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spread in the old family, and everyone who was in the old family knew Zhou He! Talking about Zhou He's upright character, many bigwigs in the old family gave a thumbs up and admired Zhou He very much! Over the years, the old family has always been a collection of bad people in the eyes of the citizens, but it does not mean that there are no good people types of anti diabetic drugs in the old family.

waved his hand Patriarch Xie, the value of the inner ghost of Dwarf Winter Melon has been used up, and he can be eliminated! Alright, then I asked Xie Long to lead someone to deal with him personally! Xie Longhu nodded and made a killing gesture.

On the dinner table, Ouyang Qian absent-mindedly used the fork in dc medicaid diabetic supplies her hand to keep inserting the bread on the plate in front of her, and sighed from time to time.

But then again, even Zhou He admired Liu Xinghua's brilliant crime methods, and finally understood why their criminal police team couldn't solve it for so long.

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Hao Dongqiang responded excitedly, held an axe, waved the machete vigorously in the direction of the gate of the old Sun's headquarters, and shouted Brothers, kill me! The thugs of the old Hao's family raised their axes, and under the leadership of Hao Dongqiang, they poured into the compound of the old Sun's headquarters like a tide The compound of the old Sun's headquarters was pitch black.

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Sun Deqian, you bastard, even if I'm a ghost, I won't let you go! Hao Dongqiang was new aspects of diabetes pathology and treatment adn von noorden also in despair, cursing at the old Sun's headquarters building.

mention, the middle-aged man is Ouyang Changmao's brother Ouyang Caihua, best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in pune and the girl standing next to him is Ouyang Yaoer They are all brothers from my own family, so types of anti diabetic drugs there is no need to see outsiders like this! Ouyang Changmao said with a smile.

Seeing the situation, Wolf and Huo stopped training and looked at the mouse curiously Wolf, Huo, Li Wencai woke up and said he wanted to see you! Upon hearing the news, Wolf and Huo frowned and types of anti diabetic drugs looked at each other.

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After lunch, Ouyang Changmao finally made up his mind to leave, no matter how much Ouyang Caihua and the others try to persuade them to stay, it was useless, insisting that they should rush back to Suying City before dark Ouyang Caihua and the others had no choice but to send Ouyang Changmao and the others away.

In this way, they were more sure of Xia Hu's previous guess, Evil Leopard and the others Be a master! The leopard glanced at the four young men sitting beside him Didn't you hear the question from the young master of the Xia family? Let me introduce myself soon! shark! hound! squid! Octopus! The four young people quickly introduced themselves in sequence.

types of anti diabetic drugs

Seeing the unfriendly eyes of the young man, Xie Long instinctively wanted to most affordable medications for type 2 diabetes stand up, but was stopped by Xie Longhu who was sitting aside.

Soon, several high-end types of anti diabetic drugs cars started to drive towards the old Wang's headquarters, and the car Xie Longhu and the others were riding followed behind.

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All right, don't worry, I'm going to sleep, nothing important, don't bother me! Saying that, Xiao Long let out a sigh of treatment for wrist tendonitis for diabetes relief, ignored the anxious Liu Hui, lay down on the table and continued to sleep Seeing that Xiao Long did not listen to persuasion, Liu Hui sighed helplessly Outside the gate of Jiangbao Middle School, a BMW parked slowly on the side of the road.

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Hearing the middle-aged illness treatment plan for child with type 1 diabetes man ask such a question, the man who had explained everything to Xiao Long in front of the warehouse door was diabetic medical id bracelet not calm anymore.

Brother and sister, don't cry, we are trying illness treatment plan for child with type 1 diabetes to find a way! Don't worry, we will definitely rescue Cheng Hu! Wang Chenglong also echoed at the side, and suddenly received the news that Wang Chenghu was arrested in the morning, and the whole Wang family suddenly became chaotic, like ants on a.

Nangong Shiyun nodded, turned around and looked at Ji Xinxin who was sitting aside Tell me what happened in the Dihao Bar in detail! Ji Xinxin responded, and told the story according to Nangong Shiyun's request Everyone in the hall listened quietly types of anti diabetic drugs to Ji Xinxin's narration.

Do you think he is crazy? best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in pune air? Didn't you already say this on the phone before? Ouyang Changmao's frown deepened I just want to know, how is your situation in Nangong's house? Uncle Ouyang, don't mention it, this bastard is even more arrogant in our Nangong family.

