Marvel takes AR gaming to infinity

Apparently you no longer need a cliff-top mansion full of high-tech toys to feel like Tony Stark. Now you just need a smartphone.

Hasbro today unveiled the first product in its line of “Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision” augmented reality (AR) toys. The initial device is an Iron Man mask and gauntlet that pairs with a variety of iPhones and Android phones and allows fans to battle villains like Thanos.

The device, which will be available this spring, utilizes accompanying AR markers and a gaming interface to follow the player’s hand movements. When the markers are placed around the room, fans can alter the dimensions of the gameplay itself.

Also included in the Iron Man set is an Infinity Stone that plugs into the gauntlet. This appears to be the Reality stone, last seen in the Marvel Comics Universe being turned over to Benicio Del Toro’s Collector for safekeeping.

Check out Marvel's new Augmented Reality Game for Avengers: Infinity War.

Whether or not Iron Man actually winds up wielding the Reality stone on the big screen remains to be seen, but Hasbro promises that Hero Vision players will ultimately have access to all six stones.

The Iron Man set delivers family-friendly AR content at an affordable price point — it’s about half the cost of toys in Hasbro’s collector-oriented replica series. There, the Iron Man helmet may have more detail but no video game interface.

“Hero Vision” may represent Marvel’s latest foray into AR immersion, but it definitely won’t be the last. Augmented and virtual reality experiences are growing rapidly, allowing fans to get a taste of their favorite fictional worlds.

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