Mulan Target Practice AR Experience

Mulan - Poster Activation

Regal Cinemas | Walt DIsney Studios | May 2020

Markerless AR (Unity 3D) - Place a large bow and arrow training camp on a surface. Shoot all the targets then proceed to walk up to each lesson to achieve full hero status

3D Models/Animation (Blender) - Chinese shrine, Bow and Arrow all based on Mulan movie

Take aim with bow and arrow for an interactive augmented reality game that recreates a key step from Mulan's journey. Keep playing to improve your aim and to unlock ancient secrets inside a full scale, 3D environment!

Developed in conjunction with the theatrical release of Walt Disney Pictures’ live action ‘Mulan,’ this expansive experience allows moviegoers to actually step within the world of the film. Accessible through the Moviebill scanner camera in the Regal App, the activation allows fans to place a full scale 3D environment that replicates Mulan’s training in the film. Users can take control of a bow and arrow and use it to test their archery skills in the augmented reality space. As they play to improve their aim, users unlock special achievements based around the lessons of the film.

The ‘Mulan’ Target Practice experience also provides an in-App direct link to ticket sales and to a digital magazine with exclusive editorial features, video interviews with the film's cast and crew, and an interactive poster slideshow.

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