The servant brought several cups of tea and put a cup in front of Zhou He and Liu Jie Captain Zhou, Captain Liu, please drink tea! Zhou He and Liu Jie nodded, picked up the teacup and blew on the hot air in it, took a sip of the tea, and put the teacup on the tea table in front of them.

much better! Pay more attention to rest these two days, Mr. Xia will invite the best doctor to heal your injuries! Evil Leopard nodded with a deep expression, but did not speak Fortunately, there is Mr. Xia, otherwise I really don't know what to do! Hei Lang types of anti diabetic drugs said excitedly Senior brother, when you.

Nothing is impossible! Hei Lang, you have to understand a truth, the world is dangerous, if we hadn't been able to help Xia Jiaba and Xia's family deal with this best diabetes meds with acsvd bastard Xiao Long, I'm afraid we don't know where we are already! Hei Lang's complexion became sour.

Xiao Long walked towards the Jabil car without any expression on his face Walking to the front of the Jabil, Xiao Long opened the passenger door types of anti diabetic drugs without making a sound and sat in Mr. Xiao Long, long time no see! Zhou He said hello with a smile on his face.

Hey, what are you doing with a small stone in your hand? Hearing what Dao Scar said, everyone realized that Xiao Long was really holding a small stone in his hand Just after taking a shower, I took dirty things, hum! that is! Ouyang Qian and Nan Gongyu cast contemptuous glances at Xiao Long.

Of course, except for Ouyang Qian, no one knew that the box contained just ordinary steel balls! Ten minutes later, the get out of class bell broke the silence of the classroom The teacher announced the end of get out of class, and the whole classroom suddenly became lively Xiao Long patted Liu Hui lightly, januvia diabetes medication and the two left the classroom calmly.

No need, the person who hurt me has been dealt with! Xiao Long smiled and waved his hands I called the three of you over, I have a task for you! what task? Huo, how are your injuries? types of anti diabetic drugs Xiao Long was not in a hurry to issue the task, but asked with concern.

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Lao Wang sat in the co-pilot seat and looked at the time, reminding him Boss Evil Leopard, Hei Lang, there is still more than an hour left for school! Such a long time? Hei Lang's face types of anti diabetic drugs was startled, and he turned to face the evil leopard Senior brother, why don't we break in? Alright, let's make a quick decision, we must deal with that bastard.

It can be said that in the city of Suying types of anti diabetic drugs City, no matter who it is, it must give How much face are they Nangong family! As the head of the Nangong family, Nangong Ba is naturally respected by thousands of people.

You are a smart person, you should know what to do! Having said that, Zhou He stopped for a few seconds In addition, let me say one more thing, this case is of great importance, and it has already attracted the attention of everyone in Suying City.

As the brain of the entire China Star Group, although any one of its subsidiaries is a famous big name if it is released, the China Star Headquarters can use types of anti diabetic drugs various checks and balances to make these big name associations obedient and complete the group's major events in a coordinated manner strategy instead of wasting energy on types of anti diabetic drugs internal wrangling.

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Last cardioprotective diabetic medications time, in order to raise 300 billion US dollars of funds, Yang Xing pledged the group assets and equity to the The central government medication for diabetes 500 mg b.i.d and Hong Kong have borrowed money.

Yang Xing pointed to the other booths outside the main security booth for Lin Jiana to see In front of the Xingyun Digital booth, many young men iron tablets for diabetic patients and women couldn't put it down.

It is well known that the heart disease problem of domestic weapons has a long history, ranging from aircraft engines to military vehicle engines, there is a technological gap with foreign military powers, even the aerospace industry that is closest to the international level,.

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Because Alexei participated in the development new aspects of diabetes pathology and treatment adn von noorden of several large military transport aircraft in the former Soviet Union when he was the director of the KGB XVI Bureau, and returned to the Ukrainian National Security Agency after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

It was clean, best diabetes meds with acsvd no matter how you diabetes symptoms treatment looked at it, it didn't look like someone who would apply for a job because of poor food and clothing Besides, best diabetic medication for hyptertensive patient his demeanor is like that of a high-ranking government official.

