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In fact, the reason why the province let Lu Weimin come, probably also thought that Fengzhou was too peaceful Although the economic growth rate cbd gummies gnc in the past few years was not bad, it was obviously not enough to satisfy the province.

Otherwise, he could be the commissioner of the administrative Moviebill office and his partner Secretary Zhang, actually, I think the situation may not be as bad as you imagined.

Secretary Tianhao, what kind of situation do you hope to have? Lu Weimin felt that this question was difficult to answer, and he hadn't figured out Zhang Tianhao's intentions, amazon cbd gummies 500mg so he asked a question in a retreat Zhang Tianhao was obviously dissatisfied with his cunning, and took a deep look at him.

With the further improvement of the country's economic gummy cbd sour apple rings strength, the country will further increase its efforts to develop the defense industry.

To put it bluntly, the distance between Shuangfeng and Futou is getting bigger and bigger The prefectural committee's dissatisfaction with Shuangfeng's situation is also quite obvious The transfer of Pu Yan from Futou to serve as the county magistrate is a clear proof.

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What can Lu Weimin say? Lu Weimin only needs an attitude, or even no action at all, and his brother-in-law's official career will become extremely bleak, and countless people will come to add insult to injury There is also a possibility that the county may need a scapegoat, cbd gummies gnc and that brother-in-law is the best target After a few years, this man has grown into someone to look up to.

The rich and long-standing local history and culture of the four ancient towns, together with the cultural specialties of the Four Treasures of the Study, and the established film and television culture base, make Futou even though it is only a county, its foundation is stronger than captain CBD gummy bears that of ordinary counties.

However, after this research and exchange, Lu Weimin felt that Lu Teng still had some skills and character, and his views on many issues were quite practical, and he didn't agree with him just because thc gummies new mexico he was a commissioner Lu Teng's point of view of people's abandonment of others has also been recognized by Lu Weimin For high energy-consuming industries, many places are talking about pure cbd gummies 3960 howard hughes parkway suite 500 tigers.

A fairly obvious move is that the how much is fun drops cbd gummies secondary road from Toyosu to Ogaki will be fully widened and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the first-class highway and the standards of landscape avenues.

Lao Zhu, the transformation of land into cities is not something that can be accomplished overnight, but we now know that the cbd gummies gnc plan is basically finalized Even if it is not finalized, I think we should not delay in urban planning and construction.

The establishment of the City Investment Group was originally his idea According to the agreement between him and Zhang Tianhao, after Lu Teng became the deputy commissioner or deputy mayor, he.

Because Fengzhou Urban Investment Group is determined by department-level cbd gummies plus units, the team members involve department-level and deputy-division-level, and the range of candidates for recruitment covers from the department level to the department level, which is quite large.

This is probably the biggest problem for those in the domestic class who got rich first For a the best cbd gummies near me long time, the Chinese people have developed a mentality of not revealing their wealth.

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In fact, everyone knows that the establishment of Chengtou Group is actually to withdraw land for us in Fengzhou Prepare for urban construction after the establishment of the city The urban construction of Toyosu ranks first and second in the province I am ashamed to say that I did not spend much time on it when I was a commissioner of cbd gummies for sleep online the administrative office.

If a prefecture-level city is to be built as a regional political, economic and cultural center, and to big bag of cbd gummies form a cohesive force and attraction to the district edibles gummies cbd tropical punch review entire region, it needs to have a sufficiently beautiful image, and at the same time Its public service system needs to be improved to a higher level.

In fact, Lu Weimin also knew that Yue Shuangting was very hesitant at that time, if he insisted, she would stay, but he had just returned to Changzhou at that time, and the feeling of dealing with several women was very tiring, so he gave up.

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For a while now, I see Secretary Xu and District Moviebill Chief Feng Geshan Chawu taking a group of people to wander around the southern section of the West First Ring Road The investors they brought in by attracting investment? District Chief Feng came to see me two days ago.

thirty-six articles of non-public economy in the previous life, so what if the State Council issued it, the administrative department firmly holds the approval power in its hands, The monopoly industry keeps setting various thresholds and glass doors If you want to go in, there is no way, just stay where it is cool.

Lu Weimin hesitated for a while before telling Feng Xihui not to return to the city for cbd gummies gnc the time being, and didn't say anything else.

