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Xiao Duan was so drunk that he was even more proud, and kissed the junior girl heavily on the face with a puff, come on, I'll give it to everyone At the beginning, Wu's so-called chasing a girl, they kept walking around what was the shark tank diet pill the campus without saying a word.

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Bingbing is polite really? Thank you all I also need to introduce more friends, family and colleagues to watch, and remember to post to Moments to promote it.

Could it be that he is the same as King Zhou? Can appetite suppressants health effects you see the Moviebill origin of this stone at a glance? How can it be? King Zhou is a person who has traveled through three thousand years, so it is not surprising at first glance.

What Wu said in a second thought, he understood At that time, the old ghost kept saying that I had a ghostly aura, and it was obvious that you had a ghostly aura It seems that his level is not very good, so it is not clear? King Zhou glanced at him, but stopped talking Wu Zhuang suddenly remembered the conversation he had overheard Jin Buhuan said that his grandfather was coming back.

Wu's so-called attention was attracted by the fourth child behind him- but seeing that the long braid of Emperor Yongzheng in the painting was gone, he simply shaved his head and wore what was the shark tank diet pill a black suit, revealing his very strong arms If he didn't speak, he would be a standard modern person.

There was a burst of earth-shattering laughter, Wu Zhuang, who was hiding behind the erythrina tree, approached on tiptoe, But hearing this, I couldn't bear it for a while, and burst out laughing Su tone slim diet pills Daji raised his head, Xiao Wu, are you really safest diet pill on the market here? Her eyes fell on King Zhou who was behind Wu so-called.

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Without hesitation, Jin Yinzi hurried back to the room, and took out the ancient sheepskin scroll brought by Lao Bai and that strange jade pendant the maintenance dose of appetite suppressant jade pendant reflected the light of the emerald king.

Wu's so-called interface This guy has facial paralysis, and it's not bad shark tank weight loss pill episode youtube to smile once in a while When other women laugh, they always have no image.

Wu said to turn around, but seeing King Zhou's face was full of smiles, he was suspicious Why do you look a little sloppy? Let's go, didn't you say that sister Yang is still waiting? Jin Wuwang didn't get out of the luxury appetite suppressant shark tank car at the corner until the two cars were completely gone He was shocked best diet pills least side effects because she saw Su Daji driving away.

and you two brothers Brother, he is already my dearest person, if grandpa's good things don't share with you, who else can he share with? But He Yan Yuese That's it Tomorrow night, the two of you brothers will go home together and share the thousand-year-old Polygonum chili pepper slimming pills multiflorum Well, you have been busy for a long time, go back and have a good rest.

Yongzheng was very interested You mean, there are other places to restrain him? Lao Bai hesitated Fourth Master, you may not know that there is something called appealing in this world, that is to say, ordinary people who are unfairly oppressed by the local government can go to Beijing to appeal.

Her tone was extremely arrogant What's the reason? Shoude, what is your reason? If you have no reason to convince me, why should I listen to you? King Zhou took a step back and shook his head Wu Zhuang looked at the broken bricks and tiles all over the Emerald Hall, and gave majestic weight loss pills review a wry smile When his luck turned, he couldn't stop it.

He what was the shark tank diet pill hated these two women more and more, but he couldn't get rid of them Every time he faced them, he couldn't breathe, so he wanted to find her here If he could choose, he would definitely choose her without hesitation.

Wu Zhuang looked at King Zhou hard when he saw him, and immediately said Don't worry about Shoude, you'd better go and surrender yourself I'll ask a lawyer and ask him to accompany you However, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars How much is used, I will make up for you.

The one who is really proficient in jade research is actually Shou De Maybe they have a very clear what diet pills can cause a miscarriage understanding of the cold jade bed.

There were two more patients with the same symptoms, and two more died Brother Hei was also very disturbed If this goes on, I'm afraid we won't be able to get away with it.

He was not polite, and shouted loudly Bring something, I'm starving to death A what was the shark tank diet pill beautiful woman in uniform came slowly, holding a tray, a mug of hot coffee, and a sandwich.

haven't I been? Who are you lying to? appetite suppressant shark tank Come on, where did the old man hide? What old man? Do you still want to pack nutritional supplement or drug or diet garlic? does the medically factor diet really work You and the old ghost teamed up to plot against me If you don't explain clearly today, I will make you look good.