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If something happened, Ao Qiming would definitely take the most affordable medications for type 2 diabetes blame for him In January of this year, people from the capital came to look for Zhu Zizong, but they left after only two days Although I couldn't guess their origins, I think they must be officials After that, I handled several large sums of money I paid attention to it, and found out that it was mainly transferred from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and overseas.

After judging that it was impossible to forcibly promote Article 23 of the Basic Law, Bao Haisheng announced the withdrawal of the National Security Legislative Provisions Bill This major failure was also one of the main triggers that led to his resignation two years later.

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As a result, he lost his life after losing a game My father was also at the scene at the time, and I can only lament types of anti diabetic drugs the impermanence of the world! After listening to the.

Except for Hong Kong Outside the Shanghai Biological Laboratory, the newly established Food and Drug diabetic sores treatment Administration, the Ministry of Health, and the military biological laboratory have also received samples of the virus Everyone is fully committed to the research of the new virus, and strives to find out the details of the virus as soon as possible.

Several domestic rich men who participated in the meeting even directly pulled on the car model, drove the storm sports car along the newly completed Huandao Expressway, ran a 300-kilometer high-speed all the way, and rushed to the sub-venue of the World Conference-Hainanyang in more than an hour In Pugang, everyone who has test-driven this car is deeply impressed by the luxurious interior of the car and the beast-like roar and pull of the engine when accelerating.

Japanese companies that succeeded in dividing and conquering turned their large purchase orders for indium into small quantities of scattered purchases through domestic intermediaries, with companion medical diabetes scattered purchases of hundreds of kilograms each time, coupled type I diabetes treatment.

On the other hand, it continues to be duplicitous, providing various anti-American resistance groups with the intelligence and equipment needed for long-term guerrilla warfare in Iraq in the future It is necessary to let the Americans bleed as much as possible in the battle in Iraq The longer the battle is fought, the more expensive it will be The more combat funds you have, the better.

But there dc medicaid diabetic supplies are too many fraudulent methods in this area, and people who don't know how to do it can be easily deceived, and Wang Yunqi is undoubtedly an authority in this area.

According to An Yili, properties on Palm Island were snapped up as soon as they were launched in May this year, and some properties were ordered when they were only a piece of sea water on the map Even movie stars Brad Pitt, examples of diabetes medications Angelina Jolie and famous football star Beckham have invested in buying real estate.

In the completed Palm Jumeirah Island and Alishan Palm Island A more imaginative artificial island project- World Island will be launched on the basis januvia diabetes medication of Dela Palm Island The description of the World Island project in the investment promotion report is as wonderful as a paradise on earth.

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Since safety is the prerequisite for the development of nuclear power, in addition to types of anti diabetic drugs extending the life of the operating second-generation units and supplementary construction of some type 2 diabetes and drug addiction second-generation upgraded units, the current international nuclear power construction trend will adopt safer and more economical advanced first-generation units Three generations of diabetes medication list australia nuclear power units.

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The data charging interface is integrated, and users There is no need to equip a mobile phone with a special charger, so Nebula's approach has been widely praised As for LCD screens, another core technology of mobile phones, Yang Xing acquired Hitachi's IPS LCD screen technology early on.

risks, and works suitable for both young and diabetes medication list australia old such as Old Master Q and McDull have gradually downplayed the accusations of everyone.

This department was comparable to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA during the Cold War On the other hand, there are so many secrets hidden inside, and as one of the drafters of the Soviet Union's secret files, he must have kept a hand in them.

The Soviet army realized that if the submarine noise was not eliminated, no matter how many submarines were built, once the war broke out, the main submarines of the Soviet Navy would most affordable medications for type 2 diabetes not escape the doom of falling into the sand The noise of modern submarines mainly comes from the internal machinery and propellers of the submarine Since nuclear submarines cannot shut down the nuclear reactor, there is not much room for internal mechanical noise reduction diabetes symptoms treatment.

Not only types of anti diabetic drugs you If I were to flee to the end of the world, I might also be wanted internationally, and I would not be able to go anywhere except China.

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Due to the leadership effect of the United States in the information industry, Britain, Japan and other countries have also begun to follow suit.

Presumably there treatment for wrist tendonitis for diabetes will not be too many opponents Kan Dongtian had a broader vision than Fan Weilai, and immediately thought of more things from Fan Wei's suggestion.

