Carpenter-endorsed 'Halloween' sequel coming to life 40 years after the original

If you’re paying attention to the right corners of the internet, you can uncover signs that Blumhouse’s upcoming “Halloween” sequel is coming to life.

On Tuesday, Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photo from the set of the film on her personal Instagram account. It’s a shot of Curtis alongside director David Gordon Green, and it includes a slate from the 1978 original.

The official account for the film, @halloweenmovie, re-grammed the image, adding it to a collection of photos from other collaborators.

Co-screenwriter Danny McBride posted an image on his personal account on Jan. 16 of a director’s chair with the monogrammed name “The Shape.” (That’s how actor/stuntman Nick Castle was credited when he played the adult Michael Myers in the original film.)

Castle posted photos of his director’s chair on Twitter on Jan. 30 and Feb. 1. He also mentioned that writer-director John Carpenter would be making an appearance soon to “bless the set.”

Blumhouse, the hot horror brand behind the “Halloween” update as well as the Oscar-winning “Get Out,” and “The Purge” and “Insidious” franchises, has re-grammed and shared other images from the set.

In one image, the studio circulated Curtis’ photo of a shooting range where she took aim at the cover of Mondo News‘ double-LP re-release of the “Halloween” soundtrack. So did officialhalloweenmovies, an account celebrating the long-running franchise, and Ryan Turek, VP of development for Blumhouse, who has been overseeing production in South Carolina.

Conceived as a direct sequel to the original “Halloween,” Green’s film reunites Curtis and Castle 40 years later, ignoring the complicated mythology of the intervening nine films.

“Halloween” superfans Green and McBride reportedly won a bid to helm the follow-up after their pitch to John Carpenter convinced him they “get it” when it comes to Michael Myers, according to a post Carpenter made on his Facebook page on February 9 of last year. Part of their agreement includes a deal for the iconic filmmaker to compose the score for this latest installment. Carpenter wrote the haunting melody for the original film.

“Halloween” is scheduled for release October 19, 2018.


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