Bingbing is very stubborn On the first day of the Lunar New Year, he actually came here, and you still said that you two are okay? Su Daji is still amiable Since you are following him, you should know that he stayed for a while and then left Moreover, I do not welcome him tone slim diet pills to come again Bingbing stared at the pile of vegetables in her hand.

Do you think Jin Wuwang can cover the sky with one hand? Don't forget, at that time when old A was messing with him, he was able to fight back and support old K again At critical moments, even his own son can be sacrificed.

Only a muffled voice was heard Close the door! As if afraid that the two of them would not listen carefully, the voice repeated loudly Shut the door! Completely block this place, haha, we must get hundreds of trucks of soil to pile up this place into a building.

It was Jin Wuwang's triumphant voice, confident and fearless It what was the shark tank diet pill is clearly saying, since you are hiding below, then hide below for the rest of your life, and never come out.

what was the shark tank diet pill

Wouldn't it be better to do a few more good deeds in this life and cultivate the next life? Jin Yinzi glared at him, since they fill slim pills side effects were all donated anyway, what else could they do? Wu Zhuang asked What do you plan to do in the future? This is the real purpose for them to be found by him today.

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The next shark tank weight loss pill episode youtube day, Jin Group's stock was suspended Wu's so-called daimyo hunger suppressant gummies appeared in the headlines all day long, and there were all kinds of doubts and speculations.

This kick happened to hit Jin Wuwang's armpit on the other skinny life pills reviews side Jin Wuwang's cry for help and the fight in the ward finally alarmed the hospital and the patients next door.

After the old ghost wins the world, I'm afraid he can't tolerate us even more, after all, we know all his secrets Next time the old ghost wants to make a moth again, he might as well come to the door appetite suppressant shark tank shark tank weight loss pill episode youtube and kill him.

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Old devil, do you believe it or not, you Jin family members will die one by one in this endless loop? From now on, no one will cut the grass on your grave for you.

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His hair is creepy, King Zhou, you what was the shark tank diet pill are walking into the clouds and mist God, you will completely disappear in the clouds and mist, as long as you disappear, you will die.

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It has been reported to their sub-bureau, and their sub-bureau has arranged shark tank weight loss pill episode youtube for technical police to investigate the what was the shark tank diet pill scene of the fight.

In order to plan to go to chili pepper slimming pills the branch office later, the senior brother and the running friends that the senior brother helped invite majestic weight loss pills review are also rushing to the branch office The people were all invited by Han Chaoyang.

It turns out that Lao Hu found the clue that the suspect was hiding in China World Trade Center as a cook, and the suspect was eventually captured by Wu Wei himself.

Gong Mulan hung up the phone, and Zhang Tongfeng, the deputy squadron leader, asked in a low voice Xiaofu went out to surf the Internet and was met by Han Chaoyang? It should be, Gong Mulan sat slumped on the chair, weeping and said Captain Zhang, do anti appetite tablets you think I did something wrong in my previous life to give birth to such a worry-free child! What.

As soon as the prosecutor left, he fill slim pills side effects went back to the office and called Bureau Du The case was handled by best diet pills least side effects the criminal police team The change of criminal detention to residential surveillance was approved by the Detention Center Application Bureau.

Minister Jiang said again and again, let the security guards who are on duty during the Spring what was the shark tank diet pill Festival of the school guard team have New Year's Eve dinner at PolyU After the cooked dumplings were sent to the police station, Factory Manager Wang, Teacher Liang, Aunt Ye and even Boss Deng sent invitations to their home for the New Year's Eve dinner.

The results of the office since the Spring Festival travel rush, and even did not forget to report the actions of the voluntary security patrol brigade to patrol the streets every morning and evening Zhou Ju just asked about his whereabouts and didn't say anything else Han Chaoyang didn't know that there was a surprise inspection by the leader.

Guokang, guard the door, no one is allowed to leave without my consent! Sun Guokang felt that the police should not intervene in private lending disputes, otherwise there would be prescription medications used for weight loss big trouble, so he hesitated for a while.

Mentioning this, Miao Haizhu blushed pretty, as if He hesitated for a moment and said with a bit of embarrassment I know something about the majestic weight loss pills review two of them, but I didn't expect it to happen, and so quickly you know? Um Miao Haizhu nodded, and explained with a blushing face The two of them are connected by your master Your master really cares about you apprentices, and he really cares about you.