Through cooperation with AVIC Aviation Materials Institute, China Star Group also intends to implement large-scale industrialization of domestic high-temperature alloys at the Jiudu High-tech Materials Research and Development Center, so that the civil gas turbines and supersonic business jet engines produced by the group will no longer be controlled by others.

It's not because of the emergence of stars such as Maggie Cheung and Zhong Chuhong who are both talented in sex and art They were also criticized medication for diabetes 500 mg b.i.d for their acting skills in their first few plays Sentimental, it can dc medicaid diabetic supplies be seen that acting skills can be honed and improved through repeated filming.

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However, in the West, types of anti diabetic drugs the real estate subprime mortgage crisis has triggered the present crisis The messy approach also made the country vigilant about real estate development The real estate boom in the previous life died down before it even started.

He is the market a diabetes drug real genius! Brother, can he give it to me? At this moment, Li Zimeng also looked at Zhang Lin, his eyes full of desire for revenge.

Four days had passed since that day, so types of anti diabetic drugs Ye Tong had been waiting for him on the beach for four days! Then Zhang Lin dared to come to Huaihai anxiously.

man's house, and he can't watch it, and he doesn't have a mobile phone to play with, Ye Tong has long been a little bored Then, Zhang Lin decided to take Ye Tong to the Boyang Lake at the west end of the village for dc medicaid diabetic supplies a walk cardioprotective diabetic medications.

which made her Unexpectedly comfortable, this kind of comfort is indescribable, let her enjoy it, I really hope Zhang Lin can hurry up, and then, her cry is louder, and I know why, men and women like this kind of It's so comfortable to do this kind of.

Instead, he frowned and looked around! Afterwards, he said something that surprised them even more, and Mo Tianhua looked around solemnly and said solemnly Come out! who is here Han Zheng and the others were full of doubts, while Zhong Ming and Anan were a little shocked.

Obviously they were knocked out, so everyone present was terrified, and after seeing Zhong Ming who fell to the ground, these people, without the slightest hesitation, slapped themselves hard, and saw that Zhong Ming His face was completely distorted, his mouth was full of blood, his.

Zhang Lin, I beg you, come this time, it is really my brother I'm here, let me tell you the last time, you've taught me a lesson, don't kill me, take my life! I know that Lu Shun and that bitch Li Zimeng knocked you off the cliff best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in pune back then, it was our Li family's fault, but it has nothing to do with me! I still say that, as.

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Therefore, when Zhang Lin came, he begged on his knees Anything goes, but don't kill him! If your brother sees your virtue, I really don't know if he will vomit blood in anger.

At this time, Zhang Lin was completely stunned Looking at Xu Xiaowen in his arms, he subconsciously let it go, and for a moment, he didn't know what to say.

wants her soon, she can have him, no matter how painful it is, she is willing! After waiting for such a long time, it's okay Even in the park, it's far less beautiful than the first types of anti diabetic drugs time I imagined, but it's all worth it It's really an honor for Xu Xiaowen to give such a man the first time.

And Ye what should my medical id say about diabetes Tong tilted his butt, looking at the extremely tender and white butt, and the beautiful land in the middle that belonged to Miss Ye, Zhang Lin was so hard that he was about to burst, and in his mind, the two Compared with human butts, although Ye Tong's is not as big as Xu Xiaowen's, it is very upturned and more elastic.

Why do they all look like they have misunderstood someone? Could it be that they really misunderstood? Although many people had doubts in their hearts, it seemed that most of the people present did not want that person to be the son-in-law of the Ye family, and now they believed this statement diabetes symptoms treatment very much.

They all knew that at such a critical moment, a super strong man like the ancestor of the Liu family would not say that he was irrelevant People, their doubts are almost the same as Zhang Liu, who is this person? Hehe handling diabetes without medication.

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Although the old man is only a late-stage congenital martial artist, compared to brother Liu, he is really weak, but I can enter congenital perfection for a short time.

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If he does not enter the secret realm, the only thing waiting for him is death! Although the best diabetes meds with acsvd six spirit stones have a method to enter the secret realm, the chances are not high, but the method given to them by the expert is enough to refine a person with extremely high talent into a puppet, absorb the talent, and help The chance of entering the secret realm by oneself is extremely high.

