May 21, 2019: This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD

Look for A Dark Place, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Isn't It Romantic and The Upside on Blu-ray and DVD this week.


After nearly a decadem, the beloved animated adventure trilogy comes to a close with How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, arriving this week on Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD. That’s not the only film coming home from a recent big screen run, either, as this week also brings us the Rebel Wilson fantasy romcom (or antiromcom, depending on your POV) Isn’t It Romantic as well as the Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston drama The Upside. A remake of the 2012 acclaimed French film “The Intouchables,” the Neil Burger film was a big box office success earlier this year, pulling in more than $122 million worldwide.

Rounding out this week’s new releases is director Simon Fellows’ crime thriller A Dark Place. film follows a small town sanitation worker who becomes obssessed with the sudden disappearance of a boy he had befriended on his regular route. As he looks deeper into the mystery, more and more clues appear that hint at some kind of foul play.

Jason Statham stars in Crank, hitting 4K Ultra HD this week.

It’s balls to the wall action as Neveldine and Taylor’s high octane actioner Crank gets a 4K Ultra HD rerelease. Jason Statham headlines as professional assassin Chev Chelios who, after getting injected with a deadly toxin, must keep his heart rate pounding if he is to survive, much to his chagrin and much to the delight of the audience.

Claire Denis' Let the Sunshine In joins the Criterion Collection on Blu-ray this week.

With her latest, “High Life,” now in theaters, the Criterion Collection is bringing to Blu-ray writer and director Claire Denis’ 2017 comedy drama Let the Sunshine In. Juliette Binoche stars as Isabelle, a Parisian painter in search of true love. The Criterion edition joins Denis’ previously released “White Material” in the collection and also includes Denis’ 2014 short “Voilà l’enchaînement”.

Warner Archive is bringing to Blu-ray two Shaft sequels, Shaft in Africa and Shaft's Big Score.

With a new “Shaft” adventure headed to the big screen next month, Warner Archive is bringing to Blu-ray both original “Shaft” sequels, 1972’s Shaft’s Big Score and 1973’s Shaft in Africa. Both titles join the previously released Shaft TV Movie Collection, giving fans a chance to catch up on the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks before the new movie arrives on June 14.

Check out The Seduction, Earthquake and The Hunted on Blu-ray this week from Shout! Factory.

Shout! Factory delivers a trio of classic thrills to Blu-ray, beginning with 1974’s epic disaster tale Earthquake. Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner headline an ensemble cast with Academy Award nominee Mark Robson helming. The Collector’s Edition set offers two versions of the film, the theatrical cut and the TV edit, backed by newly created special features.

Also arriving this week is 1982’s The Seduction, starring Morgan Fairchild and Andrew Stevens. The stalker thriller gets some serious attention from Shout! Factory with new interviews from both stars and lots more by way of special features. The week also brings 1995’s The Hunted, in which Christopher Lambert faces off against Japanese assassins. The new disc also includes (in SD) a workprint version of the film and offers a feature commentary track with writer and director J.F. Lawton.

Kino Lorber Studio Classics is this week releasing Black Moon Rising, Midas Run, Nixon and Bitter Moon.

There are more great catalogue titles coming to Blu-ray this week from Kino Lorber Studio Classics. Look for Roman Polanki’s 1992 thriller Bitter Moon, the 1969 heist comedy Midas Run, Oliver Stone’s acclaimed 1995 biopic Nixon and 1986’s Black Moon Rising, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton and a high-tech super car.Look for two sets of RKO classics, Adventures and Romance, both hitting this week from Lobster Films and Kino.

Kino also has two impressive sets arriving through a partnership with Lobster Films. Turn back to the clock to classic Hollywood with both RKO Classic Adventures and RKO Classic Romances. The former set includes 1930’s “The Pay-off” and “The Silver Horde” and 1931’s “The Painted Desert” while the latter includes 1930’s “Sin Takes a Holiday” and four other pre-code films from 1931, “Millie,” “Kept Husbands,” “The Lady Refuses” and “The Woman Between”.

Arrow Video is bringing to blu-ray the cult classic She-Devils on Wheels.

Rounding out the week is Arrow Video’s deluxe treatment of the 1968 cult classic She-Devils on Wheels. Herschell Gordon Lewis writes and directs the story of an all-female motorcycle gang, the Man-Eaters. The film makes its blu-ray debut with lots of bonus features, including an audio commentary track with Lewis and Something Weird’s Mike Vraney.

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