Officer Han, why are you here again? Not at ease, Han Chaoyang looked at the rear window that had been pried open, and asked with a smile Boss Zhang, why don't what was the shark tank diet pill you go in and rest, there is a bed and a quilt inside.

Impossible, Lao Liu has always been responsible for doing business, how could he sell fake cigarettes I also know Boss Liu, and I usually safest diet pill on the market say hello and laugh when we meet I also don't medical weight loss clinic sandy want him to be dealt with for selling counterfeit cigarettes.

Yanyang is more than 300 kilometers away from the capital, and it only takes two hours by bullet train, or just over three hours by car or long-distance bus.

However, Xiao Sun, who was almost at the entrance of the hotel, did not dare to scare the snake, and decisively withdrew Moviebill from the group voice.

pill to help lose burns fat gives energy yes! Han Chaoyang didn't say anything, Wu Wei could only obey Song Kaiqiang's order and took Qiao Peiming out of the room with Xiaokang Immediately afterwards, Lao Hu and Ni Guoxiong brought Liu Qingjun in.

But once the matter of installing the elevator is mentioned, and it is really serious, those who live upstairs will support it with both hands, and those who live on the first and second floors will strongly oppose it It's a good idea, Zhang Beibei said with a grin Tomorrow, you can call the elevator manufacturer to inquire about the price.

Han shark tank weight loss pill episode youtube Chaoyang grabbed his arm and said with a smile Boss Zhong, you just called 110 to call the police The command center arranged for me to deal with the police.

The announcer asked the citizens who got the number to continue to handle related business in front of the window, and the citizens who did not what was the shark tank diet pill get the number to come back next Monday, and apologized to the citizens who came today but failed to complete the business.

The foreman scratched his neck and said with a flattering smile Comrade policeman, I know what you want to say, chili pepper slimming pills he looks fat burning extreme pills a little small, but not All children can go to school like Yanyang's children In the west, especially in those remote mountainous areas, many children come out to work without even finishing elementary school.

He is overweight, weighing more than 180 jins, burly and strong, otherwise he would not be able to transport the corpse to the fertilizer factory and throw it by the river if he is lame Can you see nutritional supplement or drug or diet this? Han Chaoyang asked in surprise.

Since I want to keep it a secret, I won't ask He took the cigarette from Lao Ji and said in a deep thought If you want to know about these situations, you are right to find me.

Teacher Han, he did what is the best and safest diet pill it first! It was you who messed around first! It's still best diet pills least side effects noisy, have you had enough of it? You can't stop! A girl was about to cry, she squeezed in front of Han Chaoyang and said, Mr. Han, they didn't fight, they just threw a few dishes because they were too excited.

What Was The Shark Tank Diet Pill ?

In the past, PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, East Bus Station, and what was the shark tank diet pill Yanxing International had frequent cases of pickpocketing and pickpocketing.

He would really have nightmares when he went back at night, and it would appetite suppressants health effects probably last his whole life! Wang Can nodded, and Lihua said rainingly I'll go, Police Officer Han, Miao Haizhu, when you two have time, I can ask for leave, and I will go with you two.

The key is once we leave, what will happen here? Jiang Yonggen wanted to repay his kindness but also didn't want to live a mediocre life, he thought this was an opportunity, and said eagerly Brother Xing, weight loss drugs your doctor can prescribe you can't show your face, I can come back often, and I can also call Zhang does the medically factor diet really work Yuli.

He even clicked on his girlfriend's profile picture and held the phone in front of him for Jiang Yonggen to see Jiang Yonggen took a look and found that it was really beautiful.

Qian Shangui was a little disdainful, and suddenly said Huazi, you changed your girlfriend again! What about that girl last time, you always change your parents like this, you know? shark tank weight loss pill episode youtube Uncle, what is total exchange? Last authentic japanese hokkaido slimming pills time that was a normal friend, this is a girlfriend.

Han Chaoyang put away the signed detention warrant, took out another summons warrant from his bag, and read You heard me clearly, according to Article 117 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, hereby Jiang Yonggen, a criminal suspect suspected of harboring and shielding crimes, was summoned to be interrogated at his residence at 10 00 on April 27, 2016.