Zhang Lin was stronger than them, It was even more elusive, it was simply diabetic sores treatment impossible for Li Mingxuan to coerce him! Hehe Dig your own grave! I don't think so! I see that these girls are very confident in you Of course, this also means how important they are to you.

He is one of the top powerhouses, and he doesn't pay much attention to the so-called old man Zhang, but now Zhang Lin's strength makes him believe how terrifying that old man Zhang is in the rumors, so he will immediately It's worth it to not offend such a character for the sake of types of anti diabetic drugs two old friends So he said something that shocked everyone present Brother Zhang, today is Xing's fault.

Henry Zhang, we are all men, how can I say that we are also the minister of the security department, we have something to talk about, hey, illness treatment plan for child with type 1 diabetes I am a muddleheaded horse! Jiang Hailong's eyes stared out, Henry Zhang picked up a mobile phone on the ground, it was his Jiang Hailong's mobile phone, it must have slipped out of his pocket just now Grass! I thought about calling someone to help Ren Jiang Hailong yelled at the non western treatment for diabetes window, but Henry Zhang ignored him.

There is a utility room and a study room upstairs in this small duplex, diabetic sores treatment and the master bedroom and guest room are downstairs, which are attached to a wall Henry Zhang and Xu Jiaer are living under the same roof.

Fortunately, I am young, but after accumulating, I am also very sore so comfortable! Pushing the palm of Xu Jiaer's small waist, pressing her thumb on the lumbar spine, she narrowed her eyes.

The staple januvia diabetes medication food is preserved egg and lean meat porridge and pork rice, but the vegetables are missing The food will best diabetes meds with acsvd be cold by the time you buy it.

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A woman sugar pill fake medicine in her dc medicaid diabetic supplies thirties is not too old or too young, but because Luo Jie maintains her good looks and body, she is still very marketable If Laoguan suffered an internal injury, he might still be able to be saved, but the psychological factor would be difficult.

8 meters and Xiao An leaned against the dressing table with pale faces, terrified of being frightened She had a quarrel with Liu Daqi, and was slapped up her skirt by that man again.

Who is your wife now? Who are you newly married to? you want to face don't want? A pillow came head-on, and Henry Zhang swiftly copied it in handling diabetes without medication his hand.

Fortunately, when she was on a mission to keep an eye on her, it was not uncommon for her not types of anti diabetic drugs to move for a few hours But at that time, no one touched her waist.

She didn't types of anti diabetic drugs want Henry Zhang to stand beside the bed, her head tilted, and her leg missed Henry Zhang, but it rested on Henry Zhang's shoulder This posture is even more inexplicably weird.

Wang Man snorted coldly and threw the three big bills over Henry Zhang took it with a smile It's not enough for you to have a meal, don't be stingy.

When Fei Cai raised his hand, he also looked at the other comrades who diabetic sores treatment had always been allies with him He believed that they iron tablets for diabetic patients would definitely stand by his side.

In Feng Sizhe's office, Zou Min, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Development Zone, was wiping the sweat from his forehead while flipping through these materials Most of market a diabetes drug the materials were evidence that Fei Cai used his authority to seek personal gain in the development zone.

It seemed to have something iron tablets for diabetic patients to do with him, but he was still not sure if things would be as he imagined For this reason, he called Wang Changhui, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection.

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At the same time, you have also committed the fact that you borrowed state-owned funds to januvia diabetes medication earn a large illness treatment plan for child with type 1 diabetes amount of interest, which is also the crime of using power to embezzle.

Upon hearing these voices, Feng Sizhe became anxious, so are you okay now? I'm fine now, but Brother Sizhe needs to come quickly, I don't know how many of them there are Bai Caixia's anxious and even panicked voice sounded again.

He confessed best diabetic medication for hyptertensive patient everything, and because of this, his position as executive deputy mayor was canceled by the Haibei Municipal People's Congress Haibei City suddenly lost two Standing Committee members.

Mr. Lou, if I say that I am really doing it for the economic development of Haibei City and also because I cannot understand the actions of corrupt officials, will you believe my words? What Feng Sizhe said is of course the truth, which is also the main reason why he got rid of Liu Wenhua.

Oh, so it is like this, well, I don't know which young master or lady understands this, I welcome you to come to my place to bet, don't worry, if you win the bet with me, you can get it Where is the cash, hehehe Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gu Rongxuan did not forget to shout about his own business.

