because this time the competition between our two sides on the Jiangyun Wharf project is the competition of the entire team.

And the annual dividends of all these shares will directly go into the account of Daai Huaxia Fund morning after pill last for how long and be used morning after pill last for how long for the normal expenses of the fund.

Back then, Deng Jiaming moved closer to Liu blonde doctor blowjob to cure erectile dysfunction Fei and was attracted by Liu Fei Liu Fei treated him very well, but he gradually alienated Liu Fei later.

which made some of our backers temporarily unable to use, so we had to start a backup plan to deal with Liu Fei Mrs. Delong nodded and said Well, well, if this is the case, let's start the action according to the backup plan we agreed on before After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Delong's face was a little gloomy She lit a lady's cigarette and smoked it.

the morning after pill last for how long pilot operation is a blow to his own face, because he just told Liu Fei that the rumor crisis has almost been settled, and such a thing broke out, the rumor crisis will be like a volcano again after a short period of downturn Usually erupts.

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How is it, do you have confidence? Ono-kun, please rest assured, I promise to complete the task 100% I know that Chinese people are the most adept at playing tricks, and I will focus on communication with them I will show the most sincere, honest, kind, and humble side of us Japanese to everyone in Haiming City.

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Lin Haifeng and Deng Guoqiang gathered at are ed meds safe the gate of the Municipal Party Committee compound with two groups of acquire meds to treat ed subordinates, and took a bus together to the neighborhood of Xujiayuan, Linlang Street, Haidong District, where Peng's real estate project was built.

even more cunning, and at this moment he was thinking over and over again in his mind, what is the purpose of this city party secretary who brought so many people to the H7 plot for inspection? The entire inspection team marched toward the location of the H7 plot project in a mighty manner.

There is only shuanggui, and now that hamdard erectile dysfunction medicine things have come to this point, I know that I have no other choice but to be shuanggui, but due to various reasons, I can't name the manipulator behind the scenes, what makes the penis bigger but I can tell you clearly, the behind-the-scenes manipulator is among these people in our scene today.

It was only then that Wang Chenglin entrusted him with such important matters as drafting and reviewing the contract, but he never expected that such a big mistake would happen in the end, which made him very chilling.

Because at this stage, neither acquire meds to treat ed of the two sides has produced some relatively strong evidence to prove themselves, just some warm-up evidence.

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After pondering for a while, Chen Zhian said Well, how about this, Lao Zhao, although it is the end of the year, you still have to spend where you ksz male enhancement pills should spend money, but you must strictly control your finances, and where you shouldn't spend money, you shouldn't spend it.

After speaking, Liu Fei looked in the direction of Mrs. Delong and said Mrs. Delong, let your people get out of the way immediately, and I will go up and talk to you.

Seeing Liu Fei coming up, Mrs. Delong walked over with a smile on her face, stretched out her hand and said, Liu Fei, I really didn't expect you to dare to hypertension drugs that do not cause erectile dysfunction come up Don't be afraid that this is a trap I set up for you on purpose.

In order do bannas make your penis bigger to deal with Mrs. Delong, an arrogant and domineering woman, to recover the hard-earned money of the people in Haiming City who were cheated by the underground bank, and to find out those naked and corrupt officials who continuously transferred property overseas through the underground bank, they.

She looked at Liu Fei with shocked eyes and asked, Liu Fei, what are you doing? Know my name? Liu Fei smiled Mrs. Delong, Ms Sun Huiyan, although you have undergone plastic surgery and your hypertension drugs that do not cause erectile dysfunction whole image has completely changed, your DNA will not change.

Liu Fei laughed loudly and said Business rules? Shit business rules! Back then, when your underground bank was doing whatever you wanted in our Haiming City, did you morning after pill last for how long ever talk about business rules and business ethics? Is the money of other investors the money in your underground bank? Are you engaged in illegal underground financial activities, are.