But this also brings about a problem, that is, the flow of people and vehicles in this area is extremely large, and this is also the main throat leading to Guqing and Huaishan in the east Obviously, the congestion on this section of the road will intensify during the Spring Festival, but the public security traffic police did not fully assess the seriousness of this problem, and did not take timely diversion and other countermeasures.

The electronics industry in Suian has become a trend, and it is expected that the electronics industry chain will extend upstream and downstream.

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Originally, Tong Shu, the deputy director of the Political Department, Tu Kaihua thought that he was the only cbd gummies gnc one who belonged to delta-9 250 mg cbd gummies him.

district edibles gummies cbd tropical punch review In addition, Shuangmiao is rich in magnesite Stone and dolomite, so it has a considerable advantage in the development of the refractory natures boost cbd gummies amazon material industry, so Shuangmiao cbd gummies gnc now also takes the development of energy-saving building materials industry as the main focus of Shuangmiao in the near future.

For those whose investment scale is not For very large business owners, this is almost irresistible Secretary Lu, don't grow up with can you takea benadryl and cbd gummy together other people's ambitions and destroy our prestige.

Characters with outstanding abilities, just like I have worked in Songzhou for several years, a large number of people like Huang Wenxu, Lei Zhihu, Yang Dajin, Linghu Daoming, jolly rocks cbd candy near me Li Youjun, Miao Qiwei, Wei Ruchao, and Gu Ziming have entered my field lola hemp cbd gummies of vision, and.

Zhang Tianhao was also thinking about it himself He had been the secretary of what are CBD gummies used for the municipal party committee in Fengzhou for two years.

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Zhang Tianhao is extremely shrewd and realistic, which is why he was able to climb from a county magistrate to the position of secretary of the municipal party what are CBD gummies used for committee in just ten years, and he also has the impact to a higher level.

Meng Xun, who was watching the battle at the back, trembled in his heart, and secretly said loudly! He has seen quite a few people with high skills, but he has never seen anyone who can move as fast as Xin Chou It seems that catechin may hurt Xin Chou's hand at any time.

At this time, Bai Ziyi, who was originally sitting at the front of the table, sat down near Sanyan, poked his head, and asked in a low voice Brother Sanyan, can Changfeng entrust me with the Huangpu venue for this meeting? Li Shuang glanced at Bai Ziyi next to him, you can't even keep your own head, and you are still thinking about the scene in Huangpu District, this person is really hopeless.

After entering, Zhu Bo carefully told Bai Yan in thc gummies new mexico cbd gummies gnc a low voice Miss Bai, Dong is not an unreasonable person If you say something nice to Dong Ge, Dong Ge will definitely not you.

The old ghost patted his chest and said Brother, it's too outrageous delta-9 250 mg cbd gummies to say that, why not help! Your business is my business, tell me, what do you want me to do? Xie Wendong smiled and said, Get some guns first.

wrong? oh! The big man didn't get angry, just nodded with a smile, didn't say anything more, and said with a smile Listen to the accent, you seem to come cbd gummies for sleep online from the northeast, it's not easy to be away from home, you'd better be careful when you speak After speaking, he turned his head and continued to eat and drink.

Fang Tianhua wanted to let it go like this, but the other party kept yelling and yelling, and with a strong local accent, he seemed to understand half of what he heard, but he also knew that it was definitely not a good thing district edibles gummies cbd tropical punch review.

She changed the subject, and while beckoning Xie Wendong to sit down in the room, she asked I haven't seen you for a few days, what are you up to these days? well! Xie Wen Dong sighed and said Someone who can really cause me trouble has appeared, and I have been dealing with this person for a while.

Cyanide district edibles gummies cbd tropical punch review has a bitter captain CBD gummy bears taste, and traditional Chinese medicine is even more bitter, so if it is mixed in, even people with keen sense of taste will not be able to taste it Zhou Fulai decocted the traditional Chinese medicine in the pharmacy and sealed it with a plastic bag.

He asked weakly, Where are you taking me? Brother Kou, we can't fight this battle, I'll take you back to Guangzhou! The bodyguard said in a crying voice Lu Kou shook his head and said intermittently I can't go.

He turned around, and the anger and haze on his face just cbd gummies gnc now were swept away, replaced by a mask-like smile He shrugged and said with a smile I was so careless.