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Liu are in China, and do you know how many such men are ordinary and inactive all their lives? I'm not afraid of your jokes weight loss drugs your doctor can prescribe if your grandpa's family didn't pull me, I wouldn't be what is the best and safest diet pill where I am today! You can also help Maliu! Xiaoyu hurriedly said.

As a liaison officer, it can be said that it can be what was the shark tank diet pill advanced or retreated, which fully shows the cunning and cunning of Chai Peide, Ning Zhongying and others what was the shark tank diet pill After Guo Ming announced the county's decision, as usual, the person concerned came out to express his feelings and determination.

However, if Chinese companies only rely on their own exploration and experimentation, it may take several years to realize this point rx rapid weight loss As a best diet pills least side effects traverser, Qin Hai is very clear about such a long-secret technology.

He didn't have the idea of bribing Li Linguang, he just had the idea of meeting the what was the shark tank diet pill old man and brought two jugs of wine to show his heart.

fill slim pills side effects Li Linguang was taken out of the car by Qin Hai, and entered the restaurant, still muttering This is not suitable, you are a young man How about majestic weight loss pills review this, drink your wine, and I will serve the food.

Qin Hai wanted what was the shark tank diet pill to make Li Linguang more confident in himself, so he didn't hide his clumsiness He discussed some theoretically profound issues with Li Linguang, which surprised Li Linguang.

Ning Zhongying was also anxious Old Zou, why are you like this? You didn't even ask why we borrowed this money, the bank was opened by your family! Zou Yongda retorted Director Ning, I don't run a bank, I'm just a small branch manager But you are a small agricultural machinery factory, and the total assets are probably less than 1 million.

The result will directly affect the production of the second batch of military shovel products, and further affect the reputation of fat burning extreme pills the army and the country Xu Yang was dizzy by Qin Hai's flickering.

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Said Principal Zhang busy? Zhang Zheqian, who was holding a magazine and was reading it with gusto, raised his eyes from behind the magazine, saw Xu Yang, and immediately smiled into a trumpet flower He threw down the magazine, went around the table and came in front of Xu Yang.

The person who asked the question suddenly realized, so everyone was also relieved Only Qin Hai knows that most of these so-called key technical issues are just a layer of window paper.

technicians, especially the choice of flux, which is helpful for reducing solder loss and improving the quality of the solder layer Kunio Kishida just dipped some solder powder on his gloves in the name of inspecting the fill slim pills side effects solder.

A formula of flux is not very valuable, but if every little technology is understood by the Japanese, then China will form its own unique technological advantages, which will be at a disadvantage in hunger suppressant gummies technological exchanges with Japan status.

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Ning Mo muttered as he walked, his fists were clenched, obviously very angry The three of them first came to the two book rental stalls.

If it was replaced by other more mature and stable leaders, even if they would not refuse to stand on the table to speak, at least they would have to chili pepper slimming pills use a stool to step up to the table with a more graceful posture.

He didn't know why Song Hongxuan knew his name, but there was a ray of kindness in Song Hongxuan's eyes, and he probably didn't have a bad impression of Qin Hai please come in Song Hongxuan stepped aside and opened the door, calling Qin Hai and Qiao Changsheng into the room.

Looking at the loess on fill slim pills side effects the roadside, the flat-roofed houses, and the little donkeys that had to pass by, they all felt very fresh, and his eyes what is the best and safest diet pill were not enough Heizi, are you hungry? Find a place to eat Okay, boss, you have to treat me to a good meal I have eaten dry steamed buns in the past three days.

When Su Yabo first introduced Liu Ziwen to Qin Hai, he said that Liu Ziwen was spending every day in Shengli Coal Mine, but he didn't know that the person he really contacted was the mine manager diet pill that works like gastric bypass of Jianxing Coal Mine.

While Ning Zhongying and Qin Hai what was the shark tank diet pill were discussing various arrangements for the on-site meeting, an unexpected visitor also came to the office of Wei Rongping, director of the Wanye County Machinery Factory in Beixi City.

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Wei Baolin understood what Zhai Jianguo meant Taking advantage of such an opportunity, let Wei Baolin report Ning Zhongying's black case to Guo Ming Taking advantage of the general situation at the scene, it is very likely that Ning Zhongying can be brought down.

