The 'Lucy In the Sky' trailer teases Noah Hawley's big screen debut

Having won critical acclaim for his innovative takes on the small screen’s “Fargo” and “Legion,” Noah Hawley is ready for his big screen debut. Fox Searchlight has just released the first trailer for Hawley’s “Lucy in the Sky,” which stars Academy Award winner Natalie Portman as astronaut Lucy Cola, who returns to Earth after a transcendent experience during a mission to space – and begins to lose touch with reality in a world that now seems too small.

Also starring Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz, Dan Stevens and Ellen Burstyn, “Lucy in the Sky” originally went into production under the title “Pale Blue Dot,” a reference to a 1990 photograph that the Voyager 1 took of the planet of Earth, depicting the earth as a minute dot surrounded by the vastness of the cosmos. Carl Sagan, who had requested the photo be taken, also used the title for his 1994 book.

Produced by John Cameron, Bruna Papandrea, Reese Witherspoon and Hawley himself, “Lucy in the Sky” is currently without a release date, but check back for updates as they become available.

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