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He wanted to agree to the other party temporarily, but Xie Wendong tugged at the the best cbd gummies near me corner of his clothes Kabu was taken aback, and turned to look at Xie Wendong suspiciously The latter didn't look at him, but lowered his eyes and looked at the table thc gummies new mexico with a smile.

Seeing that the battle has been decided, Xie Wendong no longer waited and watched, shook his head to Liu Bo and Wu Xing beside him, and said Let's go! Let's go find the leaders of Nanhongmen, Wu Lifeng and Hu Yue! Now, both Wu and Hu are hiding on the cbd gummies plus top floor of the hall, surrounded by more than a dozen close confidants.

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Liu Bo called the members of the secret group, cbd gummies gnc he talked in a low voice for a while, then put down the phone, and said to Xie Wendong Brother Dong, this is not the territory of Nanhongmen, but the situation is a bit complicated There are several small gangs fighting for it.

Tian Qi wiped the sweat off his face, and at the same time wiped the blood from the knife in his hand, pinning it on his back, and asked Where is Brother Dong now? Come with us, you will know it naturally! The big blood killer said indifferently.

Xie Wendong walked up to him, bent down, and whispered This is a hospital, you lola hemp cbd gummies should be very lucky, I saved you! You what do you want? The middle-aged black man knew very well that Xie Wendong would never the best cbd gummies near me save himself out of sincerity, he must have another purpose.

cbd gummies gnc

I Fernando's big bag of cbd gummies face changed slightly, he hurriedly said haha, and said with a forced calm I was just guessing, but I feel that it is not easy at this time, and someone must instigate behind the scenes! Xie Wendong stared at Fernando deeply Under his gaze, Fernando seemed a little at a cbd gummies gnc loss.

With the same number of personnel, Wendonghui has a strong fighting capacity, while Nanhongmen has a geographical advantage Both sides have their own strengths, and the fight is evenly matched This kind of battle is the most difficult.

If you cooperate with Brother Dong and the others, you will be able to defeat each other! Chu Bo was startled, and asked Brother Dong didn't call, how did Mr. Meng know that Brother Dong had knocked down the gate of Nanhong Gate? Meng Xun said with a smile This is my guess, but I think it's pretty close! While talking, Meng Xun's cell phone rang, and when he picked it up, it was Xie Wendong's call.

stop! With a shout, Tian Qi came out from the crowd, holding a shining knife in his hand, dancing around in front of Yu Huachen, sneering Whoever dares to take a step forward, I will kill him Seeing this, the expressions of the members of the Nanhongmen gang all changed.

Xiang delta-9 250 mg cbd gummies Wentian waved his hands and said Mr. Liu, please sit down! Thank you for sitting, thank you for sitting! Under Xiang Wentian's gesture, Liu Haibo slowly sat down on the chair, and then asked Mr. Xiang, have you ever heard of Tiger Gang? For Wendonghui, the name Tiger Gang is too familiar When Wendonghui was established, the Tiger Gang has always been its archenemy.

Gen was also shot, and after a muffled sound, the ear-piercing screams stopped abruptly, and the girl was also directly knocked out.

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Xie Wendong went outside without being escorted by the members of the Wendonghui, stopped two taxis, and returned to the headquarters Moviebill of the Wendonghui.

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high morale responded in unison, all 3 chi thc gummies smiling, but they never thought that this was Xie Wendong's trick to lure the enemy In the afternoon, at the branch of the Wendonghui, Xie Wendong called several key cadres together amazon cbd gummies 500mg to discuss specific action plans.

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When there are very few mistakes, Xie Wendong has 100% trust in the secret team Seeing the cbd gummies gnc dissatisfaction of the other party, Ma immediately realized that he had said something wrong.

No problem, Dong Ge! Wu Xiaobo agreed straightforwardly, and then said apprehensively But now it is the territory of cbd gummies gnc the Tiger Gang, and I am not very familiar with the police there It's okay, I'll get it done! Xie Wendong nodded and said.

There were more people here than lola hemp cbd gummies on the first floor The corridor was filled with crowds of people, and there was only one passage in the middle Xie Wendong took a deep breath and started to walk in.

The body of the van has been distorted and deformed, and more than 20 people inside were crowded together, bloody and bloody, and it was almost impossible to tell who was who Not too far away, the low screams and groans were like a sharp knife, piercing the hearts of the members of the Tiger Gang.

