90's Flashback: 'Captain Marvel' turns back the clock

Beyond the film’s immense sci-fi spectacle, a big part of the fun of “Captain Marvel” is giving fans the chance to glimpse a relatively unexplored era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Set in the mid 90s, the film offers all sorts of period specific shout-outs, from the Blockbuster video sequence teased in the trailer to a soundtrack packed with era appropriate tunes.

“We made a big playlist at the beginning of the movie and shared it with the crew,” says co-director Ryan Fleck, who himself worked at a Blockbuster in the 90s. “But we [picked the final songs] mostly in post. We would try out songs and see what stuck. That was a collaboration with Marvel.”

Of course, licensing is always an issue with moviemaking. When our title hero crashes to Earth in the middle of a Blockbuster video, there are quite a few clever nods to the days of VHS. One planned gag had to be changed from the original idea, however, as Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers was originally supposed to fire a photon blast at the cardboard standup for a very different comic book movie.

“I think we tried to use ‘The Mask,’ with Jim Carrey,” Fleck recalls, “because of the Skrulls. But the studio didn’t give us permission to use it.”

Still, the Blockbuster sequence should offer a nostalgic treat for anyone old enough to remember them. During the “Captain Marvel” press conference, discussion turned to lost 90s ephemera with both Fleck and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige lamenting the lack of videotape rental stores in the modern world. Samuel L. Jackson offered an even more specialized memory, wishing that the world would bring back laserdiscs.

“I was a big fan of the band The Verve and then they were just Verve,” smiled Jude Law.

“R&B,” countered Lashana Lynch with a laugh. “90’s R&B was the truth. I’m going to start a campaign to bring back 90s R&B.”

“I just wish MTV had videos again,” said Clark Gregg. “Not just 90’s MC Hammer.”

“I was a big candy eater in the 90s,” added co-director Anna Boden. “Do you remember those little Kangaroo things, Dunkaroos? I liked the vanilla with the chocolate. Anyways, [Brie Larson] don’t eat enough in the movie so we couldn’t get those Dunkaroos in.”

In Larson’s mind, it’s butterfly clips that should make a return in the modern world. For Gemma Chan, though, there’s a certain female hero from the 90s that she wants to see make a comeback.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” she smiled.

While it is true that the world is currently without a Slayer, fortunately we now have Captain Marvel around to pick up the slack.

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