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A print magazine, mobile application and website created to celebrate and expand the moviegoing experience, Moviebill is a resource — a destination — for fans to carry home with them after the movie ends. At its inception, it is the biggest platform for AR (augmented reality) ever offered for consumer use, featuring a unique combination of multimedia platforms that aims to enhance the magic of being at the movies.

Moviebill features 28 pages of premium content focused on one movie — the one you’re going to see on opening weekend. In the mobile app, users can unlock interactive experiences with the characters and worlds that inspire and excite them on screen via costume and equipment schematics, 360-degree videos and three-dimensional worlds. And through the website, they can explore additional articles that deepen their understanding of films covered in Moviebill and the process of bringing them to life.

How do you get one, then? First, download the Regal app, which contains an icon to access Moviebill and all of our AR content. Then, head to your local Regal Cinemas theater, with which Moviebill enjoys an exclusive partnership, where a limited run of each issue will be handed out starting on the opening day of each movie covered.

Moviegoers will receive their Moviebill by hand when their ticket is taken, giving them time to explore materials both on the page and in the AR space as the movie begins. Afterward, they can dig into the film further with revealing videos, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage that continue online. Additional posters, banners and other in-theater displays will offer readers the opportunity to unlock new and different experiences than those available in the pages of Moviebill.

Stay tuned to for updates on the premiere issue, as well as for reports, interviews and additional stories about other movies both to be featured in future Moviebill issues, and those of general interest to our readers.

We will additionally continue to refine and upgrade the technology and content in each issue, offering emails and notifications for those interested in exploring even more material after seeing the movie. Until then, thanks for reading Moviebill, and thanks for joining us on this exciting new journey that combines classic Hollywood glamour and next-generation technology in a one-of-a-kind, collectible moviegoing experience!