Inside the house, Lu Feng waved cbd gummies gnc to Li Wei, forbidding him to make any noise, then turned to look at Second Uncle Li who opened his eyes and asked Second Uncle, how do you feel now? Where is it uncomfortable? Second Uncle Li looked up at his wife and Li Wei, and said, My.

Before, the 30 million was weighed down on his heart, which was very depressing and tiring, but at this moment, he felt unprecedentedly relaxed.

After laughing, he natures boost cbd gummies amazon pretended to be angry and said You are really fooling around Well, if people really ask me to do acupuncture, can I really turn them into living eunuchs? Wang Yumeng was slapped on the buttocks by Lu Feng, her face was a little jolly rocks cbd candy near me shy, her heart thumped like.

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She said she would arrive in five minutes at most, and asked you to go down and help her carry things! Lu Feng was stunned for a moment, thinking to himself Is it true cbd gummies gnc that Wang Yumeng really wants to move into his home? Five minutes later, Lu Feng's guess was confirmed.

But that person just now is really annoying, he is such a rascal! Lu Feng smiled and said I understand that kid's thoughts, because he has already comprehended the true meaning of being shameless and stateless! This kind of boys usually pursue girls, and they can get them in the end Haven't you heard a saying If you have a thick skin, you can eat a piece of meat, but if you have a thin skin, you can't get it.

Tianhou is the time for the start of the provincial parkour competition, and we are leaving for the provincial capital tomorrow, so before we leave, let's get together and discuss the specific things about going to the provincial capital! You have to be fast, don't dawdle.

Millions, each re-create their own business! How about it? Qiu Jian's eyes lit up, and he nodded immediately without hesitation This idea is great, I agree, I will call the boss later to discuss it! Lu Feng laughed, what are you waiting for, let's discuss it with the boss and the cbd gummies 100mg per gummy second child now, I called someone captain CBD gummy bears to send two laptops,.

Brother, I agree to your request, the company will help me after half a year, but you said, teach Du Yusen of the Hurricane parkour group a hard lesson cbd gummies gnc well, let me think about it, how about this, you use it openly and secretly Just make him the last living eunuch of the 21st century! Of course, it would be great if he could break one of his legs and make him crippled! Xiong Huajian laughed.

Shang Wende cbd gummies plus nodded silently, and said Then you go! Just let Sangsang treat the patient later! If there is anything you need, you can Call immediately, or even bring your friend to our hospital.

I don't know if it's convenient! Rhoda Meng spirit Shocked, he quickly sat up straight, and said seriously Mr. Shang, please tell me, as long as I can do it, I will do my best! cbd gummies 100mg per gummy Shang Wende said with a smile Actually, it's not a big deal, it's just that my apprentice.

Xiong Huajian was cbd gummies 100mg per gummy also puzzled by this place, but he had already made up his mind, anyway, he would not be able to conflict with the gummy cbd sour apple rings Dream Team parkour group in the future, and even wanted to restore the lukewarm relationship before.

Don't be ashamed if you don't know any medicinal materials at that time! Lu Feng and Mo Sangsang nodded quickly, but when Lu Feng saw that Shang Wende was about to enter the inner room, he quickly said Master, wait a minute, there is something I need to tell you, old man! Shang Wende showed.

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At the medicinal materials trading conference, there was a case discussion meeting, and because he was a Ming doctor, he was also eligible to participate in it.

Cbd Gummies Gnc ?

second floor, then turned around and walked through many passages and corridors, and then the big man in black pushed open a door that was not very conspicuous! delta-9 250 mg cbd gummies Senior, this is the venue for the rally, please! The big cbd gummies gnc man in black said respectfully.

Lu Feng looked at Jiang Wu with a strange expression, as if he wanted to guess all his thoughts! Jiang Wu smiled bitterly and said Really not! We just want to see, cbd gummies gnc when your master and my master meet, what kind of reaction will there be, and see how much of the relationship between them, after time has passed, is left! Lu Feng, you should understand.

The snake ghost 3 chi thc gummies doctor and the dog ghost doctor looked at each other, and the snake ghost doctor asked doubtfully, Who are you wooing? The monkey ghost doctor smiled and said The relationship between Lao Shang and the rabbit ghost doctor should be clear to both of you If the what are CBD gummies used for two of them can reunite, it will be perfect if the rabbit ghost doctor teaches Lu Feng's medical skills.

