'Supergirl' movie to take flight at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures has plans to bring “Supergirl” to the big screen, Deadline reports. Screenwriter Oren Uziel, best known for his work on “22 Jump Street,” has been hired to provide the script, although there is no information yet as to exactly which iteration of DC Comics‘ maid of might will be featured.

Supergirl (originally Super-Girl) made her first comic book appearance in 1958’s “Superman” #123. Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, was born in Argo City, a Kryptonian metropolis that managed to survive the planet’s destruction. Unfortunately, Argo City was left drifting through space and its inhabitants began to suffer from exposure to kryptonite. As Jor-El did with his own son, Kara’s father sent her to Earth in the hopes that she might make contact with Superman and learn from him how to be a hero.

Over the decades, DC Comics has reinvented Supergirl time and again on the printed page. In 1984, Warner Bros. released a “Supergirl” movie that spun off from the Christopher Reeve “Superman” films. In it, Helen Slater played the Kara role. Since then, Supergirl’s filmic adventures have largely been confined to the small screen. Currently, Melissa Benoist headlines The CW’s take on the character. The fourth season of “Supergirl” is slated to premiere this fall.

Outside of Uziel, no talent has been attached to the new “Supergirl” movie, although the original article speculates that it could also see the return of Henry Cavill‘s Superman or even other characters from the big screen DC Comics universe. Keep checking back for details on “Supergirl” as they become available.


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