The Red Band 'Jexi' movie trailer sets Rose Byrne as a demented cell phone

These days, a cellphone is a vital tool for individuals throughout all walks of life. But what if our phones had minds of their own? That’s the question posed in Jexi, a new comedy starring Adam Devine and, as the voice of a demented cell phone, Rose Byrne. CBS Films has just brought online a Red Band trailer for Jexi and you can check it out in the player below!

Phil (Devine) is a smart, funny, lovable guy with a major dependency issue. From the time he gets up in the morning until the minute his head hits the pillow at night, every waking moment is made possible by his mobile device. When he is forced to buy a new phone, the latest model comes with a digital assistant named Jexi. At first, his new artificially intelligent friend is helpful and solicitous, challenging Phil to change his life for the better, whether it be asking for a promotion at work or pursuing the girl of his dreams. But as Phil becomes more independent, Jexi turns from helpful to hostile…and suddenly Phil is confronted with a trash-talking tech nightmare who has very specific ideas about what constitutes a service contract.

Also starring Michael Peña, Justin Hartley, Alexandra Shipp, Wanda Sykes and Charlyne Yi, Jexi is directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and produced by Suzanne Todd. Look for it to hit theaters beginning October 11.

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