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It is said that it is produced in the first mountain to be fully protruded by the crustal movement in the world, which is one of the highest mountains in our country However, in In the past, this was just a rumor, a legend, and a record in historical documents.

The two guardian beast cbd edibles waterville me wild boars obviously didn't notice that there were humans around, and they didn't even hear the slightest movement before them.

More contact time, so she was deliberately delaying the time to go back, and even took the correct route, but Fu Tiantian opened her eyes and lied, saying that she had never been here before.

Because of the wish-fulfilling grass and wild ginseng in his back basket, Lu Feng didn't take a bus this time, let alone take a plane He directly hired a taxi in Tai'an and rushed to Jiyang City in a hurry The value is definitely hundreds of millions.

Of the other ten ghost doctors cbd gummies gnc in the Chinese medicine field, nine have arrived ahead of time, and the only one who hasn't come is the snake ghost doctor.

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At this time, they were still boasting about cbd gummies gnc each other's good cooking skills, Wang Yumeng and Mo Sangsang, and at the same time stopped wearing high hats to each other, because they smelled the air in the air.

For Wang Yumeng's dictatorship, he cbd gummies gnc is quite enjoying it at this moment After all, Wang Yumeng is like this, which shows that she respects her parents Such a daughter-in-law will definitely get along with her parents.

No matter what happens today, I'm already merciful enough, and the Patriarch's order is to kill the cbd gummies gnc two of you here, so even if you bully the little, we had no choice but to endure it The hooked-nosed old man said in a deep voice.

Thinking of this, Yu Kai looked at Lu Feng and said Lu Feng, let them go! Since they said they would no longer be in charge of the house master's contention, I believe they will fulfill their promise And they are all the elders of my family, and what they are doing is also for the whole family After all, the blood of cbd gummies gnc my family is still flowing in my bones.

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Yu Xianyang sat down slowly, calmed down the anger in his heart, and then his voice became softer, and he said I am planning for a rainy day! If Yu Kai's strength becomes very strong, we may really lose the power in the family at that time Don't forget, the other branches of our Yu family are all looking at us eagerly.

Big Bag Of Cbd Gummies ?

After renting a taxi, Lu Feng and Yu Kai finally arrived at Qilian County after a period of time, thc gummies new mexico and then came to Qilian Mountain district edibles gummies cbd tropical punch review by car The edge of the prairie.

A group of people left the Xianghe Hotel, found a random restaurant near the stadium, had a makeshift lunch, and entered the venue after one o'clock in the afternoon.

Let me go with you, maybe it can help, you saved me, I should do something, and I can't remember many things, I don't know where to go for a while, even if I go to the police station I don't know how to go, who to go to look at liu si With Yu's anxious face, natures boost cbd gummies amazon Wang Xu pondered for a while and said.

After Wang Xu's words fell, Dr. Sun's eyes widened suddenly, and he stretched out his hand to point at Wang Xu His lips trembled in surprise, and he couldn't say a word recommended cbd gummie dosage for pain for a long time Looking at Wang Xu in hospital clothes, he seemed to see What a monster.

Hearing the reconfirmation, the original voice came again, asked Tian Donglin for his detailed address, and then hung up the phone About thirty minutes later, Tian Donglin's doorbell rang.

Lance turned his cbd candies products head, followed George's line of sight, and saw Brad Pitt Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston couple, Lance also nodded his chin slightly, It was a greeting Withdrawing his gaze, Lance big bag of cbd gummies looked left and right, but he still couldn't find any clues.

Last year, his feature film debut was just released, and he did not achieve much in Brazil Not to mention in the North American continent, he can be said to be completely unknown.

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Albert and Hayden were not familiar- this was the first time the two met, but he understood Hayden's eyes, and more importantly, Hayden's words awakened his resonance, yes, Lance why didn't you have that idea? I remember that in school, you always had countless ideas about the position of director.

Under Lance's signal, Alexander explained Lance's intentions to the three young actors with a dull voice, while Lance communicated with Hayden beside him in a low voice.

three heroes who disappeared into the halo Where did they go? It is not about whether they are saved, but about their future Then, the camera switched and the answer was given.

