Regal theaters to reopen July 10

The intermission may have been a bit longer than usual, but it’s nearly showtime once again for Regal. The company today announced plans to reopen movie theaters nationwide beginning July 10. New safety measures will be implemented to protect moviegoers against the continued spread of COVID-19. In addition to expanded functionality in the Regal App that allows for contact free purchasing, every theater will make use of ULV Foggers, a new technology that will allow every screen to fully sanitize between showings.

Click here for full details on Regal’s reopening safety and health procedures

Meanwhile, Hollywood is preparing for action. While there have been quite a few calendar shifts as of late, it now looks like both Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Pictures will be ready for cinema operations to resume in July with two highly anticipated blockbusters: Mulan and TENET. Although TENET was initially slated to open on July 17, the Christopher Nolan film has moved instead to July 31st. Instead, different Nolan movie will return to the big screen as Inception celebrates its tenth anniversary. You’ll be able to revisit the mind bending 2010 thriller in theaters nationwide leading up to the arrival of TENET later in the month.

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Mulan, then, will arrive nationwide beginning July 24. Moviebill has some great surprises tied to release of Disney’s new live action film, so check back very soon for updates and for any additional changes to the upcoming big screen release schedule.

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In the meantime, please download the Regal App and check out Moviebill’s Augmented Reality games. Although many were designed to play during quarantine, they’re only the beginning of what we’ve got in store!

Silas Lesnick is the Senior Editor of Moviebill. He has been covering entertainment news out of Los Angeles for more than a decade. You can reach him via e-mail or on Twitter.


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