The big screen future of DC Comics is looking mighty bright today as The Hollywood Reporter confirms three different comic book adaptations have officially been dated for 2021. Look for “DC Super Pets” to open on May 21st, “The Batman” to open June 25th and the “Suicide Squad” sequel, now titled “The Suicide Squad,” to hit theaters August 6th.

First reported last August, “DC Super Pets” is an animated film that will team iconic superhero animal sidekicks. Various super pet team-up stories have been told over the years, but the classic “Legion of Super-Pets” tale debuted in 1962 in the pages of “Adventure Comics” #293. There, Superman’s loyal Kryptonian dog Krypto teamed with Beppo (a super-monkey), Comet the Super-Horse, Streaky the Supercat and the shape-shifting alien Proty II.

Written and directed by Matt Reeves, “The Batman” will reboot the saga of the Dark Knight with a new actor donning the cowl. Ben Affleck confirmed on Twitter that he will be passing the torch to a new star:

“The Suicide Squad,” meanwhile, is going with the similarly determiner led title. The antihero ensemble sequel is being written and directed by James Gunn. The two-time “Guardians of the Galaxy” helmer will be flexing his creative muscles at the Distinguished Competition. That’s particularly fitting considering his upcoming film, “Brightburn,” a horror thriller inspired by the origin of Superman.

In addition to announcing the new DC Comics titles, Warner Bros. has also shifted the release date of their upcoming sequel to “The Shining”. Originally scheduled to hit theaters January 24, 2020, the Mike Flanagan film will now open more than two months earlier on November 8, 2019.

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