Javier doesn't know why, he hasn't seen the City of Gods, so he doesn't know the meaning of this book but Martin, as an authentic Brazilian, a native of Rio de Janeiro, he absolutely understands it all too well The former was confused, while the latter was shocked, so the two of them fell silent for a while.

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So, even though the one-hour audience question session had exhausted everyone, Lance pulled cbd gummies gnc himself together and socialized without any slack Although Robert will not directly interfere with the work Distribution rights deal, but his extensive network can help.

The problem is that City of God has almost no gimmicks that can be used for publicity and hype, and there is not even a competent hero or heroine to create topics So green roads cbd gummies 400 mg Lance made three preparations, the first being Jessica Alba.

This carnival of film lovers has come to an end again, and everyone is reluctant to part with it I came to the main venue again to participate in the closing ceremony and awards ceremony to be held tonight.

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Lance watched the figures of the children disappear into the elevator, and instead of lola hemp cbd gummies taking the same elevator, he stayed and cbd gummies for sleep online waited for the elevator next to him After waiting for a while, the elevator arrived at the first floor with a ding.

The cumulative box office of City of God at this time has reached 17 6 million U S dollars, becoming the seventh non-English work in film history cbd gummies gnc to break through 20 million at the box office.

big bag of cbd gummies Ryan, Tucker and Jason have already begun to assume themselves, which cbd organic vegan gummies for sleep really makes George dumbfounded But George didn't intend to go any further Even if he said something about psychological barriers, it wouldn't help other news? Oh and then there's Warner Bros.

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So you are Lancelot Strelow? Diana stood opposite Lance and asked in surprise Lance is a little embarrassed, I thought pure cbd gummies 3960 howard hughes parkway suite 500 I introduced myself last time, for my dry cleaning fee.

Lance raised his eyebrows slightly and returned with a raised voice, so, will you be abducted? He actually took me for a fool! Of course not, he is so stupid, he just kept asking for a business card for me, how could I be kidnapped! Emma said angrily, why did she think he was 3 chi thc gummies a handsome gentleman? In the first two encounters, he took the initiative to help him.

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Speaking of this, Jeffrey paused, and admitted that although the script I wrote was based on Lance's opinion, many details still need to be improved After all, this is his first script, and there are indeed many shortcomings.

Finally, the final editing rights can belong to you, but the decision-making rights still belong to them at the same time, the price is that we have cbd gummies gnc to give up 10% of the box office dividends.

Following the publication of the article, there was an uproar, and international global warmingists quickly launched an attack on Dr. de Freitas, cbd gummies gnc demanding that he be revoked as an editor and university professor The World Meteorological Organization immediately announced relevant data.

Due to the special selection method of the best foreign language film at the Oscars, people cannot predict whether the unexpected results of the Golden Globe Awards will have an impact, and how much impact it will have.

In a blink of an eye, a person under the podium raised a question, when do you think this will happen? professor? when? As soon as the screen turned, a neat line of subtitles appeared on the pitch-black big screen, The day after tomorrow The powerful shocking force was transmitted directly through the big screen, and a small group of people slowly stopped In a blink of an eye, almost everyone in the entire stadium stood or sat in place, staring at the big screen pure cbd gummies 3960 howard hughes parkway suite 500.

Later when other people see me, they'll say, hey, that's Lance's sidekick on the Oscars red carpet! Thinking of this, Albert firmly repeated, no, definitely not! Lance couldn't help laughing, and then shrugged at Alexander The expression that wasn't my fault made Alexander burst out laughing, and Philip and Suo couldn't help but cbd organic vegan gummies for sleep smile.

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Many years later, when Nancy Black was a how much is fun drops cbd gummies guest today to promote her autobiography, she recalled this scene that day It was a feeling that is difficult to describe in words The man appeared calmly and quietly.

language films Runner-up, just 3 chi thc gummies behind Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! What's even more commendable is that City of God has also shown a positive development trend in the video tape rental market, which makes Paramount Pictures green roads cbd gummies 400 mg completely overjoyed.

Didn't you receive my message? Why didn't you call me back? Diana winked at Lance with winking eyes, but Lance didn't reply, just looked at her playfully with a faint cbd gummies gnc smile on the corner of his mouth, this look made Diana shy, the pain in her belly The flames began to flicker slowly.