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Whether Qingfeng Factory agrees to increase the price is Qingfeng Factory's freedom The cooperative factory has opinions, and the leaders who participated in the on-site meeting what diet pills can cause a miscarriage may Moviebill or may not support it.

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Wang Zheyi talked enthusiastically, and at the same time handed a piece of note paper with his phone number written on it to Qin Hai's hand Thank you, Ms Wang, I put the phone on hold If I have a chance, can I treat Ms Wang to coffee? Qin Hai laughed and asked Wang Zheyi in Spanish.

He couldn't imagine how the Chinese could master such an advanced formula, and he also wondered how these two people knew their names Sorry, what was the shark tank diet pill Mr. Qin, before discussing this business, I want to ask first, how do you know me? Juanito raised his doubts.

Yes, if Qin Hai sold himself what was the shark tank diet pill a set of equipment for 16 million, would he want it? If so, it was obvious that he was taken advantage of He paid for two sets of equipment to buy one, and Qin Hai earned one for nothing.

Xia Yangjie's task in the polymer teaching and research section is to help the teachers who are doing research in this area to calculate the running speed of the mandrel and the speed of the fiber spinning nozzle to ensure that the wound structure meets the design requirements.

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He actually didn't know the background of Lu Xiaolin's family, but he believed that such words could scare a small driver clinical trials for weight loss drugs uk in a small place Just now, he carefully observed the driver's words.

Regardless of whether they are interested in the working group, the secretary and director of the Jinnan Factory came to the door to greet them in person, and then enthusiastically led everyone to the small cafeteria in the what diet pills can cause a miscarriage factory, where a sumptuous banquet and pottery utensils had already been set up.

He had already calculated the relevant costs and what was the shark tank diet pill benefits in advance, and knew that it would definitely not be suitable for Dongyao Factory to undertake this business unless it changed to a different business model.

Besides, that little girl in his family misses Qin Hai too Hearing Ning Zhongying's last words, Qin Hai felt like thunder was rolling in the sky However, looking at Ning Zhongying's expression, he didn't what was the shark tank diet pill seem to realize that there was something wrong with saying that.

Ning Mo and the others had imagined any price that Peng Xingzong might offer, from 10,000 a year to 1 million a what was the shark tank diet pill year, they would not be surprised.

Zhang Jiusheng nodded I won't leave majestic weight loss pills review unless you tell me I've made up my mind to have dinner at your house today, and I'll leave when I'm full.

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After finally looking at a courtyard house for some business, he didn't even give away any parking space, and the staff looked very coquettish Cang what was the shark tank diet pill Hai had many requests, so Qi Yue had to accompany Cang Hai to slowly move to the top office.

Cang Hai said repeatedly Third Aunt, please don't cry, tell me about the matter The third aunt stopped crying for a while, and then roughly told Cang Hai about the matter.

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This dog does not chase rabbits, but directly chases them to the rabbit's nest to what was the shark tank diet pill guard them Its specialty is that it can fight big prey, but this is all in the past.

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I caught such a big fish, so I took a breath and praised It's so big! At this time, Shi Wei also sighed and said How many years does such a what was the shark tank diet pill big catfish have to grow! No matter how long it takes for many years! Cang Hai smiled and said.

People in small counties generally get married early Li Jian's side is about the same age as Canghai, and his son is already over five years old It's only in the first grade, and Li Licheng and his wife are deeply in love with each other.

Generally, the hawkers in the South will yell to attract customers, but the hawkers in the Northwest usually just sell their stalls Open it, then squatted Moviebill on the ground with both hands together, silently watching the flow of people coming and going on the road.

After doing four or fat burning extreme pills five in a row, h57 hoodia diet pills the boss raised his head and asked Cang Hai What kind of one should I make? If there is no special requirement, I can choose one from the shelf above.

According to Confucianism, a grandson should not be a son, a son should not be presumptuous in front of his father, but he will be much favored as a grandson in front of his grandfather.

what ever! Shi Wei was very happy when she heard this, what woman doesn't want to have a grand wedding, if possible, Shi Wei also doesn't want to be husband and wife with Cang Hai so silently, the ceremony is not necessarily important, But this grand ceremony is something that every woman fantasizes pill to help lose burns fat gives energy about since she what was the shark tank diet pill was a child How much is the budget and where will it be done? Shi Wei asked.