Now that the work in the development types of anti diabetic drugs zone is on the right track, the focus of his work will be on the municipal government in the future, so he needs to come here to work now.

sugar pill fake medicine However, in the afternoon of that day, the Haibei City Military District suddenly dispatched an armed police brigade to carry out targeted arrests against the Hai Gang who had been entrenched in Haibei City for many years There are military vehicles everywhere on the street.

Feng Sizhe, as the grandson of Zhao Mingyuan, works here, but Luo Zhonghan, as the secretary of the provincial party committee, not only does not give him any care, but rather makes it difficult for him Now that his family members have come to him, what else can he say? Woolen cloth.

He wanted to find out why Su Yuhe types of anti diabetic drugs made such a speech, and he hadn't discussed with himself before this, what exactly he wanted to do.

I thought that even types of anti diabetic drugs if the superiors sent people to talk to them, it would be a formality, but who would have thought that it would be Chen Zhenghai who came in person In this way, Yu Peng has no confidence in these people.

Yes, Brother Feng is very thoughtful, there must be something hidden management and treatment of diabetes in this matter, so let's talk about it after I go to Lianhua City, best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in pune okay For the sake of the reputation of the Great Northeast Agricultural Trade Corporation, Tong Qing certainly does not want.

New Aspects Of Diabetes Pathology And Treatment Adn Von Noorden ?

Immediately she said loudly, Feng Sizhe, let me say it again, let your people release my brother examples of diabetes medications immediately, otherwise I will never end with companion medical diabetes you.

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Feng Sizhe finally finished speaking, and after he finished speaking, he kept his mouth shut management and treatment of diabetes He what should my medical id say about diabetes knew that Secretary Xia Xiang should handle the rest of the matter.

Faced with this problem, the province has long thought of appointing a mayor to them, types of anti diabetic drugs but it has not been possible due to various reasons.

As soon as Bei Jinlong entered Ruan Guiben's office, he quickly approached him Hearing that Bei Jinlong had something to report, the smile on Ruan types of anti diabetic drugs Guiben's face became even stronger He thought it was this person who wanted to say that he was recognized as the first candidate for the mayor of Lianhua City.

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In any case, father and son are deeply in love, Ruan Yixin let out handling diabetes without medication a long sigh, and then diabetes medication list australia said, let's talk, what are you going to do with your father and me this time.

with Fang Ming, Secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, as long as Bei Jinlong was unfair to Feng Sizhe If he apologizes for his remuneration, he can still serve as the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau again.

They dare not catch up, because iron tablets for diabetic patients experience tells them that those who dare to speak like this are not ordinary people, and if they are not ordinary people, Could it be that they could offend them, so these policemen did not force them to do anything, but quickly got into the police car and reported the situation to Yu Zhengda.

I can say a few good words for myself, so I have to slap my face tonight to support the fat man, and I have to take Ping Yong to have a good time One night, in a high-end place in Lianhua City, Wang Xiaozu spent nearly 2,000 oceans to make arrangements for Ping Yong Before leaving, he arranged for a beautiful woman to accompany him.

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And until he walked out of the deputy mayor's office, he was still grateful Is Xu Yongcheng really diabetes medication supply like this? The answer is of course not.

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This is also the first time that Du Shengzheng has been in charge of the economic helm of a province for illness treatment plan for child with type 1 diabetes a whole year since Du Shengzheng served as the governor.

Neither of these guys are joking, they'll say it like that, no It's not to inoculate Feng Sizhe, but just to tell Feng Sizhe that you have a big problem this time, and if you can't solve it, you are going to be punished The purpose is to lay the foundation for Feng Sizhe to be punished normally at the end of the year.

For example, he was born in the Zhao family and is the grandson of Mr. Zhao, which means that he is undoubtedly a member of the family faction, and because of the He Shasha he married, the He family has never determined what faction it is, so he He has become someone who can be won over.

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For this reason, he put away the scorching gaze, then pointed to Ke Zhenye beside him and said, you have to ask the chief to call him, he is a member of the Politburo, but I am not, I am just a vice secretary No, in my eyes, both of them are chiefs, and I also believe that it will not take long for the types of anti diabetic drugs title of chiefs to be called.