'Wonder Woman 1984' offers a first look at Pedro Pascal

As filming continues on Warner Bros. Pictures‘ DC Comics sequel, director Patty Jenkins has offered a first look at star Pedro Pascal as he appears in “Wonder Woman 1984”. The character’s identity has not yet been officially confirmed, but read on for some speculation after you check out the original Twitter post:

So who is Pedro Pascal playing in “Wonder Woman 1984”? The popular thinking right now is he’s Maxwell Lord, a comic book character created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire for the 1987 “Justice League” relaunch. A ruthless businessman, Lord was nevertheless instrumental in securing United Nations funding to launch Justice League International. Unfortunately, Lord’s distrust of super heroes later led to him taking control of Brother Eye, an Orwellian monitoring program designed by Batman to keep track of those with superhuman abilities. When Lord attempted to use Brother Eye in conjunction with a cyborg army to wipe out all super heroes, Wonder Woman was forced to snap his neck. Lord’s death was caught on film, however, leading to some serious fallout as the world reacted to the notion of the heroine taking a life.

Here’s a look at Lord as he first appeared in 1987, sporting a very similar outfit as the one worn by Pedro Pascal:

Pedro Pascal is likely playing Maxwell Lord in "Wonder Woman 1984".

There’s also the matter of Lord’s office which, in the comics, feature a wall of television monitors not at all unlike the one we’ve seen in the first “Wonder Woman 1984” teaser image:

Wonder Woman 1984 has given us a first look at Pedro Pascal as he appears in the upcoming DC Comics film, "Wonder Woman 1984".

Then again, this might all be a red herring on the part of Patty Jenkins. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts @TheMoviebill and keep checking back for updates on “Wonder Woman 1984” between now and the film’s big screen release on November 1, 2019.


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