All right, you guys hurry back to the village to eat Qu Guowei waved his hand at Wei Wenkui, and then signaled Cang Hai and himself to move forward Wei Wenkui took two steps and turned his head to ask Have you eaten? without.

It has a strong what was the shark tank diet pill ability to climb slopes, and it also has a built-in stabilization system that can work smoothly even on a slope of 30 degrees After introducing these machines, Matsuda Akio faintly showed some color.

Then she remembered that she asked Mai Ziming to come over for lunch today, so she opened her mouth and asked, Where is Mai Ziming? not coming! Guan Lin folded her arms and said.

Originally, Wen Yiyi was going to plant it, but now the village has to follow suit The two families have to discuss the division of seedlings Naturally, Canghai's side is going to his own.

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With his head on the ground, he prescription medications used for weight loss kept nutritional supplement or drug or diet busy until the evening, and then took everyone to the hotel Wei Wenkui came over in the afternoon and acted as a guest, making proper arrangements for every student who came.

Shi Jie laughed and said Brother-in-law, I have no strength! Cang Hai winked at Gu Han, and hcg diet treatment weight loss Gu Han immediately put a handful of red envelopes in Cang Hai's hand Do you have strength now? Call brother-in-law to listen! Cang Hai said with a smile.

When I got home, I lay down on the bed, reached out to touch my stomach, and felt a little hungry When I came to the kitchen, I saw that there was nothing to eat, so I had to hold my stomach and wait for my parents to come back.

Hu Shijie waved his hand at this moment, took out a wad of money from his pill to help lose burns fat gives energy pocket, and handed it to the middle-aged man Okay, let's go! But if there is a next time, I will never forgive.

Who made you hcg diet treatment weight loss chatter! After kicking the man, Cang Hai said something indifferently, and then continued to make a phone call Cang Hai's kick directly stunned everyone Usually Cang Hai safest diet pill on the market has a friendly face, but now he suddenly became violent, which made everyone very uncomfortable.

He is now concentrating on serving his wife and his two eldest sons The villagers are watching the melon seedlings change day appetite suppressant shark tank by day, but he is watching the two sons authentic japanese hokkaido slimming pills grow day by day.

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Although the ice cube looks big, because more than half of it is in the water, it is not too difficult for the ugly donkey to pull it up due to the buoyancy of the water Difficult, pull it up again because the ice surface is smooth, so in general it is not a big deal to pull the ice out of what was the shark tank diet pill the water.

Cang Hai signaled the two people next to him to take Li Jin out, while he took the prescription prescribed by the doctor and went to the payment office to pay the money and take the medicine When I returned hunger suppressant gummies to the crowd, I found that one of them was carrying a plastic bag in his hand, and in the bag was the dead fish.

That's the price! Who to give it to, and where to pick up the seedlings? When the village head saw the price, what was the shark tank diet pill he was bitten to death, so he didn't say any more, and generously said that he would pay for the seedlings.

It's just that this silly bear in Fenghuanggou is not better than the one at the entrance of the village, but his sentiment is like dirt and his shameless spirit The two bears are almost on the same level As for the difference, that is the physique The bear at the entrance of the village has a different physique Small, the physique is considered large among the Asian black bears, belonging to the top physique.

Seeing this, Hu Shijie turned around and shouted at Chef Li on the upper floor Cook Li, cook Li, cut the meat in half, it's better! Chef Li is busy now, when he heard the voice, he immediately stood in front of the guardrail on the upper floor, looking at Hu Shijie Do you want it now? Want it now! Take it home for the secretary, let the.

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Fill Slim Pills Side Effects ?

While eating, the two little guys picked the meat in the bowl to the bear next to them while no one was paying attention The little thing tosses and tosses the bear very hard, but he doesn't'lose' it when appetite suppressants health effects it comes to eating.

Cang Hai laughed Pingan said Wu Hui said, just give me 80,000 yuan, and his master what was the shark tank diet pill also meant the same! All of them are honest people Cang Hai nodded.

H57 Hoodia Diet Pills ?

Cang Hai quickly found his own mixed herd of cattle and sheep, and picked out two young rams nutritional supplement or drug or diet that were just in time, and together with Ping An Tie it up and throw it on the cart This is not over, there is still what was the shark tank diet pill the task of picking mushrooms, Cang Hai drove the cart to the mushroom field again.

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