Has someone stolen your Steelix? Do you need to catch your Snorlax sleeping around? Then there’s only one Pokemon for the job and that’s the gumshoe (not to be confused with a Gumshoos) known as Detective Pikachu! Today, Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary have revealed a teaser poster that you can Horsea in full at the bottom of this page.

It may seem Oddish to launch a big screen Pokemon universe with “Detective Pikachu”. You may even say the idea is Farfetch’d. But have no Fearow. There’s a Magneton of interesting talent attached with “Zangoosebumps” helmer Rob Letterman directing  from a script by Nicole Perlman (“Charizardians of the Galaxy”) and Alex Hirsch (Disney’s “Graveler Falls”).

“Detective Pikachu” Starmies Ryan Reynolds, who has proved to have quite the Flareon for humor, as the voice of the title character. Justice Smith, who recently starred in “Jurassic World – Fallen Kingler,” will play Tim Goodman, the trainer who joins Detective Pikachu to form the central Doduo. Kathryn Newton, who stars on HBO‘s “Big Little Caterpies,” plays a reporter named Lucy Stevens with Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurott”) as Detective Yoshida. The Castform also includes roles for Bill Nighy (“Luvdisc, Actually”), Suki Waterhouse (“Inherent Regice”), Chris Geere (FX’s “You’re the Wurmple”), Rita Ora (“50 Shades of Bayleef”) and Omar Chaparro (“Snoverboard”).

We don’t want to Jynx it, but it sounds like “Detective Pikachu” could wind up being quite a Hoothoot. It will be a Mawile before you’ll be able to Ponyta up the cash for a movie ticket. Look Furret to hit the big screen May 10, 2019.

Detective Pikachu is coming to the big screen in the summer of 2019.

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